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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Taganka happened last tenderness

The wooden platform, the carriage in the background, sandbox. On both sides of the scene – improvised room, notional dwelling of heroes. Right, at a distance, children’s carousel-bungee jumping, more like a gallows – symbolic detail (set designer – Alexei Lobanov). As they say on Taganka, the premiere performance of “Elsa” is the love story of an elderly Romeo and Juliet, love in spite of: generally accepted rules, logic, age.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater

Premiere on the Main stage of the Taganka turned out long – awaited- sketch “Land of Elsa,” the young playwright Yaroslava Pulinovich (a student of Nikolai Kolyada) project “Rehearsal” was opened at the beginning of the season. However, then on a benefit performance on two tankovska actors worked with another Director – Simon Serin. The material is picked up in further work, but the wait was long. And, in the circumstances, in the end, the Prime Minister released the Director, also participated in the “Rehearsal,” but the session turned to other material (“Oath virgin” Oleg Mikhailov), Julia Aug. To say whether or not you won a play from internal changes in management not necessary, but it seems that the female view of the problem was even more acute and painful. And even the name of the show Julia Aug more specific – “Elsa” by the name of the main character…

She’s a good, charming and a little frivolous. Here trying on shoes, that wears big rubber boots – nothing is wrong. Looking for its not find. Never say that in life, the heroine of grief and mourning only black color of her clothes gives head. Buried her husband and begins a new stage of growing up – albeit in a belated seventy-six. But in her case, rather arbitrary, the heroine Lyubov Selyutina – woman-girl. Touching, alive with inner light emanating from the heart, attracting envious glances. Elsa here – familiar female image, a kind of provincial Malena, the heroine in General tragic. Despite the apparent ease, desire of shoes “heels with a bow, childlike, she is a woman with a difficult past. Behind the post – war childhood and youth, the bitter nickname “the Nazi”, the intervention of the NKVD, orphanage, marriage with the unloved… Bruised but unbowed, only in 76 years she gets the opportunity to live for yourself. But it’s visibility.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater

When Elsa meets a new neighbor, Vasily Ignatievich (Yuri Smirnov), she is very cautious, feel. I looked at him stealthily, that changes the gait of the women, suddenly feel desired… the hard-won life love arises strongly and contrary – and it seems that it’s not too late, and happiness as possible.” Reliable and attentive, ready to listen and help, Vasily Ignatievich becomes Elsa’s hope for a brighter future, the past happiness and love. Their own stories to one another about the past (soulful, microphone) – touching exposure of his own weakness. It seems that in the play, border the personal fate of the characters extended to the extent of the fate of the generations, the fate of the people of that time: when did the “as taken”, when he sacrificed everything for the sake of the generally accepted canons of happiness and order.

The antagonist to the heroes of the society, exhibited outstanding acting of the characters of the second plan. Marina politseymako ( widow, Taisiya Petrovna), impulsive Catherine Ryabushinsky (Elsa’s daughter Olga), headstrong Anastasia Zakharova (granddaughter Dasha) – set a special tone and mood of the action.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater

Nostalgic music (composer Eugene Terekhin) immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of contrast, the poignant tenderness that is emerging between the characters. Tenderness here – under the gun, and when you change the usual perspective of “adult-children”, suddenly collapses. Modernity breaks into a nostalgic space of the play vivid markers of the era. So the second act opens with a discussion fashion talk show- a family scandal brought to universal condemnation. Lyric poetry reading of Shakespeare mixed with references in vain “House-2” and instagram, and jokes about the Ukrainian-Russian names and political conflicts cause a sad smile. And, it seems that these two epochs are superimposed on each other. So dissolved and the main characters, not winning in the fight for love, but it had descended from the arena. As in the days of Shakespeare’s passions, justice will be done sometime after. And while things are changing, but – inevitably – repeated.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater

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