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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The closing of the festival: for the sake of Natalia Oreiro Nikita Mikhalkov speaks Spanish

The main prize of the 38th international festival “Gold George” the jury, headed by Bulgarian Director Ivaylo Hristov was awarded to the Iranian film “Daughter”, telling about the relationship between father and his daughter. This is typical Iranian film brand, no worse and no better than the huge number of paintings being produced for the movie this generous country.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Next, the 38th festival of the optional movie finished. Nothing changes from year to year. And the main event, excites minds, alas, was the absence on duty of the President Nikita Mikhalkov. But by the final he is still there. The level of the whole festival was so modest that one can only sigh with relief: it ended.

“Hi! Well. How are you?” – with these words began the opening ceremony. And said their Uruguayan star Natalia Oreiro. “I barely understand Russian, and you me?” And switched to Spanish.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

The Chairman of the jury of documentary films French filmmaker Tom Balmes presented the “Silver George” a great South Korean film”Madame B., a Woman from North Korea, which, in the opinion of the jury lost faith in many things in which we were confident. Director of chero young, on receiving the award, told how three years shooting this film, “Now sad to remember that time. My character experienced a lot of difficulty, took a lot of obstacles. For me, the South Korean was hard to Express all this pain. I wanted to show you what love is”. Documentary program at the current Moscow international film festival was the strongest. She is certainly not ashamed.

“Silver George” for the best short film film “Full selfie”. She talks about the phenomenon of our days, which kills more people than heart attack. It described Tom Balmes. “Full selfie” was directed from the United States, Nicole Branding. The audience, she said that he had learned in Moscow to say “come on!”. And your short film was made for $ 200 in your own home. With actors spoke on Skype, with the composer from Canada. So I decided that it was a mistake when I got the invitation to UF.

The award for best male role was awarded the member of the main jury of Viktoriya Isakova: “It was such an experience which I’m unlikely to want to repeat it.” And the winner was the Iranian Aslani actor who plays the father’s role in the film “Daughter” Reza Mirkarimi. Farhad widely known in Iran. This was stated by the Director, who, as a rule, with the same actors more than two times not working. And then made an exception. Gift away the winner was the song performed by Natalia Oreiro: “I’ll sing! Let’s go!”.

For best actress, the jury said 13-year-old Teresa of variety malvar of the Philippine painting “Veil”. Its Director Roston Cover sure that the girl will receive an award in new York in the coming days will show the film. This is the second film Teresa. When the Director only saw her future the actress, he immediately told her mother that her daughter will go far.

“Silver George” for best Director went to the Danish PUK Grasten for the film “the 37”. The Director thanked the members of his family who acted as producer and screenwriter. I must say that it’s a rare occasion when the winners are so massively present on the stage. They may not, but at least the filmmakers, who shot the films, not the representatives of the embassies of the countries from which came the movie.

Special prize of jury “Silver George” got “Singing shoes” of the Bulgarian Director Radoslav Spasov. This is the second time participates in the Moscow international film festival. “For me this film was a challenge. I did it for 10 years. We shot it in a very good creative atmosphere: had financial problems, killed our colleague. She is now looking down on us. Only through the support of friends and colleagues I managed to make this film.”

Natalia Oreiro was replaced by singer Zara. And then the Chairman of the jury Ivaylo Hristov was awarded the “Golden George” for best film. They became Iran’s “Daughter.” Moved by Director Reza Mirkarimi said: “for the second time I’m taking the “St. George” from Moscow. And both times it was movies about family values. Neglect them lead to the problems we see in the world. First of all, I will show the reward of their daughter. I will make another movie to get another “Golden George”. So, following the festival jury will be headed by the Director’s daughter. This tradition want to consolidate at the festival: took the main prize judge.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Finally there’s Nikita Mikhalkov, who all that was missing in the festival days. He did not summarize, but stated: “the Most difficult was the festival. Moscow to build, heat, sanctions. But the festival lives. He lives regardless of the obstacles that exist.” And then started talking about bad feelings that are just experienced. The room froze. But this was followed by a joke: “All say they had a good festival. You do not, and did well. But this is the greatest happiness when you’re protected, when back to back. My friends dragged this cart. I bow to you, guys. Natasha! (this is the address of Natalia Oreiro). A special thank you for leading our program And then Mikhalkov spoke Spanish.

Ended this far more elegance to the ceremony of awarding the prize “I Believe!” “For conquest of tops of acting and fidelity to principles of school of K. S. Stanislavsky” Marina Neelova. Mikhalkov said the strange speech: “there Are great actors and Actresses. Not always smart, but it kompensiruet talent. When the actor is smart, slim, fearless and not afraid to be funny, because it is valuable, then he is not afraid to be different. The actress, damn it, Marina Neyolova. The great Russian actress.”

But Marina Neyolova, and she is really unique talent, it’s hard to humiliate even these odd rants. Moreover, Mikhalkov said all this from the heart. Marina Neyolova found what to say: “When you say these words, I imagine that I Yermolov or Yablochkina. These words pronounced, when someone passed away. I’m still here. It is believed that Nobel’s death. After getting it, nobody does anything. All you need to know about awards and prizes is that Mozart didn’t have them. This award is a big surprise to me. But surprises are pleasant. Gave me something for years of service”.

Paulina Andreeva came to the opening of the festival without Bondarchuk (64 photos)

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