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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Juno” was released on the orbit of Jupiter

Automatic interplanetary probe “Yunona”, launched in August 2011, after five years and three billion miles achieved his goal – the planet Jupiter, fifth from the Sun and largest in Solar system. The probe went into orbit of the gas giant and in the next 20 months will be to gather about him valuable information.

“Juno”, named after the Roman goddess the wife of Jupiter, will make around the gas giant of coils 37, each of which will take about 53 days. The space station will be to collect information, including on the atmospheric circulation of Jupiter and distribution of water, as well as the planet’s magnetic field and such phenomena as auroras on it. After completing its mission, the probe will “drown” in the Jupiter to its fragments do not fall on the potentially habitable moons of a gas giant and is not subsequently hamper their study

Mission think is very important – is that it will allow to learn a lot not only about Jupiter, but about the Solar system and other planetary systems as a whole. Some experts even claim that the incident can be called event of the year in science (however, for this title with the release of “Juno” on the orbit of Jupiter can compete in the first place, the first and second in the history of the discovery of gravitational waves).

Last week, when the probe was already not far from their goal, the Internet was published a few beautiful images of the fifth planet from the Sun. The first of them was obtained using the Very Large Telescope and present a very clear image of Jupiter in the infrared range. The second placed team of the Hubble space telescope, are a combination of images in the optical and ultraviolet range – they can see the beautiful polar lights (on Jupiter, they are much more intense than on Earth).

Google “celebrated” the release of “Juno” on the orbit of Jupiter by posting on your page a festive Doodle modified logo, specially created for this event. The tradition of place “doodles” the company has existed since 1998, and during that time, they were created around two thousand. Most often the reason for their creation is the celebration or anniversary of the birth of one or another prominent person, but sometimes, as in this case, a Doodle, dedicated to dramatic current events.

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