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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Supporters of the “Aydar” intimidate Kiev new national revolution

Attempt of Kiev to send to jail notorious commander of the battalion “Aydar” Valentine Lyhyita could end badly. Supporters of the commander of Nadiya Savchenko nicknamed dad blocked the courthouse inside and out, threatening to open fire and start a new revolution. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine is ready to obey the radicals and to reconsider the court’s decision.

MPs and activists blocked Saturday the hall of Pechersk district court and was not allowed to take the arrested person on the eve of the commander “Aydar” Valentine Lyhyita in jail. Lyhyita supporters also blocked the Central street of Kiev Khreschatyk both sides near the courthouse in protest against the arrest.

“Under Pechersky court brought the tent. This could be the beginning of a new stage of the national Revolution

According to “Interfax”, they set up a big army tent on Khreschatyk street opposite the exit from the yard of Pechersky district court of Kiev. It arrived on Saturday morning, but this time it is not the case lying on the pavement. Closer to the evening it was installed on the roadway in front of the court. Thus, car traffic on the main street of Kiev in the area between the Ball and the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky blocked. Patrol police redirect traffic to a detour of the blocked site.

“We stand here, is that our commander is not released. It’s a perpetual campaign… Each of us takes on this responsibility,” said one of the activists in the loudspeaker.

A new revolution

Valentine Lyhyita the former commander of Nadiya Savchenko nicknamed dad is accused of gangsterism, the court put a lien on it for two months, what was not agree his supporters.

“Under Pechersky court brought the tent. Fighters dobrobatov plan to put them in the capital. This could be the beginning of a new stage of the national Revolution,” wrote the MP from the Radical party Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted on his page in Facebook on Saturday.

“We decided that this is the limit, we decided that we did not give up, yesterday blocked the courtroom and not allowed Valentine to take to the detention center”, – said the Deputy from the party “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev channel “112.Ukraine”.

“I can’t believe this is happening. Apprehended the legend of “Aydar” – Valentin Likholit, dad. Commander Nadia Savchenko wrote Sobolev on Facebook. – Detained by the military Prosecutor at the request of the leaders of the separatists Severodonetsk – former mayor and his deputies. When the city was in LC. They accuse the father that his men had confiscated their camera and other valuables”.

“In the Pechersk court trying to take daddy out on bail. If it will be left behind bars, for me it will be final proof that Ukraine is occupied. We have no right to tolerate it further,” he said.

In the morning at the courthouse also was a conflict between the MP, member of parliamentary group “people’s Will” Sergei Melnichuk and protesters blocking the court. The protesters accused Melnychuk that he is interested in the arrest Lyhyita. During the altercation, not without a fight, reports 112.Ukraine. The courthouse was also attended by the commander of “Azov” Andrey Biletsky.

The radicals threatened with firing in case of storm the courthouse

Sobolev warned law enforcement authorities against attempts of storm of the building of Pechersky regional court as deputies present at a hall (supporters of the arrested) has a weapon that can be applied. “There are legal weapons. For example, Semyon Semenchenko, who has an award weapon from the Minister of internal Affairs, and he said that if there will be provocations, it will be his (weapons) to apply for the purpose of preservation of human life. So jokes aside, we really are in a terrible situation,” – said Sobolev.

According to him, the only civilized solution to this conflict – the Prosecutor’s office filed an appeal to change the measure of restraint for Lyhyita. “Any Prosecutor at any time can come and say: we made a mistake, Valentine is not hiding from the investigation. And he really is not hiding – he was in the 72nd brigade, he was in the Armed forces of Ukraine at the front. He will not run away and is not going to run away. So this is our demand and if it is not supported, we are occupied, if you like Lyhyita arrested,” – said Sobolev.

In fear of radicals

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the background of the risk of “a new revolution”, but rather of carnage, apparently, surrendered to the mercy of the supporters of the “Bati” and went on enforcing them. A little later, all these events, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that considers wrong the arrest of the battalion “Aydar” that he did not agree with this measure.

“I’ll take the case under his personal control. Now the way I have studied the available materials to me, and I think that the investigation did not examine all the circumstances of the case and the situation around the battalion “Aydar”. In this regard, once the appointed court of appeal – namely, from lawyers depends on the speed of referral of appeal and judges of the court of appeal is the appointed time of this meeting, I’ll be ready to make changes regarding this case,” – said Lutsenko in the comment to the channel “112.Ukraine”.

Thus, he promised to cancel the arrest of the head of the “Aydar”, a suspect in the robbery, while the abolition of arrest or house arrest, as a rule, can apply for economic criminals, but certainly in criminal cases involving gang violence.

Lutsenko tried to reduce the passions, urging all to disperse peacefully. They say, it takes time for the observance of the judicial bureaucracy, and so it’s release is already practically in the bag. But now, Lutsenko says, it would be advisable to stop the action block of the court building of Pechersk district court, where it currently resides Likholit.

According to Lutsenko, if the complaint will be forwarded in the near future, the appellate court could hold a meeting on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Impunity “aydarovets”

On the eve of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has charged with the robbery of two volunteers of the battalion “Aydar” and the Pechersky regional court of Kiev arrested for two months commander “Aydar” Valentine Lyhyita.

“During a pretrial investigation it is established that the volunteers, enlisting in the 24th battalion of territorial defense “Aydar” and getting a handgun, complicity with the military personnel of the battalion made a number of serious and particularly serious criminal offences”, – stated in the message of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. According to her, the men are suspected of organizing an armed gang with the aim of taking someone else’s property. They are charged with illegal kidnapping with a weapon, “threat of violence”, “illegal taking vehicle” and other crimes. “Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings proceeds”, – said the Prosecutor’s office.

“Aidar” is a division of the Land forces of Ukraine, formerly the 24th battalion of territorial defense “Aydar” in Luhansk region and is widely known in connection with war crimes committed in the Luhansk region in the “ATO forces”.

The battalion was created in may 2014 from members of the “Self Maidan” and “Right sector”. Many members of the battalion adhere to right-wing and neo-Nazi beliefs and use Nazi symbols. The task of the battalion was in patrulirovanie of roads of Luhansk, the capture of settlements, controlled by the LC.

From the beginning, this battalion was connected a huge number of crimes for which no one has suffered criminal punishment. So, in October 2014 was published the help of thirty-two documented law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine the crime fighters “Aydar”, which was prosecuted (in the period from may to August). However, investigation on him and was not made.

In August 2014, the Special observers monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine reported that it had received new evidence of violations of the rights of citizens by battalion “Aidar”, stationed North of Lugansk. They were provided by a male, who was arrested by representatives of the 24th battalion in the village of Polovynkyne and charged with separatism. At the same time he was threatened with murder if his wife will not pay more than 10 thousand dollars. After payment of ransom he was released the same day.

In September 2014, international NGO Amnesty International published a report which stated that the battalion was involved in the kidnappings, unlawful arrests, ill-treatment, theft, blackmail, extortion of large sums of money and, possibly, executions of detainees.

The banditry by “aydarovets” constantly complain to the local authorities in the Donbass. So, Gennady Moskal, in 2015, the year wrote to the armed forces General staff with a request to unblock enterprises producing bread in the village of Petrovka Luhansk region, which had been captured by armed “aydarovets”. They seized cash, was set at the factory rules, began unreasonably to raise the price of bread, not allowed to bring bread to other manufacturers. The General staff confirmed the fact of capture of the enterprise, but any action for his release have taken.

It was repeatedly reported on clashes fighters “Aydar” with the Ukrainian security forces on the demarcation line in the Donbass. So, in may 2016, the exploration of DNR reported that in the area Novotroitsk explosive device planted by militants of the “Aidar” under the car soldiers 72 separate mechanized brigade, injured three security officials.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly tried to get rid of unmanaged battalion. However, to do this and failed. When in January 2015, a former commander of a battalion Sergey Melnichuk said that de jure on 26 January the battalion was disbanded, this led to the storming of the building of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Supporters Melnichuk then managed to plant the front door, but a passing intruder managed to stop.

The Ukrainian authorities are clearly not able to subdue the released their hands on the “will” of radical bandits, which is a consequence of beznakazannost their actions in the past two years.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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