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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Opera stars sing for luminaries of medicine

“Rossini said, “the Most important thing for an Opera singer is a voice, voice and voice.” I’m willing to paraphrase Rossini: the most important thing for an Opera singer: health, health and again health,” said artistic Director of the Youth Opera program of the Bolshoi theatre Dmitry Vdovin during a unique concert, which was held within the walls of a multi-disciplinary clinic Center of endosurgery and lithotripsy (TSELT).

This concert of young Opera stars were given specifically for the medical center, which more than once helped them in difficult situations. Was accompanied by the young talents of the legendary composer Alexandra Pakhmutova, who came to the concert with her husband, poet Nikolai Dobronravov.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov.

This concert really has not happened yet nowhere and never. Founder and President of the multidisciplinary clinic TSELT Alexander Bronstein called it “the birthday of the heart”. “These boys and girls, which seeks out not only throughout Russia but also in the countries of the former Soviet Union, force one to cry even not sentimental people. I am proud that they were able to come and sing at our center, our doctors. This is a huge honor for us. We have never had such a society and such a tremendous concert. And of course, thanks to our friends, Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov, with which we are familiar for so many years that they have become almost relatives,” said Alexander Bronstein.

— It was our idea to come here to visit you, — said Dmitry Vdovin. — Thank you in the most difficult moments of our life you always come to us for help. We toured in many countries, but this concert is the soul, the heart, love.

Today, many of the participants of the Youth Opera program of the Bolshoi theatre, which has existed for 7 years and have sung not only on home stage, but on the most famous stages of the world — at La Scala, the Metropolitan in new York, in the theaters of Paris, Vienna, Munich and Berlin. “We used to sing in huge halls. Of course, there zalchik small, and many singing can seem too loud,” warned Professor Dmitry Vdovin. But no one thought to complain. All listened with bated breath…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Alexander Bronstein.

Many sat and thought about the fact that in Russia there is a new Lemesheva and Chaliapin. This singer-a nugget of Bryansk region Sergey Radchenko, who once was expelled from the Moscow Conservatory. Perhaps the world would never learn about his unique tenor, if he has not got in the Youth program. Today, he takes the “Stone guest” at the Bolshoi theater, he sang Lensky in the Naples Teatro San Carlo. This and Anastasia baroon, which is found in St. Petersburg. And the winner of the mezzo-soprano Yulia Mazurova from Kazan, which can be called the most slender Carmen in the history of the Bolshoi theatre. For the “ballet” is taken for the extraordinary slimness and Ruslan Koval from Ukraine. And baritone Ilya Matuhina of Mineral Waters Dmitry Vdovin first heard when the singer was 13 years old, and he sang “I Look in lakes dark blue” so that the teacher welled up tears in his eyes. Bogdan Volkov from January admitted to the Bolshoi, singing Lensky, Lykov and Foolish, and soon will be fulfilled and Berendey in the snow maiden, and the entire repertoire Lemeshev. Bogdan is a native of Donbass recently, President Putin signed a decree on awarding him and his family of Russian citizenship. A few years ago he won first place in a prestigious contest for Opera singers in Paris… His namesake Vadim Volkov hails from Krasnodar, was in a Youth programme recently — he has a very rare countertenor. The concert was attended also by the native of Ukraine Oleksandr Kireyev and Georgian singer, winner of the bright bass Goderdzi Janelidze, Nina Minosyan from Yerevan (she already sings not only in CBT but also in Germany and France). “Our program — the former Soviet Union in miniature”, — joked Professor Vdovin.

Opera star sang in the clinic Bronstein (24 photos)

During the concert included not only the various arias, but even the drinking songs of different peoples — the French, Georgian and Russian at the end — “be healthy, live richly by Belarusian bass Alexander Roslova, which, alas, have already graduated from the Youth program and went to work in the theatres of Minsk and Hamburg.

Nikolai Dobronravov was shocked to heard and read from the stage his poem about the abundance of hypocrisy on the modern stage, which ends with a toast: “to the honest talented singers!”. And in Russia they really are. As the doctors are just wonderful.

Watch the video on “In the clinic Bronstein was unusual classical concert”

Within the walls of a multi-disciplinary clinic Bronstein held a concert of classical music with the participation of Aleksandra Pakhmutova, Nikolay Dobronravov, and the stars of the classical Russian music. Details on the video.

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