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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Prices for rest in Turkey were suddenly sky-high

Normalization of political relations with Turkey, contrary to expectations and initial projections did not lead to the explosive growth of the popularity of this trend among Russian tourists. The Russians really would like to go there and actively interested in this opportunity – but a number of obstacles prevent them from implementing the idea.

Disappointment can be described as the overall impression of tourism industry professionals from the first week that followed the lifting of restrictions on the sale of tours to Turkey. Buying tours in this country of the Russian tourists are not rushed. This is not due to lack of demand, and those that were not made the next step. Still no permission from the Russian aviation authorities for Charter flights to Turkey. For Charter, as you know, tickets are sold together with the tour and at a low price.

“The lifting of the ban on tours to Turkey played a psychological role. We kind of euphoria experienced, hoping that now even charters deliver. But until then no

“Yes, Turkey is interested in, and quite often. But when they find out the price of the trip usually. For the week, in my opinion, only one case was when we bought something in Turkey,” – said the newspaper VIEW Manager of a travel company Eteri Savira.

VZGLYAD phoned a few travel agencies in Moscow, working with Turkey. Everywhere week trip for three (parents and child) in a three star hotel all inclusive in Antalya cost about 100 thousand rubles. Of course, it was about the cheapest holiday in hotel the third line, that is, on a comparative distance from the sea. One firm called and lower price – about 88 thousand But on closer acquaintance it turned out that the mentioned price does not include fuel surcharge. The cost of the trip is also approaching 100 thousand is Cheaper, maybe that’ll be the end of the month. Thousand somewhere eighty,” – said the newspaper VIEW.

Calls to Turkey, in the same Antalya, pointed out that local hotels give big discounts, reaching even up to 40% compared to last summer. But these discounts, I’m sure the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina, in no way can compensate for the lack of Charter flights.

“The lifting of the ban on tours he played a purely psychological role,” she said the newspaper VIEW. – We kind of euphoria experienced, hoping that now even charters deliver. But until then. And information about when it will be, we have. Dates are different, but they are not called by the government and market participants, which, of course, trying to guess”.

And representatives of governmental structures while talking about the prospects for the resumption of Charter flights in the most uncertain terms. In the message of Ministry of transport dated June 30, saying only that the Prime Minister “instructed about the study of the resumption of Charter flights between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey”.

Moreover, the authorities make it clear that in the current environment to the new Charter may not be enough aircraft. Because of the flight program in the airlines usually prepared at the beginning of the year, or certainly at least before the beginning of the high holiday season (until summer), and the lifting of the ban on tours just late. Charter flights are already distributed.

“Now the peak of transportations, – quotes RIA “news” the Deputy Minister of transport Valery Okulov, – all planes in the trial balance (this refers to the turnover of flight – approx. OPINION) are involved. And to pull out of this working assets some collars to put on a Turkish direction is not easy. Maybe there are some opportunities for some airlines, but it’s not easy to do.”

Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) on transport Dmitry Gorin calls another reason for the lack of planes, which eliminates the rapid recovery of the Charter. “Many tourist carriers in the beginning of the crisis reduced its fleet due to falling demand by at least 30-40%,” he recalls. We should not forget that a few airlines were major players in the Turkish market, has actually stopped its work. First of all we are talking about Transaero airlines and Kogalymavia.

The way out will not be an increase in the number of scheduled flights. “First, they still may not be much, – said Turina. – Secondly, there are regular flights to all resorts. Third, still regular flights will be more expensive to Charter”. The fact that the price of passenger transportation is subject to seasonal fluctuations.

For example, now the price of air tickets to travel to Turkey grow because they always grow at this time: indeed, the entire economy class by July, the holiday season usually have already bought. “With ticket prices in Greece are now the same, – said the General Director of group of companies Anywayanyday Eugene Shuklin. – The plot is there to look useless. This is not due to the sanctions, which took off from Turkey, because all this time there was a stream of independent tourists. But the fact that they took now, still slightly provoked the demand”.

According to the specialists of tourist industry, it turns out that, despite the normalization of relations with Turkey, for the tourism industry this year will be unprofitable. This country and Egypt, where due to the threat of terrorist attacks have also been advised not to go, can not compensate any tours in Europe or in domestic tourism. “In principle, demand has grown in the Crimea and Sochi, and Anapa, and Gelendzhik – says Turina. But not the fact that went there all those who would go to Turkey.” She notes that because of the crisis the number of tourists has declined overall. “But many, especially those living in the Urals, didn’t go anywhere, because no alternatives to Turkey on a parity the price – quality”, – says Turina.

The tourism industry cautiously predict a significant price reduction to a level comparable with last year, only in autumn season. Unless, of course, there will be no new “surprises” associated with Turkey.

Do not forget that the tourism market in this country collapsed is not one Russian. In Turkey this year, nearly 40% reduction in the flow of tourists from the European Union that Ankara’s good relations. Foreigners deterred terrorist attacks on Turkish territory. And the problem with security, as demonstrated by the bombings in Istanbul, the country is not yet resolved. By the way, the Ministry of transport in your message as proof that one of the conditions for recovery of Charter flights is to get from Turkey to guarantee that effective measures are taken to ensure the safety of Russian tourists.

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