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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Experts: the Incirlik base we need a kick in the ass

The possible appearance of Russian aircraft to the Turkish air base in Incirlik” became one of the main news Monday. Soon however, the Turkish diplomats have “the habit” disavowed his statements, saying that they were misunderstood. It is clear that our countries now are big political bargaining, because such statements just scratch, do not appear. “MK” tried to find out from the military experts of the Russian Federation as it is advisable to continue to “push” the issue with the location of the HQs in Turkey, whether in the practical sense.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

On the photo: the Incirlik base

The policy of the Turkish authorities against Russia, seems to remain a mystery for the Turks. Statements of official Ankara in the course of the day can vary diametrically. Monday, July 4, the Turkish media reported the sensational message with a link to foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The Turkish diplomat made the possibility of a Turkish base Incirlik Russian aircraft. But then the diplomat also recanted, noting that he was misunderstood. The Russian experts consider what to call such contradictory statements friendly is very difficult and it’s better to have enemies than such friends.” However, the expert community is convinced that the hypothetical appearance of Russian aircraft at the military base in Turkey has no practical meaning and is an element of political overtures.

The base “Incirlik” we need a cart the fifth wheel, – says military expert Viktor murakhovski. We with our base “Hamim” quietly cover all the ground targets and control Syrian airspace.

Murakhovski also reminded that the Hamim is located in the perpetual lease and we have some very privileged conditions — the base has the status of extraterritoriality, we can accommodate any group”.

At the base of “Incirlik” the question immediately arises of the legal status and for aviation and for the military, it is unlikely the Turks will allow you to feel at ease. Knowing the character of the Turks, one cannot rule out provocations on their part. In addition, supply logistics on the base of the necessary equipment, ammunition, etc. will be very the invoice. Even if all these sacrifices to go, still no new possibilities to fight the terrorists this base, we is not.

– It seems as if the Turks will go to this step, then from a political point of view, it turns out that Turkey has demonstrated its friendship, but from a practical point of view, it is absolutely no meaning, – says the expert. – We are in any case impossible to go there and there is something to post.

Of course, from a purely technical point of view, to place there a few planes, to interact and to carry out flights is not so difficult, but in practice this framework does not need Russia.

– Even if suddenly from Iraq, Russia has again received the offer to open up a second air front against ISIS, and in this case it is more convenient to use a base in Iraq, not in Turkey – said murakhovski.

In turn, military expert Anatoly Tsyganok, said that perhaps for the first time the country, associated with NATO, offers to host on its territory of Russian aviation.

It is not clear yet, it is a real desire or just a political leg before the “old-new” friend, ” says the expert. – We need to see what are the next steps of Turkey on this issue. Clearly, if this all proves true, that on this issue there was an active Turkish-American talks, and I do not exclude that the United States was the initiator of this idea.

However, the expert believes that Russia may use the airport only in exceptional cases.

– Of course barborska airside infrastructure will be a problem, but Incirlik is hypothetically possible to place multiple planes to indicate there is a Russian presence, but use them only when absolutely necessary, summed up Roma.

Watch the video on “Morning at the air base, “Hamim” in Latakia: technicians checked the aircraft”

Technicians check a Russian plane after his return from a mission.

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