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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In the case of the explosion in Istanbul showed Georgian trail

The Chairman of the Committee on national security of the Parliament of Georgia Irakli Sesiashvili said that the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in Istanbul, a native of Chechnya, Ahmed Chatayev during the presidency of Mikhail Saakashvili, was an agent of Georgian special services and has obtained assignments from the current Governor of Odessa personally. In Georgia intend to begin investigation into possible ties of Saakashvili and Catelyn.

The Chairman of the Committee on defense and security Parliament of Georgia member of the party “Georgian dream”, Irakli Sesiashvili said that the suspect in the bombing at the Istanbul airport Akhmed Chatayev was an agent of the Georgian Ministry of internal Affairs. Allegedly, he was recruited under President Saakashvili.

“Akhmed Chatayev was a government security agent. The instructions he gave Saakashvili through Lortkipanidze”

On the eve of the Deputy head of OMVD Russia’s Vedeno district of Chechnya Above Magazinov reported that a native of Chechnya, Akhmed Chatayev, who most likely organized the attack in Istanbul, has Georgian citizenship.

“We have information that he has been repeatedly detained in Europe, Austria, Ukraine. Transferred from Ukraine to Georgia, where he lived and received Georgian citizenship. In 2015, appeared on the territory of Syria,” – said Magazinov.

According to the Chechen law enforcement bodies, Chatayev was recruited in Turkey young people who came to this country, and, according to Mukhadinov, by Interpol, the Turkish authorities were informed about this.

As reported in the Sunday Sesiashvili, the TV channel “Rustavi-“2, “Akhmed Chatayev was a government security agent. The instructions he gave Saakashvili through Lortkipanidze (former interior Minister – ed. OPINION)”. Sesiashvili says that he has proof of this information.

However, chatayev’s not the first time suspected of having links with the Georgian special services. Statement Sesiashvili forced to think about the mysterious and strange events of the summer of 2012 in Lopatka gorge in Georgia. One of the participants was the then Deputy interior Minister Giorgi Lortkipanidze.

28 Aug 2012 the Georgian authorities have reported that from Dagestan on the territory of Georgia invaded by a group of militants, who settled in Lopatka gorge, which is located in the Telavi district of the country. The group allegedly took hostages from among local residents of the village Lapankuri. The operation, which was personally led by high-ranking officials of the interior Ministry, ended in the death of 11 militants and three special forces.

The only member of the group, which detention was reported, was named a native of Chechnya, Akhmed Chatayev, who since 2003 had been sought by law enforcement agencies of Russia for participation in illegal armed groups. By that time he already had refugee status in Austria. Because of this repeated appeals to Russia with a request to extradite him was rejected. As reported by Novosti-Georgia, citing information Sesiashvili, Chatayev was arrested during a trip to Ukraine in 2010.

The Georgian authorities have ensured that it has issued in Georgia and charged with the murder of a local resident (extradition to Russia banned European court of human rights). Later he was released and he was from the rebels.

Events in Lopatka gorge has caused quite a controversy in Georgian society. Were many versions of what happened. Many saw the incident is another public relations campaign Saakashvili in October had parliamentary elections and ahead of the authorities-de, it was necessary to demonstrate its effectiveness. Soon, however, events in Lopatka gorge was replaced by another event – 18 September 2012 a video was released with a record of torture in Gldani prison. The video followed a series of revelations brought down the rating of Saakashvili and contributed to the victory of the “Georgian dream”.

In January 2013, after the change of power in the country, Chatayev was acquitted. According to his version, he was not a member of illegal armed groups, and negotiator who was invited to the interior Ministry. And the weapons that he found, he was planted. To prove the opposite in court, the prosecution failed. Chatayev left the country.

In April 2013, the Georgian Ombudsman Ucha Nanuashvili released a report, partly on the developments in Lopatka gorge, where he proposed a new version of what happened. In his opinion, the MIA organized a visit to Georgia 120 Chechen fighters.

They are in the country were trained on military bases and provided housing and food. For what purpose was this done? “I don’t know,” Nanuashvili was quoted by the newspaper Le Monde, was the impression that authorities have organized a corridor for them to enter the territory of Russia. The fighters were very young, ranging in age from 18 to 25 years. Maybe they wanted to use against Russia. Or to internal accounts.” It is even more unclear why this group was destroyed. Anyway, the name chatayev as one of the direct organizers of the mission press was called. But Nanuashvili called Lortkipanidze those who are directly responsible for sending Chechen fighters to Georgia. Supposedly, people MIA even spent part of surviving in Lopatka gorge of Chechens in Turkey. It seems that this information was the basis of the statement Sesiashvili, has long been closely cooperating with the Ombudsman.

Lortkipanidze the charges in his address denies. But Saakashvili, who is now Governor of Odessa, draws attention to the fact that he was the first to forward against the current Georgian authorities and personally the leader of “Georgian dream” Bidzina Ivanishvili’s accusations associated with the name of chatayev. He recalled that he was released already after the change of government in 2012

“The new government, headed by the Russian oligarch Ivanishvili immediately released chatayev because a lot of people from government leaders to declare him a political prisoner”, – Saakashvili wrote in his Facebook.

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