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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Putin in Finland have infuriated the question of NATO

No sign of any sensation Vladimir Putin’s visit to neighboring Finland the unexpected over his hard sparring with the President of this country Sauli Niinistö. Journalists did not understand what provoked the Russian leader – the official EU decision to extend sanctions against Russia, the question of the possible accession of neutral Finland to NATO or another of the accusations against Russia. Maybe he just was in a bad mood.

photo: kremlin.ru

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

Sauli Niinistö welcomed the guest in his summer residence Kultaranta”, located within the popular Finnish resort of Naantali. Here are all conducive to leisurely relaxed conversation with pine trees, the air, shining through the trees of green lake.

The path leading to the main house, smelled a rose, through the panes of the greenhouse blushed tomatoes first, a sample of which dinner together, had to remove Putin and Niinistö, and next to the tent for the press conference were grazing a flock of wild geese. “Here are arrived two days ago – complained to the representative of the press service – First ten, then again the same. What to do with them?”.

However, for local protection the invasion of geese, apparently, was a matter of habit. To birds their laughter doesn’t drown out the speech of the first persons, their advance drove off the lawn knocking two red cans together. So when Putin and Niinistö finally came out to the journalists everything was as usual. Well, except that Fsoshniki with excessive concern, glancing toward the framed area of the trees to fight ticks in contrast to the geese here have not yet learned…

The President of Finland warned in advance that the negotiations will be discussed primarily international issues – Ukraine, Syria, the UK out of the EU, relations with Turkey, etc.

They may, indeed, discussed. However, approaching the microphone, Niinistö in the first place spoke about regional issues – in particular, on strengthening the Russian military presence in the Baltic sea and the situation on the chemical waste landfill “Krasny Bor (Leningrad oblast), which threatens the ecology of the entire Gulf of Finland.

– We are caught in a vicious circle, – shrugged the Finnish leader In the Baltic States fear Russia, and on the other hand, Russia sees NATO as a threat to its security. To break this cycle, there’s only one tool is trust. In this direction we have to move at least in small steps, and one of them could be an agreement to use the included transponders in military aircraft flying in the region. I made such a proposal to President Putin. (Now in the majority of cases, Russian military pilots patrolling the neutral zone, do not include transponders, making them invisible to radar. This seriously worried the authorities and residents who fear that the stealth aircraft can face civil by military courts. Not to mention the fact that in some cases they violate the air border of Finland)

President Putin listened to the Facts very carefully, however, as expected, refused to share the fears of the Finns. And the more at least partially acknowledge Russia’s responsibility for the deteriorating situation in the region.

“We never provoke a tension – cut the GDP – Not only Russian planes flying over the Baltic sea, including the recognition devices, but the aircraft in all NATO countries. Moreover, the number of flights of NATO in this mode is twice the intensity of the flights of our aviation. This is not our invention. It is a statistic.”

However Putin was still pretty peaceful. He added that he had listened carefully to the proposals Niinistö and upon returning to Moscow he would give the order to include the issue of the transponders in the agenda of session of Council Russia-NATO, which will take place in Brussels after a summit of the Alliance. “And with the environment also must be addressed,” agreed the Russian leader does Not wish the problem had been interregional”.

It’s hard to say what in the end provoke Vladimir Putin. Perhaps the question about sanctions, it is quite logical in the light of a formal EU decision on the extension of the regime of restrictions. Or the perseverance of the Finnish journalists trying to find out how Finland to protect itself from an aggressive Russia? May be, to refuse the neutral status and join NATO?

Of course, the last question had an effect on the Russian leader very irritating.

“Russia has withdrawn its troops from the Russian-Finnish border to a depth of 1.5 thousand km and did it based on the neutral status of Finland”, – reminded the GDP. “Imagine that Finland will join NATO, and the Finnish troops will be part of the military infrastructure of the Alliance, which at once will be at our borders. Do you think that our forces in this case will remain there for 1,5 thousand km?”, – asked Putin.

The Finnish journalists in horror was silent, Niinistö anxiously fidgeted in place. However, Vladimir Putin made the effect was not enough, and he quoted one of his Finnish friends”, who once said that “NATO gladly would fight with Russia until the last Finnish soldier”. “You need it? We do not, we do not want”, – hastened to assure him. But one of those present, these words soothe could not.

Niinistö knew that such statements cannot go unanswered – you do not understand not only the media, but the Finnish voters.

So he gathered in spirit, said the Russian leader that Finland ranks first in Europe in terms of readiness of the population to defend their country. “We develop our defense, cooperate with different countries to strengthen the defense, for example, with Sweden and within the EU. We have bilateral cooperation with the United States mainly in terms of military technology,” Niinistö has sought to demonstrate that the Finns are not born yesterday and their fright will not take.

Within a given tone has not seemed inappropriate to pick two leaders about the sanctions.

Answering the question of how to mitigate the effects of retaliatory embargo tied to the Russian market of Finland, Mr Putin said that there are different solutions, including dramatically.

“In London you see, there are better tells you,” – with a poisonous smile he advised.

“We have no knowledge of London will do,” he soared in response to the Finnish President. And emphasized that Finland is not only disciplined, respects the sanctions regime, but also actively participated in the development of solutions to restricting trade with Russia to implement the Minsk agreements.

It seemed that after this exchange of “pleasantries” Sauli Niinistö had to put her guest over the threshold, and Vladimir Putin – to slam the door. But in politics, as in big love – the people were many.

After the press conference, the two leaders sat down in the van and went to dinner together.

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