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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Obama publicly campaigning for Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate

On Tuesday, July 5, in the largest city of North Carolina Charlotte you can watch the touching unity of the two former rivals and colleagues, President Barack Obama and the candidate in presidents from democratic party Hillary Clinton.

photo: youtube.com

President Obama, who first began publicly to campaign for Hillary Clinton, addressed the audience with a speech in which recognised her as the democratic party’s candidate for the presidency. He also praised her “firm convictions” as Secretary of state. In addition, Obama lashed out at Donald trump, the Republican candidate for the presidency, accusing him of “lack of transparency”.

Speaking in shirt with rolled-up sleeves, Obama announced that “inflamed agitation in favor of Hillary Clinton.” His speech was full admiration for Hillary Clinton and strongly criticized trump. Obama said that American voters faced a critical choice between “some invented past and a real future.

The current head of the White house saying, “I can tell you that Hillary Clinton has undergone more tests. But no man or woman is not prepared so to presidency like Hillary Clinton.”

Obama’s speech was often interrupted with applause.

Especially enthusiastically accepted the Obama and Clinton blacks who were the majority of the protesters.

But we must draw attention to the fact that the meeting with Obama was to Hillary Clinton influenced by the speech of FBI Director James Comey. The Bureau chief, summarizing the results of the investigation of Clinton as Secretary of state and use her private e-mail in their official duties, noted her “extreme carelessness”. Although at the end of his speech, Comey has said that no prosecution of Clinton is not expected. He said that the investigation is over. However, this question is quite strongly affected the prestige of Clinton and forced the Obama administration to take a defensive position.

The President and his former Secretary Clinton did not raise the issue about the email in their speeches. Obama applauded his former competitor and predicted its victory in the November elections. No word about the dramatic statements by the FBI Director Komi Republic in his speech it was impossible to find. Obama is not even said that Comey recommended not to open criminal proceedings against Clinton.

Not to mention the story with email, President Obama focused on the political attack against Hillary Clinton, which had as its goal to reduce its credibility. “Can I be blunt? — said Obama. — Hillary has already received from its critics, but that’s what happens when you devote your entire life to public service.”

President Obama has quite tactfully addressed some of the weaknesses of Ms. Clinton as a presidential candidate. He recalled how 8 years ago he had to fight Hillary Clinton for the US presidency.

Indirectly protecting Ms. Clinton from charges that she is a representative of establishment, Obama drew its political portrait as an experienced and long-standing of a statesman, and said that this is a big plus.

“Sometimes we stop on someone who spent quite a long time in the trenches and fought the good fight and was very strong”, said Obama. That’s what helped him win the election campaign of 2008.

While the presence of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state literally torn to shreds by her critics, Obama made the protection of the foreign policy of Clinton.

During Obama’s speech, Hillary Clinton was sitting on a chair behind the President, smiling and poddakivaya tilt of the head.

Watch the video on “Obama before the election, and hugged and kissed Hillary Clinton”

President Barack Obama has supported the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He kissed and embraced Clinton during the campaign rally of a candidate, on 5 July 2016.

Video posted on the channel LIVE Hillary Clinton Speeches & Events.

The appearance of Obama and Clinton in North Carolina was prepared in a historical perspective, almost 8 years. After a fierce battle in the primaries in 2008, Mrs. Clinton appeared with Obama hand in hand in the small town of unity, new Hampshire. (It should be borne in mind that unity is the name of the town, which translates as “unity”). Speaking with Obama in unity in 2008, Hillary said: “unity is not only a beautiful place, but it is a wonderful feeling. Isn’t it?”

Barack Obama was reminded of this at a rally in North Carolina, which has again linked together the outstanding careers of two major political figures of the United States. Memories of unity — the town and the feeling was very strong. As Obama said: “We then went to unity, because some people did not understand what was happening. I am reminded of the grace and energy with which Hillary rushed to the defense of my campaign”.

Ms. Clinton in her speech acted like campaigning not for himself, but for President Obama. She praised his “heart, depth and humility” and repeatedly reminded of the last competition, which took place between her and Obama. She praised even the political perseverance of Obama in the fight against it. “He knows something about how to win elections. Believe me,” said Clinton.

The decision of the FBI that there is no need to recommend the prosecution of Clinton was taken after there was an unplanned fleeting meeting between former President bill Clinton and former Minister of justice Loretta Lynch at the airport of the city of Phoenix. Not to create the impression of some political intervention in favor of Clinton, Ms. Lynch stated that it accepts all of the recommendations that will make the prosecutors who led the case, Clinton and the FBI Director.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Clinton and her lawyers met with officials from the FBI and the justice Department. Clinton answered the questions of investigators about 4 hours.

Employees as Obama and Clinton both said that their bosses have not discussed the solution to the FBI during a visit to Charlotte. Spouksmen, Mrs. Clinton, Nick Merrill said that President Obama looked at photos of her grandchildren, Mrs. Clinton is on Board his ship “BBC-1”.

Ms. Clinton, in his speech has dealt a blow to Donald Trump. She said to trump, President Obama was and remains “a person who does not know or has forgotten where he came from. And, Donald, if you’re on Twitter, don’t forget, Obama was born in Hawaii.” (Had in mind the famous campaign of trump in 2011 against President Obama. Trump believes that Obama was born in Kenya and therefore cannot be President of the United States. In 2011, trump demanded Obama presenting a birth certificate).

For many attending the rally, Obama and Clinton, and awaiting their appearance for long hours under the scorching sun, the main thing was to see Clinton, and Obama. Which makes his recent tour of the country.

I have already mentioned that most of the protesters were African Americans. They were dressed in their national clothes. Street vendors sold t-shirts, which depicted Obama and his daughters, teenagers.

When one of the participants of the rally ivy Dunn asked how she sees the situation, she replied: “I can’t say that Clinton will be more effective in the White house than the current President. I can’t say Yes, but Clinton would still be a good President.” Quite a diplomatic answer.

While the aircraft “air force 1 with Obama and Clinton on Board touched the landing pad airport Charlotte in a sign of solidarity between them, a reporter asked John Podesta, the Chairman of election campaign of Clinton and former White house chief of staff under Obama: overshadow the statement the FBI and their joint rally?

The experienced and experienced politician said only one word: “Hardly.”

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