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Friday, February 23, 2018

Russian scientists dropped from the height of big Ben the crystal

And a smartphone, and even Christmas decorations can now be reset with a hundred-meter height, without worrying that they will break. The world’s most trusted container for fragile items recently managed to create the St. Petersburg engineers. The special “packaging” can, for example, to use emergency workers, delivering equipment to remote places.

As reported by “MK” at the Institute of advanced manufacturing technology, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great designed the container has the world’s best characteristics for energy absorption. Most importantly, it protects the contents from damage a hundred percent, however, the design weighs just 4 lbs. the Materials from which box, technologists kept secret. Even if the container will be Christmas decorations, crystal set or a mobile phone falling from a height of 110 meters on a hard surface, they can not be broken, scientists say.

By the way, neither the MOE nor the military is now not available, even the analogue of such refuse. All shipments until reset using a parachute (and, as a rule, such things are not part of a particularly fragile). In the new box can be reset anything — even a smartphone, though high-precision electronics or optics.

After the container has been designed, it was a complete cycle of tests. Then came the real test, when the boxes repeatedly dropped from a height. The results of both test cycles coincided,- all of them remained safe and sound.

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