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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The head of NASA has commented on the rumors about aliens on a U.S. military base

Answering the question of ten girls, is there life on other planets, the U.S. space Agency NASA Charles Bolden announced that he appreciated the probability of the existence of inhabited celestial bodies away from Earth. While Bolden assured that on our planet the aliens had not yet arrived, and that evidence of such visits is stored on an American military base “Area 51” is nothing more than a rumor.

photo: youtube.com

“I really believe that one day we will find new forms of life beyond Earth, if not in the Solar system, in any other of the billions of solar systems in the Universe,” — said the head of NASA. However, according to him, no concrete evidence that aliens exist, or even more so, ready or tried to join with humans into contact, does not exist, reports The Express.

In particular, according to Charles Bolden, on a base called “Area 51” it is during a personal visit saw no debris flying saucers or aliens, or their bodies. the Head of NASA assured that this database is “normal” research, and no evidence of extraterrestrial life during the time her work was found.

Area 51 is located in the desert on the territory of the state of Nevada in the United States. For a long time were kept in a secret the very existence of this base, and only in the summer of 2013 was not declassified some information about it. Since then, as it became known Area 51 was so surrounded by a variety of conspiracy theories in mass culture has become a symbol of government secrets in General. In particular, many proponents of conspiracy theories believe that secretly stored the fragments of space ships, aliens, and the aliens (for the most daring versions, even alive) experiments. Such information has never been official confirmation, however, anyone who denied it, the rumor was recorded in “participants in the conspiracy.” As suggested in The Express, as well lovers of conspiracy theories would respond to the statement of Charles Bolden.

By the way, recently in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” NASA astronaut Tom Jones expressed approximately the same position, and later the head of Department. Jones is inclined to believe that somewhere in the Universe there could be not only other life forms, but entire alien civilization. However, in stories about aliens, the astronaut urged not to believe in stories about aliens though, because “personal” visit to a distant planet would be too technically difficult and time-consuming.

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