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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The American radar will be good for the militia of new Russia

In the United States began to doubt whether to send the Ukrainian army radar systems designed to fight the militia artillery. On the one hand, these systems can really improve the effectiveness of the APU. On the other, there are doubts that Ukrainian military will be able you treat them right. History of transfer of these systems to Ukraine is quite revealing.

The us military is planning the transfer of Ukraine radar systems AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder and AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder, which significantly enhance the capabilities of artillery counterbattery.

“During the autumn and winter of fighting they already had available radar, but some of their influence was not observed”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Washington considers the transfer of these funds as providing “non-lethal aid”. “Pentagon officials said that has been looking for available in the system and are ready to send them, awaiting the decision of the White house,” the newspaper writes.

“Sending a more powerful counter-battery radar, which records the trajectory of the shells to determine the location of the guns, will satisfy the request of Ukrainian leaders to provide them with tools for a deeper view of the territory of the militias, as well as maintain a more accurate return fire,” writes the author.


According to the WSJ, Washington has concerns about the capacity of the Ukrainian army right to use the station and not lose them like last time.

Since the beginning of the war the Americans put the Ukrainian authorities 20 light radar, 10 is planned to transfer to the end of the year. The range of these resources does not exceed nine miles, that is, they can be used mainly against mortar batteries.

Some of the radars were lost, damaged in the fighting or captured by the militia. For example, three radar AN/TPQ-48A LCMR, transferred to the Ukrainian army in November last year, in January of this year, two out of order.

On 19 February there was a video showing one of the radar LCMR, seized by the militia in the debaltseve area after the retreat of Ukrainian troops. The boxes of this radar was dealt a serial number 369, which corresponds to the number of one of the three stations, transferred to Ukraine in November.

“Two such radar was on the Debaltsevsky base in the composition of the brigade art group of the 128th mountain-infantry brigade. The weapon is excellent and has greatly enhanced the combat efficiency of the Ukrainian artillery”, – wrote the Ukrainian propagandist Yury Butusov. “One problem – limited range. The enemy uses howitzer and MLRS much more actively than mortars. One radar was damaged by enemy fire, taken down and stored in the warehouse rocket-artillery armament of the 128th brigade in the bridgehead. Parts used to maintain the capacity of the second radar”, he added.

According to him, “this second radar on the eve of “orderly withdrawal” was compromised”. “To destroy a single radar made an act, the event is confirmed. The remains of another radar in the warehouse also was destroyed. But this is not done,” – said Butusov, adding that “warehouse RAV (missile and artillery weapons – approx. OPINION) was not undermined, and a few boxes with the details of the radar fell into the hands of the militias.

A former commander in Chechnya, Colonel-General Arkady Baskaev did not rule out that fighters of DNR will be able to capture these complexes. After that, the likelihood is high that data RLS can behind the scenes to meet and Russian military experts. “Most likely, it could happen,” he told the newspaper VIEW. According to him, if such a system is captured, it will be of great interest for the Russian military experts – both from the point of view of examining technologies that could be useful for domestic reconnaissance-fire complexes, and from the point of view of developing the means to counter U.S. systems.

Three times more effective

Price the AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder and AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder – about 5 and 10 million dollars respectively. Currently, Americans take them out of service, replacing the newer AN/TPQ-53. However, this is quite a serious system, and they are more effective than those that were supplied to the Ukrainian army to date. The installation can operate simultaneously with different types of weapons, tracking of the trajectory of rockets and missiles. Scanning the surrounding area, the radar calculates the trajectory, the end point of ingress, and most importantly, the source. Range AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder is 24 km for missiles, artillery pinpoint at a distance of 18 km. AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder is able to determine the artillery battery at the distance of 50 km, which Is greater than the maximum firing range MLRS “Grad” (40 km), i.e. with proper use of these systems from the gunners DNR can be a problem.

“If these stations will be delivered, the efficiency of counter-Ukrainian army will grow by no less than three times”, – said the first Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov.

“AN/TPQ-37, I think, Americans will not be delivered, it’s still a five-ton truck. Likely to deliver AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder on the chassis of the Hummer,” – said the newspaper VIEW, editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski. In real terms, by the way, in my experience, the declared characteristics it is necessary to divide by two.”

“These stations require significantly higher qualifications, there is a transport base, he said. And we must understand that the station is only one element. It needs to be integrated into an automated fire control system of artillery, which the Ukrainian army no. In addition, and do artillery units have to be equipped with communication and automation to realize their full potential. In our terminology – a reconnaissance-fire complex (ROC)”.

“During the autumn and winter of fighting they already had available radar, but some of their influence was not observed”, – noted the expert.

No work

To effectively use the systems that the Americans supplied to Ukraine, we need experts. And with them, the Ukrainian army problems.

“So should arrive advisers to be present throughout the management chain, that is, to provide reception of signals, their transmission to the artillery battery, according to this data, carry out the production source of these devices fire control (for further destruction of the enemy’s batteries). In General, this would mean a direct U.S. military involvement in the war in Ukraine”, – said Sivkov to RIA “Novosti”.

Experts do not exclude that the experts for the maintenance of the radar may be directed by the Americans under the guise of employees of private military companies.

“Instructor they can find. But the one who would began to work on the cutting edge, in the tactical area, I doubt it”, – said murakhovski.

The professionalism of the Ukrainian gunners most eloquently demonstrate the scale of civilian casualties, of which already on the third month of the war went to thousands, and destruction of urban infrastructure – schools, hospitals, communications.

The OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine has repeatedly confirmed the indiscriminate artillery and mortar shelling of the city of Donetsk by the Ukrainian army, international human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, recorded the shelling of residential areas with heavy artillery.

Incidentally, the radar, which I plan to put Americans to work and “back”, that is, with the artillery, adjusting her fire. This would reduce the number of hits on civil and death among them. The question however is, who will be the operator of these systems, and the other, not less important – whether it’s the Ukrainian command. The fact that the military and experts there is no consensus, which is the main cause of mass killings of civilians in the Donbass – criminal negligence and incompetence of the Ukrainian commanders, or it is done intentionally.

“They especially hit on the infrastructure, – said the Minister of defence DND Vladimir Kononov. – I believe that for almost a year and a half of fighting it was possible to learn to shoot military targets. And the fact that they do irritates people and sets it against them.”

Kononov stated that since the beginning of the war to this day, the distant artillery of Novorossiya was not incurred significant losses, that is, counterbattery Ukrainian troops are with very low degree of efficiency.

Second, what characterizes the lack of professionalism of the Ukrainian gunners is the fact that since the beginning of the war the APU or the one set before them the task is not decided by military means. Major offensives by the Ukrainian army ended with defeat. Ukrainian artillery struck, of course, the loss of the militia forces, but its effectiveness is incomparable with the one that showed the gunners the DNI, massive strike to destroy entire military units on the March or in field camps. One of the first such attacks were made in July of last year near the village Zelenopole Luhansk region. According to official figures, killed dozens of Ukrainian military, according to unofficial – hundreds, the 24th motorized brigade at that time ceased to exist as a fighting force.

The DNR will find the answer

First Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of the Union of paratroopers of Russia, guards Colonel Valery Yuriev said the newspaper VIEW that in the case of the effective use of the American radar of the Ukrainian military militia loss will increase, but not critical. He also stated that Kiev troops are now more trained and their level of training roughly equivalent to the training of the militia. “You know how to get there. Not to say that all untrained. They have a team feeling is developed, the military is good. Well, sort of… we are one people”, – said Yuriev. The weak point APU – officer corps, while the army DND on the posts of staff specialists and artillery officers are volunteers from Russia, possessing great military experience.

To counteract the radar the militia in three ways. First, according to military regulations artillery units after execution of fire tasks must curl up and leave their positions. Standards for different systems are different – about five to 20 minutes. After receipt of the APU powerful radar, the militia will have to try to do it faster.

“Of course, this will increase the probability of hitting a battery that got it,” said guard Colonel St. George. – It all depends on the extent to which will be trained by both parties. If it fires and is in place, then, of course, you can enjoy it even without these radars. Another thing, if he had shot and changed position. From the moment of the shot to return fire enough time to leave.”

Second, the deployed radar is one of the priority objectives of the electronic warfare (EW).

“There are tools that allow you to hammer noise this kind of radar and they can no longer determine the position of the firing artillery. At DNR we spotted station EW R-330, I think, if necessary, they will be able to counter AN/TPQ-36,” – said murakhovski.

The third option is to conduct reconnaissance and destruction of the stations themselves. This can be done with the help of reconnaissance and sabotage groups, and in the case of detecting a radiation source by means of signals intelligence (SIGINT) – a point or a group of artillery strikes.

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