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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Military extinguish fires “meteorites”

The defense Ministry of Russia is actively involved in fighting forest fires throughout the country. Moreover, to the usual in such cases, technology — aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, is now added and the fighting machine.

Photo: mil.ru

So, in the Irkutsk region the military to fight fire, use use engineering machinery obstacle clearing (IMR-2M). They produce fire plowing of fires. Then laid the mineralized band, irresistible for the spread of fire. Thus, by the localization of fires.

IMR-2M created on the chassis of tank T-72 and has unique characteristics. It is used for filling ditches, trenches, craters; paving roads in moderate and mountainous-forested areas in the virgin snow; the device passes and dismantling of obstructions in areas of damage; felling of trees and stumps Korchevaya and so on. Thus, for example, the rate of tunnelling in the forest debris up to 350 meters per hour, and it can topple a tree with a trunk diameter of 40 cm while the Crew is well protected. Suffice it to say that an earlier version of this machine was the only equipment capable of performing a variety of work directly at the destroyed nuclear reactor of Chernobyl.

In addition, in the same Irkutsk region, to fight fires are used and the installation clearance UR-77 “Meteorit”. Generally, self-propelled crawler installation the UR-77 is designed to make passes in minefields. There is this: the machine produces the missile, which stretches, roughly speaking, “hose length up to 90 meters, filled with explosive material. Fallen to earth the charge is then undermined in a minefield and a passage is formed with a length 90 and a width of 6 meters.

In the case of forest fires, explosions of charges of “Meteorite” allow to extinguish the flames and to separate the fire from the other forest plots in the most dangerous areas.

Help military, as already mentioned, and aircraft. For reconnaissance and determining the efficiency of discharge of water involved multifunctional unmanned systems UAV “Orlan-10”. In addition, aerial reconnaissance of fires is made by Mi-8 helicopters.

By the way, heavy engineering equipment was transferred to the Irkutsk oblast to the airport Bratsk military transport aircraft An-124-100 “Ruslan”.

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