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Monday, February 19, 2018

The excuse for the bombing, the US cover for its political cynicism

NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was the right step, said defense Secretary Ashton Carter. The transformation of Kosovo into a lawless territory, which became the main result of the NATO operation, – the result of decisions which aim to use to their advantage any cannibals. This is a deliberate US policy of the last time.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said at the awards ceremony in the Pentagon, that the NATO operation in 1999 in the former Yugoslavia, during which they carried out the bombing of Belgrade and other Serbian cities was absolutely the right step.

“The only political result of the bombing of Yugoslavia was the formation of a kind of territory of reserve, which the local fauna called Republic of Kosovo and the people around a “lawless territory”

His tongue no one pulled, but something profound had to be said: Carter was awarded the highest award of the Agency for outstanding civil service to the chief ideologist and the motor of the bombing of Yugoslavia, a former Secretary of state Madeleine Albright. He mentioned among the main merits of Albright, “the comprehensive American intervention in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Carter claimed that, as head of the Department of state in 1997-2001, she made an important contribution not only to the implementation of foreign policy, but “in defence” of the United States.

79-year-old Albright in her acceptance speech, Yugoslavia decided not to mention, but reiterated that it is still consistent opponent of the policy of isolationism and supported the active participation of the United States in the solution of problems abroad.” Former Secretary of state also stated that it considers necessary to preserve American leadership in the world.”

Albright has always advocated the use of force to ensure U.S. interests abroad, but worked in foreign policy it is in those times when North American policy of isolationism was told only in history lessons – in the form of example of “how not to behave superpower.” And she said nothing about the bombing of Yugoslavia by diplomatic restraint. These qualities like time it does not. For example, in October 2012, during a protest autographs on her book “Prague winter” in a bookstore in Prague, is approached by a group of Czech youth, and has offered to sign photos of Serbs killed in Kosovo. Perhaps this was an element of provocation, but Ms. Albright suddenly began to throw in their books and shout: “Get out, you disgusting Serbs!”

It doesn’t matter now, personally with deep childhood Madeleine Albright hated everything Serbian (her dad before the Second world war he worked in the Czechoslovak Embassy in Yugoslavia, and after the war he returned to Belgrade as Ambassador – maybe there’s someone in her school was teasing?) or pushing the idea of bombing major cities in Central Europe indeed seemed to US Secretary of state, the necessary political step. It is important that the Minister of defence of the USA really believes the bombing of 1999 are correct, reasonable and effective.

Ashton Carter is not the best defense Minister in U.S. history. It is difficult to understand how experts in theoretical physics have become security consultants. Here it is in the distorted view of history and reality, aberrations of consciousness.

The U.S. demanded that Yugoslavia withdraw its troops from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, that is to give up sovereignty over part of its territory. When it happened, the bombing of Yugoslavia. For the first three days was suppressed by the defense, and then a month the Americans and the allies were crossing the Yugoslav army and other sites in Kosovo, and when and then the Serbs left the place, the blow was transferred to the entire territory of Yugoslavia (then in the form only of Serbia and Montenegro).

Now no one confesses that was the main purpose of this mayhem. To Unseat Milosevic? To move the focus of public opinion with Monica Lewinsky and impeachment in victorious force of American arms? Create a new configuration of forces in Europe?

Well, certainly not to help “poor Albanians to gain independence.

Surprisingly, in USA there’s no such thing albeluvisol lobby (even in traditionally leftist-minded College campuses, where, and floated on our head, for example, the Minister Ashton Carter). On the contrary. Before the operation, US and NATO against Yugoslavia in the Senate roamed document investigation activities in new York, the so-called 15 names – the old fashioned way of organized Albanian mob and financing it KLA (“Kosovo liberation Army”).

Often in this kind of investigation flashed the name of Daut Kadriovski is, perhaps, the most famous of the bosses of the 15 names, is constantly falling into the field of view of the FBI, the Agency for the fight against illegal trafficking of drugs, of the Department of special operations, Interpol and other relevant agencies. In the end, the investigation into the activities of several charitable funds, laundered in Pennsylvania, the money of Mexican drug cartels Sinaloa and Los Zetas”, Kadriovski forced to leave new York to Australia, but it is better no one that did not. There have been attempts to associate Madeleine Albright and Ashton Carter, who worked in bill Clinton’s assistant Secretary of defense, with some offensive, but not too hyped Kosovo characters, but looked like too heavy conspiracy theories. Likely drawn into support of the KLA, us diplomats, military and politicians are not too burdened his conscience to determine what the exact species of mammals they are dealing with. It’s like with bin Laden in Afghanistan against the Soviets”.

And the only political result of the bombing of Yugoslavia the spring and summer of 1999 was the formation of a kind of territory of reserve, which the local fauna called Republic of Kosovo and the people around a “lawless territory”, “the capital of the drug trade”, a clandestine clinic transplantation”, “Laundry for cigarettes and a million inoffensive nicknames. In the midst of all this miracle of Camelot stands Bondsteel is the second largest in Europe (after Ramstein American military base in Europe. Four hectares of land that 11.5 kilometres of the outer perimeter, self-contained water supply, a cinema, playgrounds for football, volleyball and Golf, shopping center, indoor pool, concreted shelters, private TV, library – where do without it?

Bondsteel, in fact, is the state of Kosovo, everything else – “Comanche territory”. So during the wars of the time of the breakup of Yugoslavia was called “neutral”, “grey area” in which there was no government and laws, and everyone who went there, were given only to himself.

All attempts to portray Kosovo as a independent state may depart from the point of view of classical diplomacy (after all, many countries have established special organized crime ghouls diplomatic relations), but deep down everyone knows with whom they are dealing. In Europe there are special and separate from the Albanian victims of crime countries – the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and has long resigned to Italy. And the need to arrange for their police courses of Albanian language to the “correct policy of the United States in 1999.

And individuals and States tend to retroactively justify their actions. Out of a desire to whitewash himself and was born of political mythology, gradually transformed into a political narrative that is being taught in prinstone. In the case of Minister of defense, proclaiming that the bombing of Yugoslavia “the right decision”, we are not talking about Freudian self-justification.

It is a consistent foreign policy position, the essence of which is to use to their advantage any cannibalistic movements without rendering of possible development of events. In the United States died a long time ago science geography (in Russia she suffered a long time in the 90s, now gradually recovering), because to study something outside of the district of Columbia no practical need. This knowledge and the Ministry of defence nor the state Department no one uses. And it is absolutely unimportant what the outcome will give a particular foreign policy decision, particularly with the use of force. No matter who to write to “good” and who is “bad”. Still then it will be possible to cover up moral arguments about “the protection of Albanian Kosovo”.

The main thing now is to protect the rest of the world from them.

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