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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The author of “anti-terrorism” package Spring finally replied to his critics

The head of the Duma Committee on security and combating corruption, member of the faction “United Russia”, one of the authors of the so-called “anti-terrorist” package, Irina Yarovaya finally found it necessary to explain myself on this subject with the Russians.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

She was silent all last week the state Duma, when the package, with some alterations, like a monster from a science fiction movie, from night to morning and from morning to night, went to the second and third reading — it happened on June 24. In vain were all attempts of journalists to get answers to arising from these metamorphoses issues.

She was silent last week when the Federation Council has approved the package, which became a hit news feeds. The operators argued that its adoption would force them to raise prices on services to subscribers, the demands overwhelming. Senators did not stop.

Now the two laws are to be signed by the President. And Ms. Spring on 4 July gives an interview to the RTR state. The Program “To Conduct-24”.

Proposing to parse the contents of the package in the part that concerns service providers and Internet companies, “on the shelves”, the MP stated that:

since 2005 in Russia there is a government decree, which already sets the requirement for ISPs and mobile operators for the storage of so-called metadata, i.e. information about all facts of information transmission, for 3 years, and this requirement is now “just tolerated” in the law, in this part, nothing new is offered and nothing changes;

the law does not require Internet companies and mobile operators to store the content of all messages submitted within six months, as some claim, he only gives a right to the government of the Russian Federation within two years to decide to have something to store or is not necessary, in what amount, in respect of any slice of the information” and over what time: maybe 12 hours, maybe 24 hours — these issues must calculate technology”;

“no reason to higher prices for communication services, no” because “how can you give a rating until then, until the government adopted a decree?”…

Any same purely a layman in the field of IT-technologies, as Irina, wanting to understand what was happening, able to find and read and the text of the resolution from 2005, and received the package in one of the laws which contain information charms.

In the “Rules of interaction of communication operators with authorised state bodies carrying out operative-investigative activity”, approved by RF Government resolution No. 538 of 2005, there really is a clause which obliges communications providers to promptly update information contained in databases about subscribers of the service provider and provided them communication services” to store this information for 3 years and to provide the organs of the Federal security service in certain cases. But a law in which if there is nothing new, require operators not just to store and keep for three years “on the territory of the Russian Federation” metadata”information about the facts of reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing of voice information, texts, images, sounds, video or other communications of users of telecommunications services! The requirement that will take effect in 2 years, and right now, from 20 July 2016.

The construction of data centers in Russia requires time and money. What money and what time exactly we don’t know. But some certainly require.

With regard to Internet companies adopted a few years ago, the law has obliged them to remain on the territory of the Russian Federation, the metadata for six months, a requirement that comes into effect… on 1 September 2016. Now the term store metadata for them increase to year and also from the 20th of July!

When the journalist who led the conversation with Ms. Spring asked about the store, she replied that, they say, the government then decide, but “one of the most important elements to be considered — it is possible to store information in the territory of the Russian Federation”. But there was no “possible” in the text of law no. To keep on the territory of the Russian Federation prescribed a mandatory and “information, text messages, users of communications services, voice information, images, sounds, video and other communications of users of telecommunications services — both operators and Internet service providers, in a period of six months.”

It is about storing the content information, said Irina Yarovaya, when he argued that details then will determine the government’s demand and the truth will come into effect from 1 July 2018, and the government ordered to prescribe in regulation the procedure, terms and volume of the storage content of the transmitted information.

The procedure, terms and volume, but not the storage PLACE, pay attention to it again!

Another new requirement for Internet companies — the duty of at use for sending or receiving electronic communications additional coding to represent power, “the information necessary for decoding”…

So, we have the words of Ms. Spring.

And before us the documents.

And before us the words of the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov, who few days ago said that, of course, competition between operators will keep them from raising prices, but “each company will incur costs amounting to hundreds of billions of rubles, and, accordingly, if to compare it with their annual revenue, then you can easily get a number of times, which may increase communication services”…

Who want to believe.

That’s how we pass laws.

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