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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The dictatorship of public utilities

The growing economic crisis, the continuing impoverishment of the Russians on the background of steady growth of prices intensifies all the contradictions generated by inadequate socio-economic policies, borrowed from the 1990-ies. First of all this aggravation is manifested in the housing sector, and certain messages evoke terror. So, in Krasnoyarsk Achinsk citizens were deprived of the right to use water from standpipes without presenting the receipt of payment and destroyed part of the columns, the water of which was paid.

The newspaper quoted “House Board” “Company “TEPLOSET” declared war on the free use of water from the street water columns. … Output next to each existing column was on duty, employees of the company and did not admit residents without presenting the receipt of payment… kept only those speakers whose work is paid for.

During the city’s celebration to the water would not let the mother of many children. The woman tried to explain that water is urgently needed for children, but were ignored.

At the same time … payment business day in the workers output “Heating”, protecting the column, corresponds to the cost of the water itself. The head of the company … could not answer, what do the people who are willing to pay, but the column has already been removed”.

This news is shocking: in the third Millennium, in the twenty-first century, when we still fly in space, adult people who consider themselves sane, publicly and deny water to those suffering from thirst children because the children’s mother is unable to produce the relevant papers. And the government apparently finds them right!

At the time we caused the rejection of the propiska system, which restricted freedom of choice of residence. Today, however, it turns out that the resident is not something that another city and even another district of the same Achinsk power loses the right to drink water in the heat on the street, and a resident of the area, both in terms of occupation, must carry “ausvays” in the form of receipts. And if tomorrow some liberal government Medvedev will come up with to charge you for air (and oxygen is produces a private forest!), Achinsk housing and communal services, I’m afraid, will enthusiastically choke defaulters (or forgotten at home receipt of payment) on the streets.

There is a feeling that municipal monopoly, it seems, believes her job is not providing people with water, and the intimidation and humiliation of them. A fundraiser like no more than a pretext, as actions are more reminiscent of a punitive action not brought income and was not able to bear: the costs are “in line with the cost of the water.”

The destruction of standpipes was carried out so rapidly that some residents simply do not have time to pay for their use. And the Director of the municipal monopoly in principle is not interested in money nor people, nor their fate. It seems that the objective was not to get paid, but to humiliate people and make their life miserable, and it is perceived in our country as a rule.

At least no defenders that are in the Krasnoyarsk region, neither the prosecution nor the Investigative Committee has not yet reacted in any visible way.

However, these terrible events expose a number of familiar to us, but not becoming any less disgusting parts of our daily lives.

First of all, the living conditions of the people: not just’re shorting the attention of the authorities in the Central Russia, but in Siberia, with its fairly severe climate in the city stotysyachnogo not everywhere there is water connected to the house, and the column on the street as the only source of water are the norm.

People have no money even to pay for water, and communal services, probably, do not have the means to maintain communications even at the minimum acceptable level (because they moved, probably a simple human desperation rather than natural sadism).

This means that the money earned from created by the Soviet power and socialism the industries derived from them and not get any people working for them, nor the cities in which they are located and which are pushed into entirely man-made, but no less monstrous from this budget crisis.

Even in the most difficult, the most terrible conditions, people unite and together to solve their problems. This is the government. However, the Achinsk and many other cases show that it degenerated into a commercial and bureaucratic violence against the people and the deprivation of their most natural, the most inalienable of human rights, including the right to solve their problems. And then it ceased to be “Self-rule” — otherwise you’ll have to try to imagine that the people themselves refused water and themselves uprooted and brewed hydrant set at “totalitarian” regime (when people had rights even after execution of duties, and really “sounded good”).

The sphere of housing and communal services, which are essential for human life, almost ignored by the Federal authorities. Its development or at least preserve dropped on the shoulders of regional and local authorities, deprived of the necessary means and, as a rule, not able to cope with arbitrary (or simple ignorance, not to mention greed) of utility monopolies.

The apotheosis of the disengagement of the government of Russia on housing problems was the situation with the overhaul, which in 2015, according to President Vladimir Putin, gathered from the population 97 billion roubles, and contracts signed only by 25 billion! The story became public quite some time, but about the punishment and even a simple investigation of the events do not have to hear. Most likely, as I love to write in the credits of Hollywood movies, “no animals were harmed”.

But once, after the war, not the ideal leadership of our country, however, sincerely believed that the benefits, essential for human life, will gradually become cheaper until it is free quite. And communism will come as a result of the expansion of those benefits for all that a person needs for normal life. And my parents are poor students ate in the student cafeteria free (not cheap, free, totally, completely — and take as much as you eat!) the free bread with mustard and salt, because even soon after the famine of 1947, the country was able to afford it. Even I have found the free (for real, not as it is now) education and health, not to mention housing, almost free housing and communal services and public transport fares.

And then came the reformers who believe that a person must pay the bureaucrats and oligarchs for the right for most of its existence, for the enrichment of these bureaucrats and oligarchs. And if the person cannot pay (including the fact that these same bureaucrats and oligarchs and it just robbed), he has no right to anything, even to life itself. We believe this monstrous lie: that it is right and that is as it should be, because otherwise supposedly impossible.

Just as psychologists have described the syndrome of identity with the suicide of his victim of the “Stockholm” that we fit to talk about “Achinsk syndrome” in which victims of lawlessness begin to identify with their oppressors and to talk about that, of course, they have to pay for everything, for what only they can request money at monopoly inflated prices, and in their absence they are for some higher purpose — for the sake of the oligarchs, bureaucrats and liberals — should be denied even the most inalienable rights.

And if this inhuman and incompatible with life, the idea is not to return together with its carrier in the fetid dustbin of history from which it crawled, it will destroy us, will destroy our country, depriving us of the right to life just as it is only that our eyes are deprived of the right to water of the residents of Achinsk.

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