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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Georgian trail of the Istanbul terrorist attack

The Chairman of the Committee on defense and security of Parliament of Georgia Irakli Sesiashvili said that Ahmed Chatayev, whom the special services of Turkey has called the possible organizer of the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport, was an agent of Georgian special services in the times of Saakashvili’s presidency. “He had the passport of the citizen of Georgia, with which he traveled to various countries and perform operational tasks, for which he received a salary,” — said the MP. “MK” managed to find out that the curator chatayev was the current head of the main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Odessa region, a longtime associate of Mikhail Saakashvili, Gia Lortkipanidze.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

44 dead, more than two hundred wounded. These are the consequences of the bombings in Istanbul airport Ataturk in the evening of 28 June. All these people now could be alive, if some of the countries that gave shelter to Ahmed Chataev one-Armed for his violent and criminal life, gave it to Russia. However, the terrorist, received in Austria, the refugee status was considered “untouchable”. A native of Chechnya who had lost his arm during the second Chechen war (he Chatayev argued that the arm he cut off the FSB), he moved freely around Europe and CIS countries, and all attempts to stop him were met with the resistance of solidarity of human rights defenders, “democratic” mass media and American agents placed some of our favorite “partners” at the controls in the former Soviet republics.

In particular, after the arrest of chatayev officers in Ukraine in 2010 petitioned for it personally by the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko. In support was made by the head of the banned in Russia organization “Trident” name of Stepan Bandera, Dmytro Yarosh. With an appeal not to extradite chatayev Russia has made the European court of human rights and the human rights organization Amnesty International. This is despite the fact that the then interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko claimed that the phone chatayev his collaborators found the user manual on blasting work and photos of some “dead civilians”. Chatayev was transferred to Georgia. And soon he lived quietly in his Tbilisi apartment until August 2012, when his name resurfaced in the media in connection with the so-called Lapotsky operation.

However, one-Armed, perhaps, people came to Georgia before. Here is what we Chechen political analyst and journalist, spent several years in Georgia, Islam Saidaev:

I knew chatayev personally, but we are not particularly friends, and General Affairs were not. I first saw him in 2000 in the office of then-representative of Ichkeria Khizri Aldamov. He was standing in the hallway at the window and criticized the work of the mission. Then it turned out that we had mutual acquaintances — brothers Ahmadova from Urus-Martan (known kidnappers. — Ed.). Later I was told that he is in Georgia, in the Pankisi gorge. Then in the Pankisi gorge was going group for the invasion of Chechnya. All who treated her wounds, returned to duty. Chatayev is passed through the “Chechen jamaats”. In Georgia he came periodically. He disappeared and reappeared after the Americans began the Afghan operation after September 11. Came from Afghanistan with a group of five people. In the Pankisi gorge, they then organized a laboratory for the production of toxic substances that were later used in Chechnya. During the counter-terrorist operation in the gorge, pursued by the Georgian special services, he was detained. His arrest led Gia Lortkipanidze. After a week along with other detainees were released, and the press announced that it was an escape. After that he disappeared and reappeared during Lapotsky operation. In certain circles, always knew he was connected with the Georgian special services. But I think that he used intelligence in his game. Such people like him — irreconcilable extremists, they’ll do anything for the purpose.

— Who of Georgian officials was he bound?

— Employees of the ATC — anti-terrorist centre. With Gia Gabunia and Gia Lortkipanidze, who now heads the police of Odessa. They helped the militants in the transfer of weapons and volunteers to Russia. Wounded were treated in Georgia or transported to Turkey. Organized provocations of the type Lapotsky operation.

— What was the role of chatayev in this operation?

— He was the leader and organizer of the operation. Behind him stood the Georgian security forces. He gathered this group of young Chechens and helped them to move to Georgia to help the Georgian security forces. Then someone decided that the operation to be canceled, is likely to have been a security breach. Chataeu offered to return militants, but they refused, and had to stop them by force.

In Georgia claim that Chatayev had received assignments from the current Governor of Odessa Saakashvili personally. He worked with Gia Lortkipanidze and Gia was and still is a trusted person of Saakashvili, who does all the dirty work to eliminate the unwanted Misha. Now he does the same in Ukraine. Chatayev, to control the Chechen refugees and militants in the Pankisi gorge. He was part of the group that also included Ali Dabuev named Area, which now sits in a Turkish prison and who confessed to the killing of Basayev. They controlled the mood in the Pankisi gorge and was ruled by rebels and refugees in need for Georgians line. Unhappy were beaten or killed. Also killed those who were suspected of working for Russian special services and Kadyrov.

Now Lapotsky operations mentioned Saidaev. In August 2012, shortly before the parliamentary elections, which Saakashvili’s party lost to the Georgian security forces engaged in Lopatka gorge operation to eliminate groups of Chechens, which, they claimed, came into Georgia from Russia. During more than a dozen militants were killed. Was detained Akhmed Chatayev, who then became “one-legged” — lost his legs. He claimed that Georgian security forces had invited him as a negotiator, but was not able to convince the Chechens to lay down their arms.

We have investigated this story (“the Road to Jihad”). In our version, the Georgian special services have formed an armed group of Chechens, which was to go to Russia to sabotage the war. But at the last moment the operation was somehow cancelled. But the Chechens did not want to stop and disarm, so they were shot. Oversaw the operation directly Gia Lortkipanidze. Chataev could really be invited to the negotiations, because I knew these guys because he himself is involved in their recruitment and sending to Georgia from Europe, where they had lived as refugees.

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