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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Warships of Russia and the United States quarreled,” the defense Ministry and the Pentagon

Between Russian defense Ministry and the Pentagon, the debate continues after the incident in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, where the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gravely passed at a dangerously close distance of 60-70 meters from the Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” and crossed his path just 180 metres from the nose. The military departments continue to discuss who is to blame for the dangerous convergence of submarines.

The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gravely

The Pentagon has issued an official statement in which all the blame of the incident on the Russian sailors.

Supposedly, the “Yaroslav the Wise” tried to create obstacles for the maneuvering of the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, that’s why it was “cut” the destroyer Gravely. The actions of the Russians were identified as unprofessional, even despite the fact that the commander of the “Wise” on the radio asked his American counterpart to keep a safe distance and raised on the mast of the signal flag.

The Russian defense Ministry, such statements already called attempt to make excuses for their professionalism.

“The position of the American side, including messages about the alleged “threat” from the ship of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” is a weak attempt to justify the unprofessional actions of the crew of the USS Gravely”, shifting the blame on the Russian crew… I am Not sure that an American ship had made a dangerous maneuver to get closer to another ship, as seen on the provided videos. “Yaroslav the Wise” was in more than 5 nautical miles from the aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy and could not affect his maneuvers. But the crew of “Gravely” has created real preconditions for impact… Urge Pentagon to end threat and non-professional activities and adhere strictly to the rules of international law”, – reported in the defense Ministry, adding that the statement of the representative of the Pentagon “very unfortunate.”

Watch the video on “video Appeared coming across “Yaroslav the Wise” USS”

The Network published the footage from onboard a Russian battle ship “Yaroslav the Wise” in the Mediterranean sea. The video shows how American destroyer USS Gravely” in fact, “cuts” the Russian ship. The Americans managed to slip right under the noses of “Yaroslav the Wise”, when the distance between them was reduced to a few tens of meters. As previously reported, the incident occurred on June 17. The defense Ministry believe that this maneuver is “Gravely” represented a real danger to the Russian ship.

Video published on the website youtube.com user-Kpt.Kruck !

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