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Friday, March 16, 2018

66% of Russians do not make savings for a rainy day

The majority of Russians (96%) believe that in the event of a crisis the state should provide the population with necessary medicines, food and goods, according to VTSIOM. According to the experts, as example, you can take the experience of other countries. In particular, the US government pays for the food the poorest segments of the population.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to the survey, two thirds (66%) of our citizens do not make their own savings or reserves. Only 22% of respondents save money for a rainy day”, 19% stocking food, 13% commodities.

The majority (72%) believe that Russia has enough savings in reserve to help the people, regions, sectors of the economy. Although one-third did not answer this question.

National security, according to the respondents, can provide the presence of the following supplies: food, medicines, petroleum products, cash and foreign exchange reserves.

With the aid of the state in case of trouble, expect only 48% of Russians, 20% of respondents are absolutely not hope for support.

“Instead of taxes collected by the state should undertake certain obligations. In the US, for example, for the least protected layers of the population are a kind of modern food stamps. On a special card transferred some money. It is possible to acquire a particular range of products. During the crisis Russia should adopt this practice. However, it is important to maintain a reasonable balance. To rely on the state, especially in our unstable time, it is impossible. You must strive to form their own savings. Now in Russia, as in Europe, the more developed the banking sector, and the citizens prefer to invest here. The lower mortgage rates, the demand may shift to the side of the property. But in this issue it is necessary to consider that the market situation is constantly changing,” — says “MK” financial analyst CC “Finam” Timur Nigmatullin.

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