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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Kremlin ignores the advice of the Ukrainian pilots Savchenko on Donbass

According to reports from Kiev, President Poroshenko said the EU extended sanctions against Russia for its merit, and became a member of Parliament aviatrix Savchenko proposed to conduct a dialogue with the DPR and LPR directly, without the mediation of the Kremlin: “you need to Talk with Zakharchenko and Carpenter who went into battle, not with the Kremlin armchair rats”. Maybe Russia is easier to come out of the Minsk process and to completely distance themselves from the settlement of the internal Ukrainian Affairs? This “MK” asked the Director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin ZATULIN.

photo: AP

The massive artillery shelling by Ukrainian army puts the last two days the territory of the DNI and LC (as confirmed by observers from the OSCE), the European Union said… the extension of sanctions against Russia until December 31, 2017. The decision of the Council of the EU issued on Friday, accusing Moscow in the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. This decision appears to have inspired Kyiv, whose troops immediately began a new assault on debaltseve. Now there is fierce fighting.

Simultaneously the Director of Department of policy and communications of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Alexei Makeyev said that the OSCE agreed to enter in the Donbass his troops numbering up to 7 thousand people. It turns out an interesting situation: Ukraine shooting their own regions, and accused Russia. And it is terrible to imagine what will be new attacks against our country after in the Donbass will begin to die europolitique. But if regardless of the behavior of Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk, all over the place in the South-East of Ukraine still accuses Russia, and only we are to blame in each subsequent failure of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, then why do we participate in the Ukrainian settlement?

Savchenko dressed in black returned to Donbass to work with NATO (12 photos)

– Russia is the only member of the Minsk agreements, which implicitly carries. Nevertheless, we are constantly accused of violating the agreements. Logik in two, and both are very simple. First: the thief loudest shouts “stop thief”, the second wanted to ensure that Russia answered your question in the affirmative: just offended, disappointed and walked out of the Minsk process, – said Konstantin ZATULIN. – But we and for pragmatic reasons, and on principle, we believe that the need to comply with the Minsk agreements, which are a UN document. Naturally, Western countries lead the line, and it seems strange to me, when Russian experts begin to wonder at their behavior. The European signatories of the Minsk agreements are the Junior partners of the United States, acting in the outline of Washington’s policy in Ukraine. And the United States in order and farmed out the role of France and Germany not to blush himself at the lack of objectivity in respect to assessments of the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Poroshenko, speaking in Parliament, stressed once again that there is no question about the execution of the Minsk agreements by Kiev can’t be. And that’s fine, nobody notices. And the failure of the agreements is accused and fined her…

– So why do we need it? Let the citizens of Ukraine themselves are killing each other, why should we participate in their relationship, sinking them deeper, and even be responsible for it, to bear the expense?

Partly we follow this to keep your distance. Western partners, as you know, insist at the next meeting on the Ukrainian question, and we consent not yet given. The timeout in the meetings of the Minsk agreement, Russia has taken. It lasts for quite some time. Just because nothing new, useful and just there we still do not hear. But the original agreements signed on paper and approved by the UN, we are faithful.

If someone in the Ukraine or the West expects that we will farkam, say “Oh, you are such liars,” and get out of the Minsk process, — in vain, this will not happen. This step only at first glance looks correct, and in fact it will give enemies a reason for even the worst accusations against Russia.

At the very moment when we Capitolium, the Western partners will say that we occupied the Donbas and even to explain to the international community for this reason we do not want. It will immediately be said, and in the absence of the existing Minsk format, we will be very difficult to prove or disprove. And at the same time, when we will be accused of occupation of Kiev will be a free hand not just for the repression of Russian-speaking population in Ukraine and for its Stripping. Nationalists and now occasionally kill civilians, calling them separatists, but will (with high probability) to massively destroy, calling occupants. And finally, if we surrender to the mercy of the nationalists of the South-East of Ukraine, then again they will remember about Crimea. I will say that we invaded and it will create tensions on our borders already in this direction, and in all military provocations there again will start to blame us.

– How can Russia get out of this “Ukrainian web”?

– In fact, in this “web” Ukraine and the United States confused us alone. In the same sad situation of our comrades in the agreement: Germany and France, and the whole of the EU, which after the decision of Britain began to fall, and only Ukrainian burdens he now lacked. Europe on the background of what is happening inside it all the harder to endure economic losses from the blockade of Russia and at the same time to satisfy the endless Ukrainian requests for alms.

How long will the crisis in Ukraine in General and armed conflict in its South-East in particular is difficult to predict. And between countries that are involved in this process is a kind of competition: who will quicker nerves. Who will come out of the Minsk process first, he will come to shame, at least – with the political losses.

So other exit, except how to tolerate the situation, not yet seen.

– The situation will be complicated by the appearance in the Donbass seven thousand armed police. It is easy to assume that some of them will inevitably sacrifices some of them will try to blame Russia…

– I would first wait until they arrive. Kiev has all sorts of promises were given, including on behalf of the EU and the OSCE. I think European politicians will think many times before to send a contingent. Because every possible victim in the ranks of europeizacja is a huge detriment to him who sent them there European politicians in the first place. Even if they manage to prove that police peacekeeper died from the Russian, not Ukrainian bullets.

Watch the video on Nadezhda Savchenko opened the session of Parliament the anthem of Ukraine”

Nadezhda Savchenko opened the session of the Verkhovna Rada, performing the anthem of Ukraine. She then withdrew from the podium your photo and replaced it with portraits of the remaining Russian prisoners of Ukrainians. Video published on the website youtube.com user Barack Obamov.

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