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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Archaeologists found a bone of the Buddha

A group of Chinese archaeologists found in a tomb underneath a Buddhist temple in Nanjing in the East China silver chest, inside of which lay the Golden casket with the remains of various people — presumably the most respected Buddhists of the past. Including in the casket saw the parietal bone, which, as researchers believe, belonged to the Buddha, the founder of one of the most widespread religions in the world, in life, bore the name of Siddhartha Gautama.

The supposed bone of Buddha, according to the researchers, were stored in a small copy of the stupa — hemispherical Buddhist religious buildings — whose age is estimated at about a thousand years, reports livescience.com. Stupa with a height of 117 cm and a width of 45 inches was made of sandalwood, gold and silver, and were decorated with lapis lazuli, agate and glass. She lay in an iron box, which in turn was inside a stone chest. Thus, the find is a kind of “archaeological matryoshka”.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the model of the stupa was made during the reign of Emperor Zhen czone the song dynasty, who ruled in 997-1022. This is evidenced by the inscription engraved on it. The specialists managed to read the names of those who donated for the creation of an artifact personal funds, and a story according to which after the Buddha’s Nirvana, his body was burned and the remains are divided into 84 pieces, of which in China was 19. Parietal bone of the Buddha, according to inscriptions on a stone chest, was stored in one of the temples, which after nearly half a Millennium, was destroyed. After that Buddha’s remains were reburied and, presumably, since that was where they are now found by the archaeologists.

Scientific work devoted to their discovery, the researchers presented in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics.

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