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Thursday, March 22, 2018

How much cost the White temple: in the ROC told about the fundraiser

The money brought to the Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh owner “Novovyatskiy ski factory” Yury Sudheimer, had to go to rebuild the temple — on this version the experts say, and close to investigation sources.

If we are really talking about the Church, what the Church was going to build White and even collect donations for such construction?

photo: facebook.com

May 2, 2016: the rite of Foundation of the temple Matrona of Moscow in Kirov.

2 may 2016 Nikita Belykh on his page in Facebook posted photos from the prayer service that was held to mark the start of construction of a new Orthodox Church about the trauma hospital and perinatal center in Kirov. The service was led by Metropolitan of Vyatka and Slobodskoy mark.

White said that some time ago he decided to build the chapel of St. blessed Matrona of Moscow: “the Chapel was constructed by believers in connection with some events, which influence on their lives, at the burial places of warriors of the faith, on the ground of the miraculous icons and sources. Such events have occurred in my life.” (The Holy Matrona of Moscow to seek help in healing from disease. Not so long ago White reported that he lost a lot of weight — 22 pounds in three months. Now in jail he needed the medicines necessary for diabetes).

Further, the Governor of the Kirov region tells that he asked the blessing from the Archbishop of Vyatka Mark (Tuzhikova) for the construction of the chapel. In turn, Bishop mark had long convinced him that we must not build a chapel, and a small but complete temple. As the chapel has no altar, there can’t be service, no assigned priest.

And, apparently, convinced. On may 2, the day of memory of St. Matrona of Moscow took place the rite of Foundation of the Church: according to White, he hoped “God willing” to complete construction for a year and a half is his “deeply personal” project as a believer.

Comments were positive: “the Good thing started, Mr Belykh. Matronushka will help. God bless You”, “the Place is right. Many women are there preserved. They will need the help of Matrona”.

Negative comments: “better Buy the hospital and new equipment. This will be pleasing to God. “Maybe a better way to Moscow in front of the hospital to do? Feel sorry for people who carry on “fast”.

“MK” has decided to find out – how much would it cost “deeply personal project” White?

Calling construction companies that spetsializiruyutsya on the construction of temples, we found: to build a wooden Church with an area of 155 square meters on 70 parishioners need to spend 5 900 000 rubles. This is a model project of the Church of logs. A small Church with an area of 95 square meters “pulled” to 3, 400, 000.

How usually collected money for the construction of the temple, we asked the rector of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin in the village of Vaskino Chekhov district Archpriest Alexander Smolenskogo (this lovely Church was rebuilt, practically from scratch”).

– In a miraculous way going to. In the temple there are always enough problems that require some financial investments. First, declare the collection. Accordingly, people may donate money. Or transfer them to, or pass through the prior. There are people who are parishioners. It is clear that people of different incomes, someone donates more, some less. Our temple, for example, restored no some man and a lot of people.

– How are incoming funds?

– In General, any flow should be recorded. For example a person comes to the priest and says he wants to donate money for a specific purpose. It means the official duly entered in the Treasury of the parish. And, respectively, from the same Treasury then spent exclusively for this purpose. Sometimes someone throws the money into the donation box. There is a special Commission, then this box opens. Funds are deposited into receipt accounts.

There are Church organizations that do not have status of a legal entity. For example, this may relate to painters.

In the temple of the Charter, the Treasurer is in fact this is the main accountant. But often in the rural Church, these functions have to be performed by the priest.

– What amount you need to have to build a Church?

– We have, for example, took 500 thousand dollars. Our Church is small, about 250 square meters. Half of this amount was spent on the construction of the temple, the second half went to the painting of the Church, the iconostasis, utensils, thread.

– You know for example, when a benefactor has built all the temple?

– It could be, if there is a need of the parish.

We also got in touch with the head of information-analytical Department of the synodic information Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, Vakhtang Kipshidze.

The main thing is that all the money collected at the temple, came to the destination. At the same time, I think any forms of fundraising and accounting. As long as the money was collected and spent with observance of the civil law. It can be both electronic donations and remittances, and plate collections. Some companies donate in real terms is provide brick, the building materials or sent to the object of his masons and carpenters.

– Who controls these Church — financial flows?

– The party concerned is a parish. May be a parish which has not its own building and wanted to build a temple. The parish is a legal organization.

Recall that, according to investigators, the Whites in the total of 400 thousand euros…

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