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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Juno” and “Avos” in the horizon

Yesterday in “Lenkom”… as the first time! For 35 years, and though for the first time. It was a big one, gentlemen. Not round, but a significant one. “Juno” and “Avos” — 35!

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Do you remember how it all began? How many generations grew up… Happy Union — Andrei Voznesensky, Alexey Rybnikov, mark Zakharov. The triumvirate! But never forget the other, other creators of this religious rite! Artist Oleg sheyntsis, choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev,…

What was it like? For the first time performance — June 30, 1981. The second submission is 5 July. First performance in Moscow without billboards, but from the spectator, 8 July 1981. Moscow premiere — October 20, 1981. First foreign tour — and from Paris! Thank You To Pierre Cardin.

What was it? A rock Opera? One of the first in the Soviet Union. The musical? And it is also. Experiments Zakharova at the peak of the stagnation.

And in this performance was the Soul. Was Jesus The Christ. And Hallelujah Love. In the most atheistic country.

There was a revelation. Because this Nikolai Karachentsov and Elena Shanina not seen anywhere, ever.

There was such dedication. And exposed nerve. And Pavel Smeyan, the bright memory behind the scenes. His unique throaty voice.

Then there was what is called the triumphal procession. All over the world. The Russians are coming — just like that. Russian can! Even better than you thought and imagined.

For thirty-five years the play was performed one and a half thousand times. Now don’t play Karachentsov, Shanina… Came others, but also wonderful. Now Nikolay Petrovich Rezanov play in turn, Viktor Rakov, Dmitry Pevtsov and Semyon Shkalikov. But you’ll End and do not count! Alena Khmelnitskaya, Inna Pivar, Amaliya Mordvinova, Anna Bolshova, Alla Yuganova, Alexander Volkov, Anna Zaikova…

In fact, one specific play for so long does not live. But this is an exception. Zakharov, Rybnikov, the ascension looked very far away, beyond the horizon.

35 years of life. And how many more to come…

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