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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Miraculous effect of faith in yourself has been scientifically proven

If a person says to himself that he can cope with a particular problem, often it really helps to cope with it better. To such conclusion came researchers from Wolverhamptons and Sheffield universities, studied the role of auto-suggestion and motivation.

photo: morguefile.com

Psychologists invited 44 thousand people for participation in several experiments. The volunteers asked for some time to play a computer game. The point of this game was the fact that the participants had to press in order located randomly numbers from 1 to 36.

Some of the participants from time to time had to talk out loud to yourself phrases like, “next time I’ll do better” or in other ways mentally set yourself up for success, while others, representing the control group, it ought not to have done. As shown by the experimental results, better progress on average had achieved those participants who mentally to success preparing)

Effective were all four options of motivation, the effectiveness of which tried to verify the researchers: trying to set yourself up for the best result (“I can beat your record”), for the best process (“next time I will act faster”), thoughts about the outcome (in this case, the participants imagined how play and improve your result and thoughts about the process (volunteers played a hypothetical future game in my head and imagined that the rate of reaction is high).

Also, experts note that a positive role, according to their study, playing and motivational videos, which were shown to some participants.

Experts say that their study can be considered very large as most often in psychological experiments of this kind involved no more than 300 people, in this case, the number of participants was about 44 thousand. Also, experts note that divided the participants into two or three groups, as usually occurs, and at twelve groups, excluding the control.

A study on the role of motivation, published in the scientific publication Frontiers in Psychology.

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