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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Independence is more a symbol than a reality

July 4 celebrate Independence Day United States of America. The Russian Federation earlier, on June 12, too, in fact, celebrated its independence day – this holiday in 1998 called ” the Day of Russia, and originally it was called “the Day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation”. The sovereign can only be one who is independent.

photo: morguefile.com

Celebrate independence day many Nations. For example, Haiti is a country that in 1804 freed from French colonial rule. Over the past two centuries this country has chronically suffered from grinding poverty, epidemics of cholera and other terrible diseases, bloody dictatorships, anarchy, crime, etc. If you imagine that today in Haiti there would be someone who lived during the French colonialists, he could tell modern Haitians in the colony life was far better than in an independent country.

In fact, the colonizers and not quite gone to Haiti – they periodically come back to rescue the islanders from natural disasters and other force majeure. The French army there is easy – at least in terms of language: the Haitians still speak French. Help Gitana and live next door to the imperialists: the U.S. occupied Haiti in 1915-1934, and in 1994 made the intervention in Haiti with the aim of restoring the illegally deposed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. On humanitarian assistance France, USA, UN and various other benefactors and it is needless to say – without it, the Haitians probably would have long since died out.

In the same Napoleonic era, when it gained independence Haiti, came from the power of the Danish kings, Norway – it happened in 1814. However, it is immediately entered into Union with Sweden, which was terminated in 1905 – only then Norway has restored his own Royal power, which was interrupted (and replaced by the Board of the neighboring Scandinavian monarchs) at the end of the 14th century. Norway, unlike Haiti, is one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world. But she doesn’t live independently from their former “oppressors,” whose province it was many decades between Denmark, Sweden and Norway (and also Finland and Iceland) we have an open border, you can live in one country and work in another Nordic countries recognize the formation of each other, have a lot of cooperation agreements in different areas, etc. are Almost one country.

The Finns, by the way, part of this Nordic Dorm no offense to ex-rulers – Sweden (Finland was a Swedish province until 1809 when it came under Russian rule). It does not go beyond anecdotes such as: “What is the biggest dream of every Finn? – To have a chauffeur-Swede”. The Norwegians, too, joking: “do you Know how to save a drowning Swede? – No. – It’s good!”

With Russia from Finland during the period of independence (since 1917), the relationship was a bit more difficult than with Sweden: the Russian Soviet Republic supported the “red Finns during the Finnish civil war (1917-1918), the Soviet Union in 1939, made an unsuccessful attempt to take revenge, then in 1941-1944 Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany, has lost part of its territory… But in the postwar years the country was ably balanced Nordic cooperation with special relations with the Soviet Union and flourished (the”tender calf sucks two Queens”) until the collapse of the Soviet Union, dealt a severe blow to its economy. In 1995 Finland joined the European Union. Today, Finland is again a balance – now triple – between the community of the five Nordic countries, the EU and the neighbouring country of Russia, relations with which it, in spite of everything, better than most other European countries.

However, in recent time, these special relations are negatively affected by tensions in the Baltic region. In Finland, the voices in favor of abandoning traditional neutrality and joining NATO. And the Russian President, just visited Helsinki, has made it clear that in case of accession of Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance, Russia will take retaliatory military action.

But back to the topic of independence: how independent is the same Finland? Whether it needs absolute independence? And whether exists such in the nature?

Let’s start from the end: does not exist. The degree of independence of the countries may be different – depending on their size, economic and military power and influence on world Affairs. Once there was a Soviet joke: “the Armenian radio was asked: “What is the most independent country in the world?” The Armenian radio answered: “Mongolia. Why? Because from it depends nothing”.

In the Stalin era of the Soviet NKVD arrested in Ulan Bator, the leaders of “sovereign” of Mongolia, which replaced from Moscow brought the other. At the end of the Second world war, when Stalin was trading with the allies for the number of seats in the next General Assembly of the UN, the West asked him to take Mongolia to the USSR – after Tuva (another pseudo-independent government pre-war period, which is joined to the RSFSR in 1944). But the Soviet dictator was better to keep under the control of individual state “sovereign” Mongolia.

It is at one extreme. Another large, powerful nation such as China, Russia, America, Germany, UK, France. They are certainly more independent than that of Finland. Independent not on formal grounds to which the Republic of Vanuatu with a population of a quarter of a million people as independent as China with its nearly half a billion, and the real possibility to act independently, if necessary, against all the rest.

When France did not want to participate in the military organization of NATO and took part only in the political part of the block, nobody could force NATO to change its policy. When India, followed by Pakistan to acquire nuclear weapons, they are not trying to stop the sanctions, forceful pressure, as is happening with North Korea and Iran, as it did with Iraq and Libya. All Nations are, of course, equal, “some are more equal than others” wrote George Orwell in his “Animal farm”.

That being said, the fact of life from which there is no escape. And strive for absolute independence and exclusivity (for example Haiti, which in the 19th century, declared not only the sovereignty but also the priority of the black race) is counterproductive and ridiculous. The Czech Republic and Slovakia separated in 1993, but little has changed: both countries are members of NATO, the EU and the Schengen zone, the border between them is purely symbolic, coordinate – maximum… they Depend from each other? Yes, of course. And the benefit is mutual.

In the post-Soviet expanse of the former “younger brothers” or “sisters”?) Russia is still dependent on it – some more, some less. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The same America that July 4 celebrates its independence, actually celebrates the birth of its statehood is important. With the former colonial mother country – great Britain – United States long lived soul to soul, like to emphasize the special allied relations between Washington and London and not think about bloody war for independence of North American colonies. Today the British are perhaps more dependent on the Americans than those from them, but who engaged in such measurements, but who cares? The main thing – to make a relationship work and bring benefits to both parties.

That would be such a yardstick approach to, for example, Russian-Ukrainian relations, not to measure who’s in charge, and not to argue who’s more offended, but to emphasize that we have a common history and culture, we are two branches of the same people, and we need not just to collaborate, and to do it as a matter of priority. And then the Ukrainian independence day (January 22 – from Russia in 1918, August 24 – from the Soviet Union in 1991) are the days of Ukrainian statehood. Which, like all countries, only a relatively independent…

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