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Monday, March 19, 2018

USA are struggling with their own history

In the U.S. is raging scandal around the Confederate flag, still revered by the South. It is on the flag and not on the free sale of weapons decided to lay the blame for the tragedy whose victims were black. Combat flag made part of his campaign, Clinton, and products with his image are removed from the stores. In Russia, this usually blamed on the excesses of prosecutors.

Shooting in the Church in Charleston that claimed the lives of nine African Americans, aroused US a very unexpected reaction. According to some American public men, the blame for this is not primarily 21-year-old shooter Dylan Ruth, not his mom and dad gave the kid a birthday Glock 45-caliber, and not even the friends that Ruth talked about their plans, but who decided that it was “just a joke”. To blame the Confederate flag, which the shooter liked to be photographed – one view of this flag, apparently provoking the mentally unstable people want to kill blacks, or at least these blacks to oppress. The fight against this scourge, concentrated in the “Confederate”, led personally by Hillary Clinton: “This flag is the symbol of the racist past of our nation, which has no place either now or in the future. He shouldn’t be posting here. It should not hang anywhere”.

“Then we run into another example of Russian realities is the recent scandal with collectible figures of the Nazi military from the “Children’s world” with, of course, swastikas”

Obviously, at the moment when the election campaign is gaining momentum, such statements Clinton is trying to rally the entire black electorate. However, Clinton suddenly was joined by a favorite of Republicans Jeb Bush, who is African-American votes too. He just remember that the first President of the Republican was none other than the winner of the confederates Abraham Lincoln. Bush also said that the place the flag in the Museum – and that’s where it needs to be removed once and for all. It is worth noting that in the American South (or rather South-East) “rogatywka” along with “stars and stripes” (national flag) almost everywhere is decorated with state institutions, and in Mississippi and partly in Georgia actually “mounted” in the official flag of the state.

Contrary to popular belief, a well-known flag of the CSA in the form in which it reached us, was never an official flag of the Confederacy. So just in museums has to do nothing. The apologists of the South with the first shots at Fort Sumter tirelessly forged the myth of the Second war for independence, about what Dixie (southerners) are the true heirs of the founding fathers, and not prone to despotism and tyranny Yankees (northerners). The flag for the new state chose the suitable: the basis was taken the very first American flag 1776 sample, to which stars in the blue hoist was depicted not the usual square, and circle. Number of stripes reduced from thirteen to three – two red and white in the middle, as in Austria. Harmful northerners love to write about what the artist who designed the flag, was an immigrant from this country, hence stylistic preferences. Actually the solution is even simpler: each stripe symbolizes one of the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain, but only three “original” state seceded from the Confederate Union (actually, four, but North Carolina podzatyanul with secession, and a solo strip she doesn’t have). Stars in the upper hoist was originally seven, but as the joining of the Confederation of new States, their number increased to eleven.

However, the outbreak of war has revealed a distinct lack of official state symbols: when you shoot and all around was shrouded in smoke, is not very convenient to count the stripes and look at how it depicted the stars – round or square. Therefore, in the army of the CSA has spread rapidly well-known oblique blue cross with white edging on a red background. So for purely utilitarian reasons there was a Confederate battle flag, but it was not rectangular, but square. In 1863 the first from the southern version of “stars and stripes” in the CSA finally gave up, the background is made white and in the upper hoist finally put the “southern cross”. In 1865, three weeks before the end of the war, when southerners could not save even a miracle, and the government of the CSA was necessary though something to occupy yourself with while waiting for arrest, to a white background on the right side then added a vertical red stripe, but at that point it would be logical to put a black mourning ribbon.

The modern “Confederate”, however, was used in both the Navy and the Tennessee army. Second life she got to the middle of the twentieth century, becoming the symbol of all who believe American freedom what is wrong. Unreal. With the prefix “ersatz”. For example, the “cap” I love bikers of all stripes, regardless of color, and on American highways, you can easily meet a black man, riding his motorcycle under the “southern cross.” But all kinds of racists, the flag is respected, not to recognize it. However, it would be incorrect to label all who use this symbol as haters of blacks. This is an unofficial flag all of the Monolithic South, for many southerners, raised on the love of history, “rogatywka” is not so much the political character of the slave of the state, but the battle flag – the memory of war heroes.

Southerners dragged this flag with them to the war, involving the United States. Photos where American soldiers hung on the building that is occupied by the “southern cross” and not “stars and stripes”, can be found from all theatres of war: Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. Nobody is interested in views on the racial issue of captain Julius Dusenberg, setting a battle flag of the CSA over the castle Shuri (Okinawa) 29 may 1945, but still there is a suspicion that this man has done for America more than other political figures. It is now known in the US the with Duesenbergs may be banned through the efforts of Clinton and Bush.

In addition to the understandable desire to compete with Clinton for the black vote, reaction of the latter can be attributed to two things. First, all of his Boston family just decimated by “good southerners” when it suits them, and great-great-grandfather probably Grant the commoners walked. Moreover, the use of the battle flag of the CSA the family fairly consistently. Previous campaign against the “konfederatki” came in the first term of George W. Bush. Secondly, it is very convenient to speak about the flag, not noticing in the photos with Ruth aforementioned Glock .45-caliber pistol, bought, apparently, it is legal. The conversation clearly goes to restrictions in the sale of weapons – and Bush feels it, too.

In fact, it is the Democrats should have had the usual hurdy-gurdy on the abolition of the second amendment guaranteeing citizens the right to bear and keep arms, and then to make Republicans fricassee. But Clinton have a death grip on the flag, and Bush, not to start an unpleasant conversation ahead of time (an epidemic of gun enthusiasts vote for Republicans), she decided to play along. Thus, the center of the two largest parties has fallen on the innocent banner, and along with the first amendment guarantees citizens freedom of speech, thought and conscience.

No, about the official ban of the flag of the question. For all his desire Clinton will not be able to push it through Congress, where most are still Republicans, but they are still not so crazy that on the eve of elections to quarrel with a Monolithic South, giving the “elephants” the lion’s share of the vote. Besides, if such a ban was able to take, the next day it would be overturned in court, citing the same first amendment. Thus, all that might remain at the level of the high-profile campaign statements, but the words “Queen Hillary” does not always practice what they preach.

During the day a lot of American large companies had joined the informal ban on the symbols of the CSA. Censorship is already supported by Walmart, Apple, E-Bay and Amazon, is simply removing from the range of their products all products with this logo. Immediately he showed the birth trauma of all informal prohibitions – it is unclear how well they will be implemented and how the mice will eventually get performers. So, for example, from the App store was removed the computer game “Gettysburg”, based on the history of the most bloody battles in the history of the Civil war. Moreover, the creators of the game received the letter, which advised them to remove from content “rogatywka”. Apparently, the computer is now the southerners have to fight under a portrait of Hillary Clinton. To submit to the court, appealing to the first amendment, then it is useless. “Apple” is a private office, you want – sell certain products, you want – do not sell. Their right. If tomorrow will join the campaign “Google” with “Facebook”, you can be removed all the pictures and videos with the flags of the CSA.

It is not very clear and what fate now awaits the flags of Georgia and Mississippi. Mississippi added to his flag “the southern cross” at the beginning of the 20th century, Georgia already in 1956, it was a distinct revolt against the fight against segregation. At the beginning of zero on both state openly crushed that they changed their flags to a less separatist. In particular, it has been found irregularities in the procedure of adoption of the flag of Mississippi (which took place a hundred years before), and the flag was declared null and void. However, in the referendum politically irresponsible residents of the state by an overwhelming majority, 65% voted to return the banner to its rightful place. Georgia managed to resolve the issue a certain compromise: new banner one to one resembles the official flag of the Confederacy, only the circle of stars added the arch of freedom. By the way, the current flag of Mississippi, and the old flag of Georgia while it is possible to find on eBay, but only so far.

If Apple has already reached PC games, will reach any the above mentioned company to movies and literature – as an art and history? For example, in the book “The New York Times: the Complete Civil War”, dedicated to activities of this newspaper during the civil war, the image of the battle flag of the CSA is found five times. And the folio A4 also if you want you can kill a man, it is possible that black. The Foreword to the book written, by the way, a great friend of the NYT – bill Clinton.

By the way, the Clintons and the NYT. As recently as a few months ago, this respected publication with a touch of irony wrote that the rampant Russians in the fight with swastikas was withdrawn from sale anti-fascist comic book Art Spiegelman’s “Maus”, where it is placed on the cover. Should I wait for a devastating article in the “Apple,” or in the name of friendship with the Democratic party newspaper this incident would not notice?

Even in its present form, the prohibition creates a lot of problems for historians and re-enactors on both sides of the Atlantic. Now on eBay do not buy an authentic piece of Civil war or tin soldier action figure-standard bearer. And then we run into another example of Russian realities is the recent scandal with collectible figures of the Nazi military from the “Children’s world” with, of course, swastikas. The difference is that we have the matter attended to directly by the Prosecutor’s office, and in the US – civil society.

Of course, all of this campaigning for a mile reeks of hypocrisy. If “true patriot” Rufus from head to toe were done in the “stars and stripes”, would suggest Clinton to ban the flag of your country? However, Clinton it is partly trying to do. Her husband was born and raised in the South, before becoming President, he was Governor of his native Arkansas, a notable stage career, Hillary Clinton is associated with this land, she was the first lady of this state. And it is likely that all these years the battle flag CSA peacefully side by side in the Capitol with the American flag. In any case, one of the three stars depicted on the official flag of Arkansas, just symbolizes the Confederacy, and Clinton may not know it. Apparently, she finally accepted the idea that the husband’s countrymen would not support it for any price.

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