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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In place of the expiring defender of children Astakhov predicting a woman

After the holidays, the Commissioner of the President of Russia for children’s rights is still leaving his position. The story with the question incorrectly defined Pavel Astakhov survivors on the Syamozero children was the last straw, experts say. Already discussed a number of candidates, including a woman, able to protect the children “on the animal level.”

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov after a holiday is leaving the position, was confirmed by a senior source in the Kremlin administration.

“The story of surviving children on the Syamozero was the last straw in a series of blunders Astakhova

Thus in a press-service of the Commissioner, RIA “Novosti” reported that Astakhov vacation was planned long ago, and they have no information about the dismissal. Relax Astakhov went to the Crimea.

Before that, the defense of children’s rights has announced that it has submitted to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the letter of resignation. “Yesterday was a personal meeting with the President of Russia), had a Frank conversation, I presented all the explanations. I submitted my statement, I am ready to resign”, – said Astakhov.

Questions to Astakhov

“I received a severe scolding from the President, got it deservedly, – said Astakhov. – I framed, I did not want to offend anyone, I was friendly, in their language”.

The words of the Ombudsman, relate to a tragic story on the Syamozero. Visiting in the hospital, adolescents, survivors of the deadly excursions in Karelia, where he drowned 14 children, Astakhov has asked them: “so, how was your swim?”, what is recorded in the video.

Question Astakhov caused a storm of indignation in social networks, bloggers saw it as a cynical and incorrect behavior of the defender. Last week on the website Change.org was a petition demanding the resignation Astakhov, by Thursday it gained more than 150 thousand signatures. Astakhov himself on this occasion said that this is an American website and come to him mostly bots.

He also explained that made public the matter was taken out of context, and he followed the recommendations of psychologists to talk as much as possible in a positive way”, in the language of children.

On the day of the appearance of rumors about the resignation Astakhov wrote in Instagram about the ongoing Petrovsky post, “during which the Lord tests each of us.” Peter lent this year falls on the period from June 27 to July 11.

“Someone with power, someone with money, someone temptations, and some pride, but in the end it turns out that the man himself and experiencing. And not everyone can withstand such a test. Be brave, pray, fast!” – said Astakhov.

The media reported that the decision to dismiss Astakhov made not only because of the recent scandal with the issue of children surviving on the Syamozero, but because of several reasons. So, to Astakhov also have any questions the office for combating corruption under the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. They are associated with a conflict of interest in connection with the activities of the firm the son of an Ombudsman, wrote in social networks journalist Life.ru.

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, Anton Astakhov is the owner of shares of several banks. He belongs of 8.48% stake in the Regional development Bank, which in November last year had its license revoked, even of 9.65% of the Bank “Zerich”, which also had its license revoked this year, plus 9% of “ANKOR Bank of savings”. Moreover, Regional development Bank, as he wrote “Izvestia”, in 2014 began to serve the office of the Commissioner for the rights of the child, accumulating donations to families with children in the South-East of Ukraine and Sevastopol to keep accounts of the Treasury.” Plus son Astakhov is associated with the Legal center for his father. All this could count as a conflict of interest.

Astakhov was appointed Commissioner of the presidential on the rights of the child on 30 December 2009, becoming the first children’s Ombudsman in Russia. During the work in the incorrect statements he is accused not for the first time, but still the question of dismissal has never been raised.

Not the first being indiscreet

So, human rights activists recalled Astakhov words “shrivelled women.” A year ago, commenting on the story about the wedding 57-year-old head of the police Department Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya Nagada guchigova with 17-year-old Hidoi Goylabievoy, he said that in the Caucasus puberty occurs earlier: “Let’s not be hypocrites. There are places where women are already 27 years old and shrivelled by our standards it under 50”. Later he had to apologize for saying that. Literally this spring, he spoke about the 13-year-old girl in the Barnaul zoo tiger broke a leg after she teased him. The Commissioner then in his microblog wrote that the child “cries Darwin award”: award for the most stupid death.

Recently, the children’s Ombudsman was surprised by his offer to send in special schools all aggressive children, who behave badly, bully, bullied peers. “I believe school should not hesitate: she needs to bring the disciple to justice, starting with the meeting and ending with the juvenile Affairs Commission, the registration. If this is not the first case, if the person is already on this account, to raise the question about transfer to a special educational institution. In Russia, they 69. Can’t behave in the classroom – in a closed special school. Here is a measure of education”, – said Astakhov.

Meanwhile, such actions can only provoke more aggression by children. Instead of having to put in special schools, first you need to determine the reasons for this behavior, among which can be an unhealthy situation in the family and mental illness, and finally, the usual hyperactivity. Special school in such cases will only hurt the baby.

The last straw

The story of surviving children on the Syamozero was the last straw in a series of blunders Astakhov, head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolay Mironov. “He was a lawyer who knew many famous people, he led their business. This gave him political weight. But on the eve of elections of the error Astakhov was significant. Resonant statements immediately lead to resignations, but the negativity keeps building up and eventually played against the official,” said the analyst, reports URA.Ru.

Possible dismissal Astakhov could become part of future shifts in the humanitarian sphere, the Agency told the President of communication holding “Minchenko Consulting” Evgenie Minchenko. “It seems to me that the position of Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov all these years, looked very strange. Perhaps resignation is the implementation of the current update request to the humanitarian component. So there are some good examples. Of the last – the appointment of Ella Pamfilova. Where can be assigned Astakhov – hard to say, without work, he in any case will not remain”, – said Minchenko.

Astakhov can become a Senator or hold similar status place, experts say. But to deal with the protection of children it is unlikely to be in the background of the last scandal.

Now who will protect the children

In place Astakhov actively predicting the woman. So, the Ombudsman can claim to be a doctor and civic activist Elizabeth Glinka (Doctor Liza), the Executive Director of the all-Russian movement “For human rights” Lev Ponomarev. It will be the best mediator between the state and civil society, he said.

Dr. Lisa has had to deny recent media information about the fact that she supposedly signed a petition for the resignation of Pavel Astakhov, but to comment on this initiative, she did not.

Itself Glinka change Astakhov wants. According to her, she “fears the proposals of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to take the place of the Commissioner for the rights of the child”. Now she is “on the spot”, and the place of the children’s Ombudsman must be a lawyer, explained Dr. Lisa. “I have enough work in the Council on human rights and war (in the Donbas), which is deny everything (the world community). I hope that I stay in his place, and will be assigned someone from the regions,” she said.

The member of the Russian state Duma Committee on family, women and children Irina Chirkova, the radio station “Moscow Says” invited for the post of member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Elena Mizulina. “I immediately thought about her emerged. The figure of the Ombudsman should be made of the appeal of a structure. And to the party in power, and the Executive authorities,” – said Chirkov. Thus, according to her, the Ombudsman for children must be a woman, as a guarantee of a particular approach to the problems and protect children’s rights “on the animal level.”

However, Mizulina may not get the post of the Commissioner for children’s rights because of age restrictions. Lawyer Ilya Craft, commenting on reports that Elena Mizulina can change Pavel Astakhov, said that under the law the admission to the civil service after 60 years is not possible. “Surprised to see stuffing that goes about the change Astakhov Mizulina,” – said on his page on Facebook lawyer.

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