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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spring has accused providers in the desire to cash in on its act

The Deputy of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya stated that providers who fear fold rise in price of communication services because of her bill, I use it only as an excuse to raise rates.

According to Spring, she said on the air of “Russia 24” “the law does not offer to store information”, but only gives the government the right “for two years to decide to have something to store or is not necessary, in what amount, in respect of any slice of the information”.

As the Deputy said, the law is “definitely, categorically and unequivocally” established that there is no reason for the “increased cost of communication services”.

The wording of the bill, in fact, suggests that the ultimate decision rests with the government: “Operators are required to store on the territory of the Russian

Federation, — stated in the document, departed at the signature of the President, the text messages of users of communications services, voice information, images, sounds, video, other communications users of communications services, up to six months after the end of their reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing. The order, timing and storage specified in this subparagraph are the government of the Russian Federation”.

Read how the Federation Council had adopted a package of Spring.

While initially, the bill established a three-year maximum period of storage. Now that period is for information only about the facts of correspondence, without its contents.

Recall that at the meeting of the Federation Council Senator Viktor Ozerov, as a co-sponsor of the bill, said that accurate calculations possible of the spending of the operators had not. In addition, it appeared that he had never heard about the operator Tele2.

In this case the operators warned that in case of adoption of the legal maximum storage time — a year — industry in Russia will cease to grow, rates will increase three times, and the profit tax they will not be able to pay for about 10 years because all money will leave on purchase of server equipment for the storage of information.

Moreover, the bill assumes that the operators will have to store identical information downloaded by users, for example, torrents with multiple copies of the same movie, etc.

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