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Thursday, June 29, 2017

New course Canada could undermine NATO’s strategy

The new Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced the intention to exclude the country from military operations in Iraq and Syria to abandon the American fighters and to talk with Moscow in a constructive way. In the United States has called the initiative Trudeau is stupid. However, the young Prime Minister is unlikely to change course, it will continue to irritate the United States.

The leader of the Liberal party of Canada Justin Trudeau has confirmed his intention to follow the order, voiced during the election campaign. One of them was the refusal from participation in military operations in Iraq and Syria. This and other statements by Trudeau, including regarding Russia, will not cause US approval.


“Canada first stood on the protection of American interests regarding Russia and NATO’s role. And then the United front began to fall apart”

Justin Trudeau intends to take decisive steps to change the lives of Canadians. So, Trudeau has confirmed that he intends to suspend the participation of the air force in a military operation against the group “Islamic state”, reports Reuters. He told this to journalists during his first press conference as Prime Minister.

Trudeau has already discussed the issue of non-participation in the bombing of ISIS with U.S. President Barack Obama. The timing of the implementation of this decision he did not name. Also, Trudeau did not specify what will be the role of Canada in the coalition against ISIS after this, saying only that the country will remain a strong member of the coalition.” Recall that in October 2014 the Conservative party of Canada made a decision about the participation of 600 canadian forces personnel as well as fighter jets, refueling aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft in the air campaign against ISIS. 69 canadian special forces troops were sent to Northern Iraq to train Kurdish military.

With regard to relations with Russia, they will be developed in the framework of the policy of promoting the interests of Canada on the international stage, said Trudeau. Work schedule would be prepared in the coming days and weeks. I’m going to the UN conference on climate in Paris in December – approx. OPINION). Other international events of course, I also intend to visit. I expect to meet with a large number of various world leaders to advance the interests of Canada in a constructive manner,” said Trudeau to a question of journalists on possible contacts, including with Russia, RIA “Novosti”.

The interest of Justin Trudeau to work with the international community, including with Russia, associated with the knowledge of his father, former Prime Minister of Canada Tony Trudeau, who ruled the country for 15 years with a small break. Trudeau Sr. is considered the father of economic breakthrough of Canada. During his reign was the start of the development of relations between the USSR and Canada.

The liberal party under the leadership of Justin Trudeau toured the former Conservative party Prime Minister Stephen Harper, ensuring the victory in the elections held in the country on Sunday. Now Trudeau is the Prime Minister’s post vacated by conservative Harper. Statements of the future Prime Minister of Canada cause a rapid approval in a society that, as noted earlier, already tired of the authoritarian and Pro-American policies of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canadians happy to post photos of the young leader of the liberals. The hashtag #ByeHarper continues to gain popularity.

“There are a lot of other fighters”

The new government under the leadership of Trudeau plans to abandon the purchase of American fighters F-35 in favor of a more reliable and cheaper counterpart, reported by Western media, with reference to Justin Trudeau. “There are many other fighters with much less cost, which we can use,” leads to Defense Aerospace the words of the new Prime Minister. “We will make investments in the canadian Navy a top priority. By purchasing a more affordable alternative to the F-35, we will be able to invest in the strengthening of our fleet,” said Trudeau, reports DefenseNews.

Justin Trudeau is fulfilling his campaign promises: he promised to open the contest to replace outdated fighters before the elections. It was explained that the competition will be held in accordance with the F-35 program.

It should be noted that the government, which decides about the rejection of the F-35 is not yet formed completely, but the majority of it – more than 180 seats, received the Liberal party led by Trudeau that in advance gives him the opportunity to talk about future decisions.

The decision about the refusal of the fighters had already caused some disapproval from the US, obviously annoyed by the loss of the Conservative party under the leadership of an absolutely Pro-American Stephen Harper. So, Senator Orrin hatch called “stupid” decision to cancel the F-35, reports DefenseNews. “That would be detrimental to them, because at the moment this fighter is the most important model. They can do what they want, but it’s stupid,” he said.

According to Hutch, the F-35 can provide the governments of Canada, any kind of superiority in the sky. The U.S. Congress announced on the eve of the report, according to which every third pilot of the fighter will face increased risk of lethal injury to the neck (whiplash injury) during ejection. The risk is threatening pilots with low weight, however, according to experts, the potential risk there is for pilots of average weight.

A United front is falling apart

Reaction to the rejection of the F-35, as well as from the air campaign against ISIS, will definitely cause a negative reaction in Washington, I am sure the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev. There are several reasons.

“It’s a complete surprise to the Americans, because Canada is also a NATO member. And it is entirely covered by the provision on the need to bring the military budget to 2% of GDP, reminded Vasiliev. – At the present time, military expenditures in Canada are 1% of GDP, and even less.”

The country was a very strong debate on this issue, the source said. “In order to fulfill the obligations to NATO, Canada had to increase spending in half. So one of the reasons for the victory of the liberals in the elections may be that the conservatives were actively involved the country in an arms race, which created an additional burden for Canada,” – says Vasilyev.

“The increase in military expenditures associated with the procurement of American weapons that are purely non-productive in nature. And participation in all kinds of (military) operations will also be a burden that according to the classical scheme slows economic growth”, – says the expert.

“Canada relatively painlessly survived the global economic crisis and is now developing quite successfully, reminded Vasiliev. Canadian economists attribute this to low military spending. These costs can lead to the fact that Canada appears the budget deficit and the difficulty of achieving sustainable economic development”, – said the expert.

Recall that economic stability was the keynote of the election campaign the Liberal party. The leader of the conservatives said that if it wins, will continue the line on the unconditional support of U.S. military operations in the middle East. “Statements by Trudeau show the reluctance of Canada to sacrifice their economic interests and prosperity,” – says Vasilyev.

The implications of these statements are very serious, he said. “The problem of budgets is now facing European countries – NATO imposes a 2% of GDP on the military. So it (the intention of Canada deals a serious blow to US strategy in the growth of military spending of NATO – at the expense, incidentally, of the weakening of the military burden for yourself,” he said.

With regard to foreign policy, including towards Russia, the situation where the US could lose its main ally. “Canada played an important role in the choir of countries that was provided by Atlantic solidarity. And when that choir began to fall apart politically – this is the main blow, – said Vasilyev. – Canada first was to protect and ensure American interests on Russia and NATO’s role. And then the United front began to fall apart, and it started from the nearest neighbor. Then what to speak of others?”

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