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Friday, August 18, 2017

The ex-soloist of “Leningrad” Alice Vaux released its first album without Shnurov

Plate with a screaming and demonstrative in a specific situation called “She” appeared on the page of the ex-soloist of group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX in the social network. The genre in which she now works, is stated as “electro pop rock”. The album was a continuation of the video for the song “Hold on” Ukrainian artist Kuzma Scriabin (Andrey Kuzmenko), who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2015.

photo: youtube.com

Alice sang in “Leningrad” in 2012 — first as a session vocalist, and in 2013 as a full participating team. It seems that Sergey Shnurov and vociferous blonde live on stage in perfect harmony, the final and loudest chord, represents the crowning achievement of their collaboration was the hit “Exhibit, which is about Sergei, louboutins and pants know, it seems, all people of the world from small to large.

Thunder boomed of contention for fans of suddenly: in big Metropolitan concert on 25 March, the Cord was on the estate already with the new girls in the chorus and without Alice, in a rather harsh wording declaring that it no longer works.

Then VOX wrote online that “decided to leave the group and starts a solo project, refraining from communicating with the media and more detailed comments.

Later after the video for the song Scriabin “Hold” that caused a barrage of criticism. Then the Cord attributed the comment to the video on Twitter about the fact that he “just kicked out a woman”, but the actor quickly denied his authorship, saying that he doesn’t even have account in this social network, but overall the situation is still commented on in the spirit that invented and his orchestra heroines begin to consider themselves goddesses, and in fact they are just “average singer”.

The Manager of the group “Skryabin” Alex zwolinski suggested then that the song “Stop” could be executed illegally by Alice. But now to the question: “MK” about what was observed by the singer, the copyright in the recording plate, did not answer, saying that it is necessary to apply to the company that holds the rights to all songs of Andrei Kuzmenko. Representatives of the label so far refrained from commenting and promise to clarify the situation soon, however, team Manager Alisa VOX Anastasia said that all issues have been resolved: “Alice communicated with relatives Kuzmenko, and with the record company — of course, all rights have been cleared.”

The album Itself – a vigorous compilation of 9 tracks. If not for press release, guess them songs “Scriabin” it would be extremely difficult, because if the group of Andrei always had a special experimental sound, Alice has transformed his things in an easy electro-pop, in which subtle elements of synth-pop and dance-rock.

Will the artist with such material to attract and permanently hold the attention of the public. Perhaps affected by the fact that work on the album lasted less than three months — short time for preparing a full release.

While Alice herself translated all the texts from Ukrainian to Russian and describes his work — a dedication to the music that shaped her personality and was always there for her. In addition to the songwriter, who decided to sing the VOX, it also took inspiration from Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and New Order.

However, as practice shows, one inspiration for the successful musical career is not enough. However, it is too early to draw conclusions: it can be stuffed a few bumps, by trial and error Alice will find its own unique path and develop your own style and colorful repertoire as I could to make her predecessor from the “Leningrad” Julia Kogan, now shining quite a self-sufficient star on the horizon of the musical avant-garde.

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