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Friday, March 16, 2018

Reconciliation with Turkey is not a betrayal of the memory of Oleg Peshkov

The beginning of reconciliation with Turkey has caused a storm of feelings in the Russian society. How can you forgive Erdogan downed su-24 and forget the killed Oleg Peshkov, some say. Others are ready tomorrow to fly to Turkish resorts. But between these two positions, if you look closely, there is no such irreconcilable differences.

Apology-regret Recep Erdogan has opened the possibility of the normalization of Russo-Turkish relations – the first of the conditions set by Vladimir Putin in late November, immediately after the destruction of our su-24 aircraft, can be considered fulfilled. That other way, except for the apology, Erdogan is no, the newspaper VIEW wrote three days after November 24:

“The requirement of condemnation of the killers and compensation remain in force, and Erdogan will have in the coming months to make it”

The Kremlin decided fast and hard to force Erdogan to apologize… the sooner you apologize, Erdogan, the less damage will be caused to the relationship… the only Question is, how long will it take to Erdogan for recognizing the obvious. God forbid that a couple of weeks or a month – but, if need be, Putin can wait six months, and year.

It took seven months. Although relations between Putin and Erdogan will never be the same, but relations between the two countries got a chance to recover. Not immediately, and also not to previous levels – but still began to roll over one of the darkest pages in Russian-Turkish relations.

Now again there is a war in Syria, which our enemies would like to turn in the Russo-Turkish, but it is not in the interests of neither Moscow nor Ankara. Yes, Erdogan hit back – but to be willing to raise its own weight in the eyes of Putin and the United States, he achieved the opposite result, in addition, jeopardize the entire complex of Russian-Turkish relations. The response of Moscow was completely natural. Neither the destruction of the aircraft or killing the pilot it was impossible to leave without consequences.

Putting on a break all ties with Turkey, Putin won the war of nerves (which stood and emotional reaction to betrayal, and a cold-blooded geopolitical calculation). Erdogan actually admitted they were wrong. This is a major victory. But during the conflict some of our citizens have fallen into a pseudo-Patriotic frenzy that can’t be blamed for ordinary people, but inexcusable for anyone who calls himself a politician, expert or journalist.

Now we are seeing the effects of intoxication. People are starting to say that Erdogan is no forgiveness that they will never go to Turkey that Russia should not accept an apology. “Sell the blood of our fighter pilot, thrown into the arms of a killer” – all this is a consequence of rampant anti-Turkish propaganda, which indulged in some of our media. But isn’t Putin himself set the tone for the propaganda, making hard statements about Erdogan? No, because Putin’s goal was to break the resistance of the Turkish President, to force him to understand the inevitable apology. Our President had to demonstrate maximum rigidity and inflexibility. The fact that the squeezing out of Erdogan’s apology took only seven months, a testimony to the success of the chosen tactics.

But Putin did not pass on personal insults are not called to destroy Turkey with the Kurds. On the contrary, he always emphasized the friendly attitude towards the Turkish people.

As part of the political class happily indulged in the invention of different ways how to punish the Turks. Someone did it, thinking that thus he should be “party politics” (helpful Yes-men any authority), someone simply following their antipathy to Turkey. As a result, millions of viewers and readers several months was subjected to intense anti-treatment, which is only the first stage had some meaning, if you perceive it as part of psychological pressure on Erdogan. Then she began to bring only harm. Initially, it was clear that reconciliation is in the interests of both countries, and it is better that it took place as fast as possible.

Does the beginning of reconciliation that Russia had forgiven and forgotten the destruction of our plane, killing the pilot? Of course not. And it would be cowardly to apply the steps to restore relations as a betrayal of the memory of Peshkov. Russian did not forget. The requirement of condemnation of the killers and compensation remain in force, and Erdogan will have in the coming months to do so.

Whether it was necessary to begin the normalization of relations up to this point? Of course – because the war in Syria, which involves our HQs, and we need both tactical and strategic negotiations with the Turks on the future of this country.

Turkey is not an ally of Russia, but it is not necessary to do an opponent, especially in the Syrian crisis. Erdogan does not trust anyone: neither Europe, nor the US, nor Iran or Assad. Turkey has huge interests in Syria – historically, geopolitically, and just on the basis of the domestic situation (it is possible to note only two factors – the Kurds and the Syrian refugees). However, if prior to November 24, Erdogan thought that the Turkish position is the most important when addressing the future of Syria, but now he realized the obvious: in the Syrian settlement Turkey will have to act in coordination with Russia. Of course, if Ankara wants to have its interests taken into account.

The gradual unfreezing of relations to both countries. And because of the geopolitical situation, and due to a really deep mutual interest in each other. Energy projects like the “Turkish stream”, trade and construction, the movement of Turkey toward the SCO and the free trade zone with the Eurasian Union. Well tourism – in fact Turkey became the most popular place of recreation for our citizens.

Or not to go to Antalya, each will decide for itself and not so much there at the end going. But given that the alternatives have a considerable number of vacationers virtually no (where else bathe children in the sea for relatively little money?), one should not condemn even those who rush to Turkey in the near future.

Patriotism is not to be considered enemies of the great neighboring nation, part of which besides, centuries of living in our territory. He is to love and to do stronger Russia that will respect other Nations. The interests of Russia and Turkey has faced in Syria, November 24, victim of that was Oleg Peshkov – but Erdogan didn’t really want him dead.

He wanted to play with Putin, with Russia, to demonstrate their intransigence. To force Russia to pay more attention to Turkish interests – but in the end got exactly the opposite result. Blame Erdogan in the destruction of the su-24? Of course. Is it an indirect blame for the death of Peshkov? No doubt. But if now he begins to fulfill the ultimatum of Putin, Russia’s interests to go to the restoration of relations with one of the key countries of the world.

On our terms, in a situation when Russia is in a stronger position than before 24 November. And the credit for this belongs to all our pilots who fought and are fighting in Syria. First and foremost, Oleg Peshkov – who in fact fought and died for his country was strong and confident.

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