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Friday, March 16, 2018

Pavel Astakhov: This should be handled by professionals

Pavel Astakhov commented on the decision of the interior Minister to create the structure of a special police unit to combat pedophiles

August 8, 2012, 09:30

Text: Roman Kretsul


“The office “To”, for example, is already a very serious development in this part. They teach other police officers. And they are sometimes operation even more effective than in other States,” – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, commenting on the decision to create a police special division on struggle against pedophiles.

The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has decided on the establishment of units to combat crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, said Tuesday in a press-Department service.

“The new unit in the system of the MIA of Russia are created with the aim of strengthening the work on prevention of crimes against sexual integrity, which often involve the murder of children and always evoke great public interest. In recent years, such crimes have been committed in Pyatigorsk, Vladimir region and other regions of the country”, – stated in the message Department.

Police, involved in combating crimes against children, will treat of the territorial units of the criminal investigation. In large cities, where the population of over one million people, will set up offices, and in localities with lower density accommodation provided by the establishment of similar specialized teams, said the interior Ministry.

In late July, during a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with participants of the youth forum “Seliger” assistant children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov Anna Levchenko, known for his fight against pedophiles, said that the statements of activists for pedophiles, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry are considered a very long time, and it sometimes leads to terrible consequences. Putin stated the inadmissibility of the administrative procedures in cases concerning the protection of children from pedophiles.

After that Levchenko met with the leadership of the interior Ministry and discussed cooperation in the fight against pedophiles.

In the press center of the interior Ministry of Russia reported to RIA “Novosti”, the representatives of the Ministry met with professors, which has accepted documents for consideration. “At the meeting, Levchenko said that in the ranks of the movement led by her approximately 40 activists, mostly young people. In this regard, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia invited them to join the ranks of new units to combat crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, as the activists have the necessary experience,” – said the representative office.

Newspaper OPINION addressed to the Commissioner on child rights under the President of Russia Paul Astakhov with the request to comment on the decision.

LOOK: Pavel, how do you feel about this initiative?

Pavel Astakhov: It is a very good decision, because the child as missing and trapped in a dangerous situation, and the conviction of the criminals – the police function. In all attempts of the public to help – they need to support and welcome – they (the public organization – approx. OPINION) will never be able to raise the entire amount of work that police do.

We did not have a uniform structure. If the interior Ministry will have such departments, we will actively cooperate with them. We cooperate with them, constantly hold meetings with management “To” Ministry of internal Affairs, coordinate its work.

I would like to note that the major impetus to this decision gave the President meeting with my assistant Anna Levchenko Seliger two weeks ago. Anna is one of the most effective fighters against pedophiles. She spoke about her experience, which I keep for two years, said that does not always work with the police to solve these issues. And here is the answer – the presidential initiative, support.

OPINION: law enforcement agencies of other countries there are such services?

P. A.: Of Course. The FBI, the U.S., France, great Britain there is a special unit.

OPINION: In your opinion, is the lack of special police units prevented the law enforcement authorities better to perform their work?

P. A.: Not only. First, a serious fight with pedophiles interfere with our legislation, which is lagging behind. The law on toughening of responsibility of paedophiles are gathering dust in the Duma for more than eight years. I, as the Commissioner put a lot of effort, presented to the President a note with the report all said that changes are needed.

As soon as the law changes, introduced new offences, enhanced responsibility. The crimes fell into the category of serious, and required new approaches.

In addition, of course, we have very few specialists. We have ensured that we now have in each office is a specialist in identifying pedophiles at least on the Internet. Not formerly, “To” still not very big. Now take the next step: creating special units where people will specifically focus on these goals. This is a special issue, it requires careful design, serious operational work.

OPINION: Where will train these employees?

P. A.: we Have University of the MIA of Russia, where I taught for ten years.

OPINION: Will develop for them special programs?

P. A.: Of Course. In fact, in principle, basic education of the police, in particular frontline officers, allows to identify any crime. But of course, the specifics of these criminals makes us constantly learn, improve. The office of “K”, for example, is already a very serious development in this part. They teach other police officers. And they are sometimes operation even more effective than in other States. For example, the last operation “Weed”, held by the Department “K”, affected the interests of 27 countries in which was hidden criminals. It is our – Russian – developments helped to expose a whole international network of pedophiles.

OPINION: How now, under your forecasts, the situation will change?

P. A.: a Professional specialization, intensification of work, increasing the list of those who will be directly involved in identifying these crimes, of course, improve the situation with our children. Because children, unfortunately, our children are largely not protected when they come under attack, including through the Internet. Tempt, seduce, molest, corrupt, taking even violent actions.

Children should be protected. This should be done by professionals. This is a police function that has not been canceled, on the contrary, it only intensified.

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