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Monday, March 12, 2018

Astrophysicist saw the aliens blew up the star

Swedish researcher Beatriz Villarroel from Uppsala University said that a group of scientists under her leadership was able to see the disappearance of the stars for no apparent reason. According to scientists, this could be part of a highly developed civilization of aliens with technology that is so advanced that allow them to destroy the star.

photo: pixabay.com

As told Beatriz Villareal said that she and her two assistants analyzed data collected during various research data about 300 thousand light sources in the night sky to check again to see whether any of them lately. As a result one such object to be detected, indeed, managed, reports New Scientist.

So far, scientists cannot say with certainty that they did not accept for the missing star artifact — random “noise” that disappeared as suddenly as they appeared, but does not imply the existence of a real space object. However, according to experts, all held at the moment, tests show that we are talking about real stars, not about the result. Trying to ensure that the extinct light in the night sky really is the missing luminary scientists “rejected” hundreds of other anomalies was found, and only one has successfully passed all tests that scientists have made at the moment.

Even if the detected object will be disappeared from the sky the luminary, it does not automatically mean that it has destroyed or extinguished” it. In particular, quasars, centers of galaxies, the glow of which “feed” the black holes, can become much less bright in less than a decade. The time during which the “natural” causes to lose the brightness of the stars, too, is quite varied.

That is why Villaroel and her colleagues plan to double-check their results using the largest currently available telescopes. If the results are confirmed and then it will allow to exclude the possibility of many astrophysical phenomena, and begin to consider the version of an alien civilization seriously, says researcher.

Beatriz Villarroel admits that wanted to detect and clear such a large-scale traces of aliens in space from the moment he graduated from the University.

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