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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tour to the border with ISIS: trips to Turkey PR recklessly

Despite the bravura of the communication of tour operators about the vast number of Russians are now ready to fly to Turkey, in practice all is not so rosy. Turbiznese, of course, not ready, and cannot guarantee the safety of travelers. In one of the firms, for example, took up our offer to organize a trip to the town of Kilis on the border with Syria, an area which is regularly shelled.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The exact date when to Antalya will fly first Charter, no — and so talk about the cost of vouchers with the included flights while are groundless. Officially, Russia still operates a ban on the organization of Charter flights to Turkey, He was introduced by the Ministry of transport at the end of last year in accordance with the decree of the government, and as of July 4, it has not been canceled (two days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich assured that the documents are prepared, the ban will be overturned in the coming days).

At the Cabinet meeting last Thursday, its head Dmitry Medvedev said that given the tragic events in Istanbul, the Turkish authorities should guarantee security for Russian tourists.

Only a small portion of queries, the growth of which is trumpeted in the tourism industry, turned a real possibility. The cost of a week tour with accommodation in a three star hotel now starts from 40 thousand rubles per person.

Press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Turina said: “If on the coast of Turkey there were events similar to those that happened a year ago on the beaches of Tunisia (referring to the mass shooting of tourists on the beach – “MK”)— then the terrorist attack was aimed at tourists, maybe people would be more caution to travel in this direction. And so the sense of danger is missing”. That is, until the cock does not bite…

We called a few travel agents who intend to sell trips to Turkey. The talk was quite revealing.

– You want to fly to Antalya with your child at the end of July. You can guarantee that the vacation will pass without incidents of militant attacks, explosions and the like?

– Well, now what direction to take, everywhere something explodes. Though Paris though Brussels…

Yeah, but still, you do not want to stay with the included attacks.

– I’m afraid we now have no reliable evidence that all will be well. Here fly the first tourists to share their impressions, it will be clear what is what.

The other tour company we had asked to arrange a trip to the Turkish city of Kilis, which, incidentally, is right on the border with Syria and is constantly exposed to attacks by ISIL (banned in Russia). The Manager, apparently, such details are not known. She said that this settlement is not included in the list of official routes, but immediately made clear he did not want to refuse the customer: “We will request our Turkish partners, it will all depend on whether they will agree to organise this trip or not.”

By the way, the number of tourists to Turkey from Germany and England in June fell by almost a third..

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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