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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The official suggested that locking up the homeless in cages so as not to spoil the holiday

On Friday, July 1, at the traditional planning meeting in the administration of Ulan-Ude the head of the Soviet district of the city of Andrew Tolonov proposed to take from the streets of the capital of Buryatia Republic of homeless people in cages for stray dogs and cats, located in the suburban village Vahmistrova. There, in his opinion, they can keep locked up for three days, until the city passes the international festival “altargana-2016”.

photo: morguefile.com

– Let us and our combatants will attract – gush official. – Carry around a Plant for the accomplishment of them in the cage in Vahmistrova for three days. This is not possible: in the centre of the alcoholics, drunks, bums in the morning until the evening sitting.

Andrew Tolonov concerned about “bums and drunks” is not accidental. The official heads of the Soviet district of Ulan-Ude, which is located in the Central streets and squares of the city, most of the cultural objects involved for the next three days at the international Buryat festival “altargana-2016”. To participate in the event in the capital of the Republic came several thousand visitors from regions of Russia and countries of compact residence of the ethnic group, including Mongolia and China. Meanwhile, one of the main pedestrian streets of Ulan-Ude, Lenin called the local Arbat is the favorite place for beggars, homeless people and profoundly drunk people seeking fellowship with their own kind. Obviously, the head of administration of the Soviet district became uncomfortable with the idea that guests of the capital arrived at vsebratske forum of culture and art will collide on the streets with uncultured representatives of the social bottom. And not to disgrace himself before the powers, he announced a proposal for three days to withdraw from the streets of homeless people and drunks.

In response to the initiative of the head of the district administration the city Manager of Ulan-Ude Alexander ayusheev suggested that Andrew Tolonov must be just kidding.

However, a refutation of the “jokes” followed, and “pearl” instantly spread through the regional media and split social media users into two camps. Some agreed with the proposal of Andrew Tolonova, the other (which turned out to be the majority) rebelled, believing that the proposal of the official “pulls the article of the criminal code on inciting hatred towards a social group”. As a result, the networks were drawn up a petition for the resignation of the head of the Soviet area: “People, allowing himself such statements, should not take leadership positions,” – said in it. In a few hours the petition was signed by about 100 of Ulan-audience such.

Help “MK”

“Altargana” international festival vsebratske born in Mongolia and received a residence permit in the Republic of Buryatia. Its goal is the revival of Buryat culture, language and traditions, unity drilled.

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