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Friday, March 16, 2018

Kadyrov demanded that Erdogan issuing a dozen terrorists

Ramzan Kadyrov has called on the Turkish authorities to record the names of the terrorists who, according to the acting head of Chechnya, hiding in Turkey. Speaking about the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul, Kadyrov said: likely the organizer of a crime – fled to the West militant Akhmed chatayev – nurtured foreign intelligence services trying to “annoy” Russia. Go there right now Turkey to cooperate with Russia in combating terrorism?

Acting head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has published a list of hiding in Turkey, terrorists and urged Ankara to extradite them to Russia.

“The main issue – whether serious intention of Turkey to change its position towards Russia, the Syrian crisis, support for the Islamists”

“If the Turkish authorities the necessary data about the terrorists, once again call them. Record! Tarkhan Gaziyev, Ahmad Umarov, Ahmad Pateev, Shirvani Basayev, mahran are made Saidov, Rizwan and Osama > Yakubov, Aslanbek Vadalov, Movsar Chatayev, Hadi Alaskhanov, Rustam Norbaev, their ideological mentor Movladi Udugov. They feel at home at the “Turkish side”, – wrote Kadyrov on his page in Instagram.

According to the acting head of the Republic, he already warned Ankara about the threat from the natives of Chechnya, but in response, “some promises” about their results. “I am glad that the relations between Turkey and Russia return to normal. Once again, I ask Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to make a decision on the extradition of terrorists,” Kadyrov wrote.

He also said that the Chechen people “at the cost of hundreds of thousands of uprooted victims of terrorism, but “the problem is not taken while abroad are particularly dangerous criminals, who fled from Chechnya”. Acting head of Chechnya said that they declared in the international search

On 30 June, the Turkish authorities confirmed that the attack at the airport in Istanbul made three immigrants from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Earlier, Turkish media reported that one of three suicide bombers who blew herself up in the Istanbul airport, could be a native of Chechnya, Akhmed Chatayev.

Kadyrov said: “Trying to “annoy” Russia, the Western, Georgian and other intelligence agencies nurtured chatayev, and if he was involved in the Istanbul events, must bear responsibility for it not to look in the direction of Chechnya”.

“Elusive” one-armed bandit

36-year-old native of the district center of Vedeno Ahmed (sometimes found writing “Ahmet”) Chatayev fought on the side of illegal armed formations during the second Chechen campaign. During one of the clashes was wounded, lost a hand and subsequently spread version that chatayev was allegedly tortured in captivity by the feds.


In Istanbul, three suicide bombers launched a series of bombings, two of them in the international departures terminal of Ataturk airport, one near the nearest metro station. At present we know of 43 victims of the terrorist attack, but it is possible that their number may increase, among the victims are Rossiyanin 2003 Thriller was wanted by Russian law enforcement agencies, including Interpol. Then Chatayev “surfaced” abroad. Presumably he was one of the emissaries of the leader of “Caucasus Emirate” Doku Umarov in Western Europe. Maintained contacts with living in London, “Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria” Ahmed Zakayev, was the representative of Zakayev in Austria.

In 2007 in Sweden Chatayev was arrested for illegal transportation of weapons. In two years, “refugee from Chechnya” was sentenced to 1.5 years imprisonment, but immediately released, the court explained that by the time the convict has already served the entire term. Chatayev he claimed that the weapon he allegedly threw people, Ramzan Kadyrov.

In January 2010, chatayev was detained in Ukraine in Transcarpathian region. Ukrainian fighters against organized crime at the request of the then interacted with their Russian counterparts – and the emissary Zakayev was arrested on suspicion of funding and supply of weapons of the armed underground in the North Caucasus. In addition, in the mobile phone chatayev was discovered instructions for making improvised explosive devices.

However, the extradition failed, according to DW, this played a big role human rights organization Amnesty International. The European court of human rights (ECHR) urged Ukraine not to extradite chatayev, since he received asylum in Austria and falls under the protection of the Geneva Convention and the UN Convention on refugees.

“The instructions he gave Saakashvili

In September 2012, the Georgian interior Ministry announced the arrest of “in the valley of the river Lopota in the East of the country member of an armed group, a citizen of Russia, resident of the North Caucasus, Akhmed chatayev”. It was about the operation to capture the gang of 20 people. Chatayev was the only gunman captured alive.

The current Governor of the Odessa region, and in 2012 the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili after the Istanbul terrorist attack put yourself in credit for surgery 4 years ago. “He (Chatayev) was arrested by my government in Georgia during a counter-terrorism operation led by General Georgy Lordkipanidze”, – Saakashvili wrote on his page in Facebook.

But, as reported in December 2012, the newspaper OPINION, Chatayev was released on bail by the decision of the Tbilisi city court. At the same time the adviser of the office of the state Minister for reintegration of Georgia MEKA khangoshvili said that the Chechens of Georgia’s fear of extradition of Akhmed chatayev to Russia. The Chairman functioning in Tbilisi Confederation of Caucasian peoples Zaal, Kasrelishvili stated that Chatayev – “authoritative person”. “Chatayev is a great warrior, an example for all Chechens,” said Kasrelishvili. – He is a member of the entourage of Doku Umarov”.

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, Chairman of the Committee on national security of the Georgian Parliament, Irakli Sesiashvili said: Chatayev in the times of Saakashvili was an agent of Georgian special services. “The instructions he gave Saakashvili through Lordkipanidze,” said Sesiashvili.

Anyway, the “concern” shown by the Georgian, Ukrainian and European law enforcement systems, and the human rights community helped Chataeu first “to pursue a career in the ranks of ISIS in Syria (as the commander of the battalion “Yarmuk”, and then in the “military Ministry” of the self-proclaimed Caliphate), and then, apparently, to make the “action” in Istanbul.

Terrorist Diaspora

In October 2015, Chatayev was included in the terrorist list by the US authorities – presumably, in conjunction with the “war Minister” of the post of Tarkhan batirashvili, better known as Umar al-Shishani (Omar the Chechen). Then in the American list of terrorists included at least one of the militants, Kadyrov mentioned – Tarkhan Gaziyev, who according to the acting head of Chechnya, is in Turkey.

What extremist groups are recognized as terrorist in different countries (infographic)According to some assumptions, in Istanbul may be another person involved in the list of Kadyrov, Ahmad Umarov, the brother of the leader of “Caucasus Emirate” Doku Umarov (eliminated in North Caucasus in 2013). Another Islamist, which may be in a Turkey – countryman chatayev Hadi Alshanov. He was mentioned among the natives of the Vedeno district who are fighting in Syria on the side of the Islamists.

There, in Turkey, according to Kadyrov, can escape and being in Federal search mahran are made Saidov – the closest associate of Doku Umarov, known as “Amir mahran are made” and “Amir Yakub”.

“So that was a given – hardly”

In relations of Russia and Turkey in the sphere of fight against terrorism, “something that can develop particularly from the point of view of information exchange, and so that was given (terrorists – ed. VZGYAD) – hardly” – has assumed in conversation with the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov.

He explained: “Everything before this was accompanied by, including calls for extradition, and exchange of information, which we gave them, did not lead to the fact that we had a close cooperation in this sphere”.

According to the MP, in this situation the Turks would rather neglect our and their capabilities in this area.

The Deputy pointed out that after the attack occurred, Ankara’s policy has not changed, they still support the different Salafi movements and directions of radical Sunni Islamism in Syria and Bashar Assad is still quite difficult,” the expert reminded. Given all this, “why did they suddenly give us the terrorists, which, although nationality may be Russian, the Chechens, the Chechens of Russian origin, but they are fighting in organizations that Turkey still maintains, for instance, “dzhebhat an-Nusra”. They will give them?” the MP concluded.

Depends on the seriousness of Turkey

“Kadyrov’s demand to extradite terrorists of Chechen origin who are hiding in Turkey, and rightfully so. However, this process can occur quickly, even technically, Kadyrov will be sending the documents confirming the relationship of these individuals with terrorism, and they need to check, to examine, the expert explained,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov.

Also problematic that will be issued to all these persons, the expert believes. “It’s no secret that terrorists from different groups supervised or had contact with the Turkish intelligence agencies and allies of Turkey in NATO,” – said the source.

“It is possible that some of these persons, indeed, will be given, but not in the near future,” conceded the source. He explained that the question, “how seriously Turkey is going to change its position towards Russia, the Syrian crisis, the support of radical Islamist groups,” – said the expert.

Clearly, now that “it’s still opportunistic move of the Turkish leadership, though it may have the consequence of further change in the position, but while this change is not visible”, – concluded the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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