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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vitaly Mansky: “it is Hard to imagine how many years of punishment will fall to me in North Korea”

In the program of the 51st International film festival in Karlovy vary involved several Russian films, including the film by Vitaly Mansky “In the sun”. He actually pulled the plug.

A scene from the movie “Zoology”.

In the main competition Russia is “Zoology” 27-year-old Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr. A year ago he, despite his young age, worked in the Grand jury, and before that his debut film “the Class correction” won the competition “East of West”. Now in this Eastern European section “Collector” Alexey Krasovsky, Konstantin Khabensky in the title role, and the movie “Alien house” Rusudan, Glurdjidze from Georgia, created with the participation of Russia. One of the roles played by Olga Dykhovichnaya. “The apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov has entered into non-competition programme.

“Zoology” is not lucky with the weather. Due to the cold snap and rain red carpet was crumpled, but the hall was full and took the film very well. Surprisingly, “Zoology” appeared partly thanks to the animated film “Why banana snarls” Svetlana Razgulyaevo, where the boy grew a tail. In the picture Tverdovsky he appeared in the adult women that fearlessly played by actress Natalia pavlenkova has already been awarded for his work the prize at “Kinotavr”. And now her chances are great. The life of a lonely employee of the zoo from the seaside town changes dramatically after she grew a tail. Natalia Pavlenkova had to try dozens of tails before he settled on a silicone instance with a remote control. It’s heavy, and it took perseverance in its development. The main character is not only surrounded by the real representatives of the fauna, but also colleagues, reminiscent of toads and pigs. In General, a complete Zoology. Gogol’s “the Nose” has become a guiding star for movie makers in their conversation about the universal lack of love in this world.

In Karlovy vary from two documentary film by Vitaly Mansky: “Family” (Czech Republic—Germany—Slovenia—France—Slovakia) and “In the sun” (Russia—Germany—Czech Republic—Latvia—North Korea) in the “Czech movies 2015-2016”.

The film “the sun”, filmed in 2015 and with the success of the past at many international festivals in Russia, no one saw. Show at “Kinotavr” it was not possible. I have the feeling that everything is done to the picture to prevent to the audience. Because of the movie Russian officials had problems with the North Korean side, because the Director has deviated from the desired course. The film was shot in North Korea under the strict control of appropriate organs. On the platform were specially trained people trying to do everything on his own script in the name of glorification of their country. Filmed several takes, were born purely staged picture, where the participants demanded a wider smile, creating the appearance of universal happiness. But Russian people are able to bypass any obstacles. A documentary filmmaker always has to show resourcefulness and fearlessness. The result was a document of time, and now the film and its author claim the moral and ethical properties.

In Karlovy vary, the browser On the screen a North Korean girl of eight years Zin Mi preparing for the celebration of the birthday of the head of the DPRK Kim Jong Il. Her father was the engineer of a garment factory, and we see how it works there. The family lives in a clean to sterile apartment, reminiscent of non-residential premises. It has no will of everyday life. On the wall — portraits of the country’s leader and his father. A richly laid table. All this raises some doubts. But the father once again, daughter, that one must eat kimchi (the national Korean pickles) to provide the body with vitamins. And we will see for one second. Some strangers will appear in the frame and take the table, as you would in the theater. The Director hands over with giblets whole backstage life, together with the Koreans made movies, where he was master of the situation. But then it turns out that he became master of the situation, mounting completely different movie, the actual movie about the film. The Korean side took a very different movie.

Cute heroine attends school for girls, where a day gets lessons of patriotism, marching, preparing to join the Children’s Union, reminiscent of the pioneer organization. Girls listen to a veteran of the Korean war, the chest and abdomen to the knees covered with orders and medals. More than the unforgettable Leonid Brezhnev. Schoolgirl falls asleep on our eyes under his soothing speech. And so scary for her. Suddenly, after such personnel have to fully pay for everything, maybe your own life. And what about her parents? Father, as it turns out, is not an engineer and journalist…

The vexed questions now are just in my head. Whether any movie well-being of the characters? Where is the threshold that a documentarian should not go? The audience also asked the tough questions. It took courage to explain everything. “In North Korea there is no security for anybody,” said Vitaly Mansky. — Thanks to the film Zine, we have become the most popular kid in his homeland. After the President of South Korea expressed regret about its further destiny, the leader of North Korea in response made her a symbol of a happy childhood. Exactly Zin Mi instructed to give him flowers. The people providing us the shooting, attempted to lure me into the territory of North Korea, from which I concluded that they are alive and continue to engage in the same activities. They controlled our every move, every day watching the footage and destroyed if they did not fit. But we made it so that they never knew that we’re shooting. Two months ago in Pyongyang sentenced to 25 years in prison, American student for taking from the memory the portrait of the leader. It is hard to imagine how many years of punishment will fall to me in North Korea, so in the next 70 years I don’t plan on visiting this country.”

Vitaly Mansky came to the conclusion that the people there are happy: “the Similarity with our socialist past, the fact that it was in the USSR and Czechoslovakia, is only external in nature. The North Korean regime is much more rigid and inhuman. Why I made this film? To understand more about himself, the past of their country, to understand how a person can live in a totalitarian past. This prompted me to go to North Korea. But I went back in time. Such a regime is not anywhere else on the planet Earth”.

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