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Thursday, March 22, 2018

German painted Russian nature in white and back

Who are the young artists of tomorrow predicts? What they care about and what do they say? Corresponds to the V Moscow international Biennale for young art, the main project which was started in Trekhgornij manufactory. There are 93 artists (under 35 years) from all over the world did something unprecedented, comprehended in this present, looking to the future and in yourself. After all, the title of the exhibition — “Deep inside” — set the theme of the Biennale. As it is interpreted by young authors, appreciated the “MK”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Von Bismarck with the painted landscape.

Two floors, each of 2.5 thousand square meters of building number five of the captured exposure. No doors, both spaces separated only by columns, few Windows. But they are especially valuable, so multiple hosted installations of twisted cables and wires. The premises are so dilapidated that the plaster falls from the ceiling, at the walls, creeping mold, and the concrete floor is penetrated by cracks. For design thanks to the cultural and historical heritage, which was forbidden to do even an easy repair, since the building is a monument of architecture. But the architect Sergei Nebot did not panic and set in the right places plasterboard wall on which artists have had a blast.

However, many of the works were completed a few minutes before the official opening. So judge for yourself whether all turned out in full. However, the organizers took responsibility, saying that some of the money (total budget of 33 million roubles) received in the last day. And then the artists rushed to buy in the Metropolitan shopping the necessary materials and complete the projects.

In one of the rooms on the second floor (here begins the exposition of) the realm of silkworms. Genetically modified creatures spun silk in real-time. Ecuadorian artist in the walls Trekhgorki makes you think about what today is textile production: or even just the mechanics and biology. On the theme of developing photos and videos. By the way, at this time, the project affects the harmony between the art forms in equal amounts presents paintings, video, photos, installations and sculpture.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

To the latter special attention: jury prize Biennale, headed by Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova was named the best exhibition of the sculptural composition “Three dances”. Plaster men pastel shades like spread out from the solar rays which fall in the room on them. How to read the work, explains its author, Julian Sarkar Leite from Brazil: “the Club is a collective boiling and behaviour of the representatives of the pragmatic capitalist society. One night I memorized the movements, and in the morning decided to play it. Doused himself with plaster and made casts of his body. For the Biennale repeated the experiment”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Two weeks “Three dances” was created within these walls — the work was nontransportable, so after the Biennale Julian has promised to destroy it. Collectors offered to buy the sculpture, but the girl refused. She said her piece about the moment, and not about eternity, so it must sink into Oblivion. Another of the curious here, cut a hole in the wall of the Spaniard Alvaro Urbano, it offers a view of wild nature with emerald trees and insects. Whether it is a dream of Paradise, or the idea of the harmony of the world of the real with the artificial.

The theme of human interaction with nature continues German with a beard to the waist, with Julius von Bismarck (a relative of the Chancellor). In the Tver region, he together with the residents held an experiment to create the installation under the open sky. They chose the forest for a long time they admired, then painted everything, including the roots of the trees white with acrylic paint. Then from memory painted the landscape in the original color, and the photo of the result of the artist shown at the exhibition.

— A few months on the Internet I was looking for the right place, I wanted to choose a picturesque Russian landscape, ” says von Bismarck. The locals greeted me with a friendly, though not immediately understood through the interpreter the idea of the project. I would like to say that visual perception is entirely based on information read from the surface of the perceived material. In 2015, I conducted the same experiment in Mexico, now choose the next country.

The lower level starts with water sounds is an installation with sink and outdoor tap. Opposite the electronic scoreboard, not only with the flights schedule and time of launch. This count is endless, and the sequence of numbers that never ends. And finally, we find ourselves in a mirrored room reminiscent of a black hole in space: it expands and contracts at the same time. Only here all around bright sculptures. Among them are the installation of metal and glass “Black ice” by Kseniya Kudrina. Girl from Yakutia strung the glass balls on the metal structure according to the principle of totem poles.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Those who do not understand the artists ‘ ideas to help description on the labels or directory. However, they are composed of philosophers, and sometimes a set of fancy words devoid of meaning. But then it is necessary to refer to the artists (they often sit at their work) or enroll in an educational program. The exhibition itself, though with small flaws, turned to a high level. The organizers caught a middle ground between the visual feast and intellectual thoughts. New names in young art showed us. We will see whether support their art community as it has supported the Biennale.

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