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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The scientists told, when mankind will perish

A group of researchers from Harvard and Oxford University presented a study which analyses how long you can live close to a particular star. As the main criterion considered the processes occurring in the bodies. For example, according to the data, the Sun will wipe out the human race in less than 6.5 billion years.

photo: morguefile.com

The time during which life might exist on a given planet depends on the size of the star around which this planet revolves, say astrophysics. According to them, the organisms may occur in orbit around the star, the mass of which is About 8 percent of the mass of the Sun. The upper threshold, at the same time, equal to 2.3 — 3.7 mass of the Sun. Thus the smaller the star, the longer it rotating around the planet life can exist and develop, the study says.

However, the nature of the stars is that, even if she once harbored life in its orbit, then it’s her and destroy (if any other factor would lead to this sooner). The light of the stars around which hypothetically could be habitable planets that could support life around him for about ten trillion years.

Experts remind that the Sun and other stars in orbits which life theoretically could exist, through several stages of development: first, they represent the yellow dwarfs (like the Sun today, then gradually turn into red giants (our sun is going through 6.5 billion years) and finally becomes a white dwarf. At the same time, becoming a red giant star increases in size and becomes much hotter, “absorbing” coming to his planet and making a little more than far too hot to life was formed.

Experts note that before the star will destroy life on nearby planets, she can be destroyed in other force — for example, going into a black hole.

The research of astrophysicists have not yet been published in any scientific journal, but the text presented on the site arXiv.org containing preprints of many scientific works.

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