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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Indian cafe is more dangerous than diving

To truly relax on vacation, do not forget about the insurance. Especially those who love sports or goes to countries with poor hygiene.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian legislation does not oblige citizens to insure health risks when traveling abroad. However, for visa purposes in many countries of the availability of insurance today is a must. In the absence of the policy all health care costs overseas and transportation home, which may be required, carry the citizen himself and his family. About the consequences of a refusal of insurance policy human needs under the painting to inform the travel Agency.

According to the law the sum insured under the travel insurance policy may not be below the equivalent of two million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank. Coverage on the standard policy includes reimbursement for the provision of emergency medical care, including hospital stay, surgery, services of medical staff, medicines, supplies, etc. pays for emergency dental care up to the limits of liability specified in the policy. In addition, covered the cost of transportation to a medical facility and repatriation of the insured person’s home, including medical support. If the person died as a result of the insured event, the repatriation of his body to his homeland will also pay for the insurer,” — said the Deputy Director of settlement of losses and to support the programs of personal insurance “SOGAZ” Olga Pak.

Insurance policy can be expanded to cover such costs as the loss or theft of documents, obtaining legal assistance flight delay. Tourist can insure your Luggage, personal and real property, civil liability, purchase insurance on his own recognizance. Interestingly, insurance policies that protects against trip cancellation, often become tourists travelling to the “visa” countries, as well as travelling with young children or elderly relatives. “According to statistics, falls ill or is injured every hundredth of traveling abroad, but the frequency of these cases depends on the trip purpose and country of residence. This figure is much higher when diving, surfing, wakeboard, etc. For those who plan to stay active abroad, insurers are advised to arrange additional insurance against accident,” — said the Director of the marketing Department of the “medical” group AlfaStrakhovanie Egor Safrygin.

Standard medical insurance do not cover all the risks you may encounter during active sports. If you bought insurance, is designed for those who are involved in sports, in the case of injury, the insurer will reimburse the insured the costs associated with treatment, within the sum insured selected at the conclusion of the insurance contract. For reasonable protection the sum insured must be not less than 30 thousand euros. Additionally, the act regulates the minimum insurance amount is 2 million rubles. However, when emergency medical assistance and this amount may not be enough. Therefore, companies are advised to purchase insurance products with increased limit. “The policy cost is relatively low for a standard program with coverage of 30 thousand Euro traveller will pay about 300-400 rubles for himself, and about 1.5 times more expensive will cost the insurance for the child. Premium tied to the exchange rate, therefore, may vary slightly. The increase in insurance amount will not lead to a proportional increase in the cost of the policy — it will cost much more expensive”, — said Safrygin.

Payout statistics for the first quarter of this year indicates that leaders in the insurance cases are Thailand and Indonesia. This contributes to a number of factors. First, the exotic country is a popular place for surfers, divers and other lovers of extreme and traumatic sports. Secondly, the climate of these countries contributes to the development of a variety of viruses and bacteria, which are ill-adapted, your body can’t cope. Spicy Asian cuisine and can also deliver tourists a number of troubles. According to Important. New insurance this year in the first place medical expenses from injuries and fractures, which accounted for 29% of all cases. The main, the traditional mass of all of the cases are injuries of athletes who go abroad for extreme sports: diving, surfing, climbing, freeriding in the mountains, skydiving, etc. Greatly affect this indicator, the trend is to rent mopeds to explore a new country and see the sights. Untrained people often cannot cope with this type of transport.

In the case of India, this country is not included in the list of countries to visit which the necessary vaccinations. However, you must follow some rules. Water to drink only from sealed plastic bottles. Always wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet. It is better to take food wherever they eat Europeans. It is better to refuse meat, as the meat of unknown origin, can do more harm than undercooked vegetables. And, of course, fruits and vegetables must be washed before eating.

“When you visit India very often food poisoning. So at hand must be the necessary medicines in a travel kit,” says head of Department of personal insurance of IC “MAKS” Irina Yartseva. If we talk about most popular destinations, most often Russians suffer from food poisoning and acute viral infections (pharyngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis media). “They account for a total of about half of all cases. Acclimatization, water change and the usual diet — all this, of course, affects the condition. Especially subject to such troubles children. Approximately 20% of insurance claims account for a variety of injuries: fractures, bruises, sprains, concussion, etc. Often cause complaints are also allergic reactions and exacerbation of chronic diseases,” says Pak.

For extra protection of your life and health tourist can buy accident insurance, which will allow you to better protect yourself and your family from possible trouble abroad. This insurance differs from medical insurance in that the insurer does not pay for treatment of the client, and provides him with compensation, while the size of the cost of treatment depends. Before signing the contract you need to check the content of the policy: the policyholder and the insured risks for which you are insured, and, of course, is whether a franchise.

The franchise is provided by conditions of insurance release of the insurer from compensation of the agreed damages. So, the deductible specified in the policy, is $50. This means that if the doctor valued at $ 150, 100 is paid by an insurance company and 50 the policyholder. But there is a risk that the savings will lead to high costs and will look completely unjustified. For a small additional fee, coverage can be expanded. For example, you can insure against his own recognizance because of sudden illness, accident or death (including a relative), because of significant damage to property — for example, if before the trip there was a fire in the apartment. Also kompensiruet loss on his own recognizance by reason of failure or increasing the term of the visa.

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