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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Invented the wheel, which is heading towards

A fundamentally new type of wheel drivers opens more opportunities — for example, to turn on the spot and to Park the car without using neither back nor forward.

photo: youtube.com

Inventor William Liddiard has called the wheel, able to move in all directions, after myself and posted a video testing know-how on the popular portal. The spectacle is impressive: the tires on the Toyota Echo, is selected for demonstration, do not rotate forward and backward, but also sideways. According to the author, these wheels can be installed on any vehicle. He also lists other advantages: the tires of wheels for every season, you can move even in difficult road conditions. However, there is a small caveat: the car it goes sideways, but slowly. Therefore, the canadian inventor intends to finalize his invention so that the car began to move quickly.

Review of the Professor of MGTU im. Bauman Eugene BROWN:

— The idea is wonderful — beautiful and original. Difficulties of Parking forcing inventors to come up with the most incredible possibilities. However, for this invention have many questions, the answers to which will determine the prospects of its practical application. How reliable are the tires? Whether they will survive the endurance test: the impact of bumps, the braking, the movement with increased speed? Will not shatter the whole system after the minimum mileage? There are no less important point — the cost of these wheels. Be sure to buy them or replace if necessary, not every driver can.

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