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Friday, March 16, 2018

Why Putin suggested NATO transponders

Beginning of July was marked by optimistic information on the resumption of cooperation between our country and NATO. President Vladimir Putin said that a meeting of the Council Russia—NATO still held. He noted that Moscow is ready to dialogue, despite the expansion of the Alliance to the Russian borders. The defense Ministry has already announced the start date of Council — July 13, that is, a week after the Warsaw summit of NATO. Does this mean that military confrontation between Russia and the bloc in the long term can weaken and we become potential enemies into partners?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As you know, this meeting is asked NATO officials. They wanted to consult with Russia before the start of the Warsaw summit, which promises to be historic: there may be decisions about a sharp increase in the presence of the troops of the bloc in Eastern Europe. And Russia said in advance that will answer symmetrically, creating a new army, brigade, etc. on their Western borders.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for a Council Russia—the NATO since may, and in June officially announced: “We reached broad agreement on the need to convene another meeting of the Council Russia—NATO summit in Warsaw. Date, details and modalities still to be worked out”. Received “it failed” from the Russian foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said: “Stoltenberg, who was first to discuss with Moscow the holding of the Council Russia—NATO, but not to declare it.”

This advice was adopted in 2002 in accordance with the Rome Declaration “Relations Russia—the NATO: new quality”, but on 1 April 2014 the foreign Ministers of the NATO countries stopped military cooperation with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. An attempt to resume negotiations Western military undertook in April of this year, but she was unsuccessful. After the meeting, Lavrov said: “the Results of session of Council Russia—NATO confirm that the situation with the European security is at an impasse.”

All the following invitation from NATO Russia Council refused. The impression was that Moscow was ready for a new big “cold war”, to start which, referring to the results of the Warsaw summit of NATO, threatening Russian security, it would be quite logical. And Putin unexpectedly agreed to a meeting, and as a gesture of goodwill, offered to include in the agenda the issue of security of military flights over the Baltic sea. Russian HQs can start to use over neutral waters of the identification device and the transponders.

In response, Stoltenberg immediately declared that the cold war remained in the past and NATO does not seek confrontation with Russia. Whether this is so and what is the probability that the two leading military powers of the world can find common ground?

— Russia has refused to hold a meeting with NATO to the Warsaw summit of NATO, because we don’t know what decisions he will make, but only assume it. For the same reason NATO officials wanted to hold a Council with Russia before the summit in Warsaw: to lull, to hang noodles on the ears. We don’t have hands on the documents that will give the opportunity to ask pointed questions in the Warsaw decisions of NATO — said the “MK” military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko. — So Moscow will hold this meeting, but after you understand what specifically they made a lot of decisions, and will have the opportunity to discuss not just academic subjects and specific topics military parity. This is a principled position.

— If we with NATO to agree about something serious?

— Yeah, and there should be no illusions. The Alliance moves forward, he wants to absorb Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, in the future Azerbaijan. NATO wants to place on our borders, new military airfields, troops, position areas of the us missile defense. And no the meeting didn’t convince them not to do it. Strategically, NATO is our enemy, in the block do not hide. The last large-scale exercise simulated a scenario of warfare against Russia with the destruction of the Baltic fleet and the occupation of the Kaliningrad region. Accordingly, we can coexist and feel safe only if we answer their advancing our frontiers only adequate build-up its military potential. We need to dispense with illusions and emotions and to understand that we have an enemy and it will behave more or less restrained, only acknowledging that Russia has an opportunity in response to their aggression to put an end to the civilizational development of the West. We do everything necessary in response to their new steps.

And why bother spending the Council Russia—NATO?

— Russia is not interested in the Holocaust. The objective of these negotiations is to reduce the risk of accidental occurrence of military conflict, to minimize the possibility of unwanted targets, which could lead to a global nuclear war. It needs to make more transparent the military activities of each other. That is why Russia proposes to use on military aircraft transponders when flying over neutral waters of the Baltic sea. Locators and so I see the plane, but it would be nice to see who is flying. Another task of the transponders linked to the security of civil aviation: that the managers of passenger aircraft knew about the presence of military aircraft. For example, NATO reconnaissance constantly flying along our borders, but I see them only military, but civilian pilots are not and this is dangerous for passengers.

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