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Monday, July 24, 2017

How to protect their homes during the holidays

The long-awaited summer vacations. Russians with pleasure have begun to explore the destinations and get out of the depths of closets bathing suit. This means that now is the time to think about how to protect your property during the absence. According to experts, the easiest option is to place cash and valuables in Deposit boxes. However, in such a way to protect your home against emergency situations will not work. So experts suggest to insure the dwelling and all its contents. However, such service is not cheap. And given the current crisis, every penny counts. How to relax and return to a safe and sound apartment, found “MK”.

photo: pixabay.com

Safety begins at home

What you need to take care of first? According to a survey conducted by VTSIOM, 14% of the population is afraid of breaking their apartments, and a further 15% of the robbery. And according to statistics of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, the number of thefts in the past year increased by 12%, and each of the thirty-third was the crime was the burglary — and that’s just the official data. According to the respondents “MK” experts, the increase in the number of break-ins are quite natural, since the crime situation is always deteriorating in the conditions of economic instability. So, looking forward to a break from the hated and annoying office colleagues, that should take care of the protection of property — apartment, car, cash and other valuables.

Experts of “MK” offer several options for protection from thieves. One of them — security systems: professional thieves often have access to databases of the security agencies and they try to avoid working in such apartments. However, this method is not cheap, and spend it is only in the case if you plan to use the alarm on a regular basis, not just during a two-week vacation.

To count as a hiding place and a safe in the apartment is, the experts say: hackers will just carry them with valuable content. It is easier and safer to place cash and valuables in Deposit boxes.

“It is important to understand that more than 70% of burglaries carried out on a tip — says “MK”, first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. Accordingly, it is necessary to avoid storing in the apartment of a large number of money and valuables, it is better to store them in a safe Deposit box. Professional thieves always bring help, and if a person defends himself preemptively, the possibility of breaking radically reduced.”

Agrees with him and interviewed by “MK” expert-analyst of MFX Broker Alexander Grishenkov: “rent a Bank cell the smallest volume in Moscow is from 2000 to 3000 rubles per month. If you are going on holiday for 1-2 weeks, you can rent a cell to day basis, this will cost about 150 rubles a day. Some banks are doing to their regular customers discounts on this service”.

However strong might be the locks and whatever know reviews about security companies, the best way to minimize the loss experts still consider property insurance, as expensive furniture and appliances to place in cells is impossible, even at all desire. “A two-week policy that insures movable property in case of a break-half a million rubles, and at the same time and covers cases such as a fire or the Bay for additional 2-3 million, can be purchased for 400-500 rubles,” — said Grishankov.

The same opinion and Nikolai Knyaginichev, Director of retail business OSAO “Ingosstrakh”. Specialist explains: “There are two basic types of policies for insuring an apartment or house — long and short term, while. You can insure as a furnished apartment, and civil liability to neighbors in different combinations. The main risk from which protects such a policy, — leaks, bays, short circuit, fires, looting, robbery, vandalism. The main thing to determine when choosing a policy for traveling — are you sure your plumbing, wiring and other “bottlenecks” of the home. If so, you can save on insurance of civil liability”. Thus, according to him, better still, to insure high risks.

As for the car — values, which at all desire it is impossible to put in a Bank cell, — interviewed by “MK” experts suggest to leave it in a guarded Parking. So you are completely confident about its safety to rest.

Safe vacation — medical insurance

In the package entry documents standard medical insurance usually is optional, and it includes costs for some medications prescribed by your doctor (in this case, before you purchase, you should contact the insurance company and find out if they are in the list, paid); in-patient treatment or repatriation of the victim to the homeland if the country does not have the conditions to provide proper medical care; payment of a flight home if the client could not fly on time because of the need to receive treatment in a hospital. Also charged and emergency dental care.

A standard policy to travel overseas to compulsorily included in the cost of tours. However, according to last year’s changes made to the law “About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation”, travel agencies are obliged under a list to notify customers about the consequences that may entail the rejection of the insurance policy. It can also be bought online at almost any insurance company — this document will not differ from the directly designed in the office.

“Conditional policies abroad that cover medical and medical-transportation costs can be divided into two types: the policy includes a standard package of risks, which is suitable, for example, for a relaxing beach holiday, and the policy includes the expanded list of risks, explains the “MK” Larissa Antonova, Deputy head of the Department of insurance OSAO “Ingosstrakh”. He’s a bit more expensive and necessary for those who are planning on vacation to be engaged, for example, surfing, ride a jet ski or a parachute jump. If, during active leisure will have an accident, then the policy with a standard set of risks will not operate. That is why a person should before the trip to purchase a policy with expanded services and coverage” — the expert adds.

However, health insurance for all its usefulness — is not the only way to protect yourself during the journey. A standard insurance policy can be extended, and then he will include compensation for the loss or theft of baggage, travel insurance and civil liability before the third parties.

Egor Safrygin, Director of marketing Department of “Medical” insurance AlfaStrakhovanie group, adds: “For extra protection of your life and health tourist can buy accident insurance, which will allow you to better protect yourself and your family from possible trouble abroad. The list of risks covered by the insurance, you can make by choosing from the extensive list. This differs from medical insurance because the insurer does not pay for treatment of the client, and provides him with compensation, while the size of the cost of treatment does not depend”.

How to obtain compensation under an insurance policy?

There are two types of compensation — compensation and service. According to the first camper pays all expenses abroad and return home makes reporting documents to the insurer and receives compensation. This includes medical documents from the clinic that provided services, and paper payment services. This method is useful not for everyone, because it implies that a traveler has additional a large sum for incidental expenses. Of course, this is not always the case.

Service the compensation is carried out by the company-the insurer directly, through foreign insurance companies. In case the insured event must simply call the number listed in the policy phone and get help within the sum insured.

It should be remembered that a chronic illness or injury due to alcohol or drug intoxication, are not insured and therefore their treatment will not be reimbursed.

How to save money while traveling?

No less acute problem facing the vacationers how to save money during the holidays? Perhaps the best way would be to keep some funds in cash and Bank card, and also store them in different places. For safekeeping you can put them in a safe Deposit box at the front Desk of the hotel or to pay for the safe in the room.

Experts of “MK” suggest to warn your Bank about the planned trip and to consult about the specifics of service in a particular region.

Analysts explain: “In Germany and France, for example, accepts only chipped cards in the Czech Republic non-cash payment is possible only in some large shops and hotels, and tourists visiting Eastern and Asian countries, banks generally recommend to pay only in large supermarkets and hotels as these places retain their status as high-risk, then access may be blocked”.

In addition, don’t forget about the commissions. They can be avoided only if payment currency and payment currency are the same, otherwise you can enter the currency conversion or double conversion. But if you decide to remove your funds at the ATM of a foreign Bank, then be prepared to also pay a Commission of about 1-1,5% of the amount withdrawn, the expert warns.

This amount of safety measures in anticipation of long-awaited vacation may seem excessive and costly, however, according to the unanimous opinion of experts is better not to save neither time nor efforts on the protection of his property and his health for while to relax and rest.

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