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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The perpetrators of the war in Iraq will give to evade responsibility

In Britain over the investigation into the causes of the country’s participation in the war in Iraq. The conclusions of the special Commission of the predictable reasons for the war was not, and was the fault of the government. And the error is, which can be equated to a crime. Now Tony Blair faces a prison term, but it is worth remembering that the West will never hand over his.

A study of the events leading to the participation of London in the war against Saddam Hussein, engaged in the independent investigation Commission headed by the former standing Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the country John of chilcote, reports RT. The official results of the investigation will be published only on 6 July, but the English media have brought to the public the main conclusions of the Commission.

“The term was reduced to 20 years, and three years of house arrest, Kelly was actually administraban. By the way, he is still alive”

By and large there is nothing new or that what previously would not write independent researchers: the regime of Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction, and NATO’s intervention in Iraq is the direct cause of LIH*.

In fact, Tony Blair, who served in 2003 as Prime Minister and on this post the nickname of the “American poodle”, has previously admitted that he had made a mistake. “I apologize for the fact that our intelligence was wrong. I also apologize for some errors in planning, and in particular for the fact that we did not understand how the overthrow of Saddam Hussein,” said the former Prime Minister in an interview with CNN in October last year.

As recalled by The New York Times, the “some mistakes” have cost the lives of 179 British soldiers, more than 4,500 Americans and an unnamed number of Iraqi civilians. At least we are talking about 150 thousand people who could stay alive.

Alex Salmond – one of the members of the Commission, former first Minister of Scotland and the initiator of the referendum on secession of Scotland from the UK – has said that Blair has to pay for retraction of the country in an “illegal war with dire consequences”. Theoretically, the vote of the house of Commons in favor of this initiative could lead to a prison term for Blair, but this is unlikely. Even if we go about the punishment, it will be rather symbolic.

This is a feature not only of Britain but of the whole Anglo-Saxon system, which also includes the US and other territories previously controlled by the crown. “The gentleman to the West of Suez is not responsible for what he did gentleman in East of Suez” – this saying still determines the policies of NATO in relation to all other States. In an extreme case will be responsible to the soldiers, directly culpable in the abuse of civilians, but even in this case very little chance that the punishment will be serious. The executioner of my Lai William Calley on the wave of world indignation his crimes and the Vietnam war as such was sentenced to life in prison. But then the term was reduced to 20 years, and three years of house arrest, Kelly was actually pardoned. By the way, he is still alive.

Most of the sadists of Abu Ghraib prison also received a symbolic time. And if you are not responsible performers, to say nothing of those who gave the orders. “We made a mistake” – it’s worth it. The apology that brought Tony Blair is perhaps the best that can be achieved from current and former leaders of the aggressor countries.

However, the Americans don’t apologize to foreigners ever. Refused to apologize to Barack Obama in Hiroshima. Did not plead guilty and George H. W. Bush – even after it was proven that an American ship shot down a passenger plane from Iran with 290 passengers aboard, including 65 children. It was also “some mistakes” for which no one had incurred any liability.

But, despite the fact that chances to punish the perpetrators of the invasion of Iraq is almost no such investigations, of course, be welcome. After the results negatively affect not only retired politicians and their parties. Maybe next time the British or any other European leader will think ten times before you give the order to send troops into another country where it is urgent to protect democracy and human rights”.

What needs to happen in the United States to this country has stopped saber-rattling, hard to say. Before American troops conducted exercises to invade the North Korea, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The exercise involved was located on GUAM, two strategic bombers b-52, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, a-10 attack aircraft of the 607-th regiment of the army of the United States air force, stationed on the South Korean base in Osan, as well as the 3rd expeditionary Marines from the military contingent of US forces on Okinawa.

Considering the fact that Washington regularly intervene in the territorial dispute of China with its neighbors over the Senkaku Islands (aka Diaoyu Islands), the far East – after the Middle – may be another point of instability in the world.

The invasion of Syria by NATO has not happened largely because the US failed to agree with its European allies. If you cannot agree with them and in the Far East, the chances of serious aggravation of the situation will also decrease. Therefore, the task of all parties interested in preserving peace in the world – maximize the dissemination of information about what the invasion of Iraq was not just a one-time “mistake.” It showed a complete failure of the Atlantic world attempts to remake the planet for themselves. The fact that this is acknowledged in the British Parliament – a significant step towards restoring mutual understanding between countries and peoples in the world who have repeatedly predicted a third world war.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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