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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Turkey takes the Russian point of view on ISIS

Turkey and Russia agreed on common approaches of its actions in Syria. Moreover, Turkish officials have indicated that they are ready to finally “block feeding” ISIS across its border. What happened with the Turkish elite? Why Ankara was forced abruptly to reconcile its position with that which Russia has already said?

Two days later after the presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to restore relations between the two countries, on Friday the interview was taken by chief diplomats of Russia and Turkey. Sergei Lavrov and Cavusoglu met in Sochi on the sidelines of the meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers of black sea economic cooperation Organization. The talks were a first step towards the fulfilment of the tasks set by heads of state.

“Moscow will receive the stability in Syria and show that he can perform in the role of arbitrator, negotiator, while the Americans are there with all quarreled with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel”

Following the talks, Lavrov said that Russia and Turkey have resumed activities of the working group on the fight against terror, in addition, the expected resumption of contacts between the military.

“We have with the Turkish side created a bilateral working group on combating terrorism, which includes representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and special services, her work the past seven months was understandably frozen, but today we agreed it promptly to resume. I think that the contacts will develop through other channels, including between the military of the two countries, given the actions of our HQs in accordance with the invitation of the Syrian government, given the fact that Turkey is a member of the coalition headed by the USA”, – said Lavrov.

“Combating terrorists” across the border

According to Lavrov, Russia and Turkey will be able to discuss everything, even the most difficult issues, including the tasks of suppressing terrorists in Syria from abroad. “We are today in General these topics are outlined, we hope we will be able in practice to achieve a common result”, – stressed the Minister. Between Russia and Turkey have no differences, who can be considered terrorists, Lavrov added. “Today we discussed the situation that has worried us for a long time, namely, when our American partners are not able to separate the separate opposition forces from al-Nusra Dzhebhat” (banned in Russia – approx. OPINION)”, – he said, Recalling that the Americans have promised to do it.

“I don’t think that there are differences between the viewpoints of Russia and Turkey over terrorist groups – echoed Mevlut Cavusoglu. There are radical groups, there is a moderate opposition, and in some areas they are mixed. We ask that good people have separated themselves from radical groups, otherwise there is a risk that the moderate opposition will become more radical,” he said. The Turkish Minister assured that Ankara, too, is at war with ISIS*.

However, in contrast to Lavrov, the visitor said that he considers terrorists, including Kurdish people’s protection units in Syria. And this is clearly not what the positions of Russia and Turkey coincide.

In any case, Ankara supports the early resumption of inter-Syrian talks in Geneva. “A political settlement in Syria is the best option. The Geneva talks should resume as soon as possible”, – said the head of the Turkish foreign Ministry. “We agreed to coordinate more closely with Russia on humanitarian access and answers to all the threats that carries the situation in Syria,” he concluded.

Erdogan has turned 180 degrees

How to write Turkish politicians, Ankara changes its stance on Syria, in particular it, de facto, no longer requires the immediate departure of Assad. Before it, according to experts, hoped to maintain a permanent destabilization of the North of Syria to control it, but now the question arises about the existence of Turkey itself.

“Turkey clearly wants to solve the issue with Syria, in particular the issue of Aleppo, around which now there are major fights, – said the newspaper LOOK President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov. – The United States made a bet on the Kurds in great Kurdistan that is fatal to the Turkey. Most Iranian pipeline runs through Kurdish land. In the end, Turkey will overcome and oil, and from the Middle East. In fact, Turkey will be closed between the two seas and the Kurds. The effect of this would be appropriate. The choice now Turkey is not very large. If the American scenario with the Kurds will be implemented and the Kurds seriously increase, Turkey will never Turkomans, she herself will have to save.”

“Now the Turkish security forces are conducting mass arrests on the bases of terrorists in Istanbul and in the Southeast, near the Syrian border. They began to do what Moscow asked them to do for two years. They took custody of many immigrants from the CIS, began to really demolish their apartments, attendance, on which the rebels lived, rested, treated, and then again freely flows into Syria,” – said the expert.

“Now the question is how Turkey will be consistent in its steps, will be enough for Erdogan rigidity in the fight against militants. After the explosion at the airport of Istanbul is a clear signal to Erdogan that it is not necessary to be friends with Russia. Otherwise, these same immigrants from the CIS, if they now all the channels in the Syria block will begin to fight against Turkey.

In fact, Erdogan is not such a simple choice, because he had previously thrown a significant part of the military elite, including in counterintelligence. And now he needs to fundamentally develop their intelligence, not for external operations, and internal. Moscow on a serious preference I will not go, if Ankara did not begin to seriously deal with the traffic,” warns the analyst.

“If that happens, ISIS will be locked in Syria. If the full interrupt support from Turkey, raqqa will fall, and within a couple of weeks,” predicts the expert. Now for Turkey the lesser of two evils – that did the Syrian army with the support of Russia, not the Kurds with US support. In fact, with the chevrons of the Kurds there are us special forces are already fighting, really. After that the problem with ISIL remains only in Iraq, but in Iraq itself, the Iraqi army had already successfully she copes. So Erdogan himself interested in the fact that the Syrian army ahead “the Kurdish forces and American agenda”, – said Abzalov.

As stated by the newspaper VIEW, the Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac, he hoped that the approaches of Moscow and Ankara will now converge on many issues.

“Turkey wants to retain at least a chair”

“If Turkey will close, or at least seriously strengthen control at the border – this is a very important factor in the stabilization of Aleppo. The existing “EN-Nusra” and its subsidiaries are very serious tied to Turkey. Ankara could pull up to come in the end to some more or less serious agreement” – warns Dmitry Abzalov.

“Now Turkey wants to retain at least a chair in the negotiation process. Moscow will help her in this. Ankara wants to ensure the interests of Turkomans and other ethnic groups that are associated with it, such as in Northern Latakia to Aleppo. It is clear that Moscow is now trying to find a common denominator under the interests from all players: Bashar al-Assad, Iran, Israel, the Saudis, and now even the Turks” – lists the expert.

“Thus, Moscow will get stability in Syria and show that he can perform in the role of arbitrator, negotiator, while the Americans are there with all quarreled with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Moscow is now trying all their negotiating position to enter in the one field. We are now negotiating position with all good. Today’s story of the Turkey may be the last puzzle to the stabilization in the greater middle East, which will allow already apply for serious dominance in the region,” hopes the scientist.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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