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Sunday, March 18, 2018

School Rodchenko moved to MAMM

For 10 years the Rodchenko School raising successful contemporary artists: they break the victory for leading Russian premium, burst into the ranks of the best in international competitions. The founder of the institution — Olga Sviblova — birthday is the brainchild of unexpected exhibition in his own Multimedia Art Museum. The artist has presented essentially a branch of the Rodchenko School: lecture, area workshops, darkroom and finally, the space with the works of students and graduates. Total installation watched the correspondent of “MK”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

One of the floors crammed with furniture and equipment of the School: the curriculum subjects of life placed not only on walls and on the floor, but hanging from the ceiling. Here the desks, the cabinets, the schedule — Yes, the load is not weak, six days. Next in the lecture hall (aka photo Studio) continuously show the work of the workshop of “Art”. Three days here is another view of the students — everyone can be a witness to this process. The workshop then introduces viewers to the books that students produce himself. The very search for darkroom with red lighting and baths with photographic prints. Explain how in the digital age continues to live hand-print images. In General, this floor — talk about making the School became an outstanding player on the scene of contemporary art.

She arose, when in the artistic environment feel the lack of new names and it became apparent the lack of quality educational programs. Now some people think the institution is today the most important specialized institution in the field of modern Russian art, others — “a kind of community whose work is of a research nature,” still others call “normal art school.” However, all agree that its advantage is that the comprehensive intensive program students get important practical skills.

Here among high School graduates: Polina Kanis (Kandinsky prize, Young artist. Project of the year”-2011, Kuryokhin award “Best mediaobject”-2016), Danila Tkachenko (1st prize Staged portraits” World Press Photo 2014, the winner of the Foam Talent 2015) Olga Matveeva (the best photographers of the 2015 British Journal of Photography, the best artists of 2015 Forbes)… the Big names in schools are born only when teachers encourage creative thinking, search of new forms and the development of technically complex projects. And at the Rodchenko School, children are not restricted in the choice of instruments: the first group, recruited as photographic, with the release of the protected video and interactive diplomas. Recently, the students generally give more pictorial and graphic works, sculpture.

The best of them is on a higher level. Here, young people reflect on the theme: who am I in this world, how social networks are my mirror. In the role of selfie-sticks are a bat, a shovel, a pan and a rod Adjuster. The fact that artists are no limits of imagination, satisfied at the sight of cabbages, to which are attached the wires from the computer. Ekaterina Shiryaeva ponders how technology is changing the traditional household life. Cabbage rose adjacent 20-metre high Elizabeth tower Karamanova, where on the screen the girl-Princess (walks around the Museum in the crown) via skype translates your chats. Says who she is in everyday life and how using the Internet can become anyone.

…The Rodchenko school showed as a living organism with which we want to grow and where you want to return.

Technical partner: Panasonic.

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