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Friday, February 23, 2018

Putin urged not to succumb to provocations of the West

Russia will not succumb to the “militarist frenzy and provocations, which can cause a new arms race. About it Vladimir Putin has declared at meeting in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, at the same time having sympathized with the West with a hint of Brexit. But, as stated by the newspaper VIEW, Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko, it is possible that Brexit would provoke the West to respond in the form of a “European army”.

Every two years, Russia recalled from abroad all their top diplomats for a meeting and the next such “superlunary” took place on Thursday in the high-rise building of the foreign Ministry on Smolensk square. Some ambassadors, entering through the huge doors of the foreign Ministry, went straight to the dining room to have coffee and to exchange with colleagues.

“It may play a role in the ambitions of the European Union to build an independent military capability”

As noted by the reporter of the newspaper VIEW, before you pay at the register, they are slightly longer than regular customers, looked at the money – probably otvyknut abroad to pay in roubles. A homeland literally set the stage for their arrival – right under the Windows of the dining room diplomats could see the destroyed pavement of the courtyard, facing the Arbat lanes, and yellow construction fence lattice. However, in this day hammers Sergei Sobyanin was silent for some reason – it seems that the mayor was asked to give diplomacy a chance. But from the wall at the entrance to the dining room to them silently cried out the announcement, demanding not to put this week their car in the Parking lot.

However, we must admit that most of the ambassadors were right in the hall on another floor to take a better place.

The last time the ambassadors were all together in the summer of 2014, when the confrontation with the West was just beginning, and the main sanctions and counter-sanctions had yet to enter. Now the background for the meeting was much more winning. On the world stage Russia has taken a new, more important place, and it is forced to accept even the most bitter of its opponents. Three days before the meeting, Turkey has finally apologized for the attack on the Russian plane, and a week – which seemed monolithic, the West is suddenly cracked from Brexit.

Long “traumatic effect”

Many expected that the President will make winning the focus on the apology, which was forced to bring proud Ankara, Putin, however, gave this event only three dry phrase.

But Brexit he stopped in detail. “Europeans now, of course, is not easy, we all see that what is happening there. The results of a referendum on British exit from the EU Zakatali markets, however, I think that in the medium term, all, of course, will recover”, said Putin.

“I would like to re-emphasize that the so-called Brexit – is the choice of British subjects, and we did this process not interfere and not to interfere. But intend, of course, to closely monitor how far the negotiations will be conducted between London and Brussels and what are the consequences for the whole of Europe for us. It is clear that the traumatic impact of the results of the referendum will be felt for quite a long time”, – Putin has noticed and suddenly distracted from the text, looked up at the audience and added with a smile, waving with his left hand – obviously, in the side of Western partners, “And see how the principles of democracy they have there are implemented in practical terms”.

Mentioning about “anti-Russian NATO”, Putin reminded that we “are not going to succumb to militaristic frenzy, and that is what seems to us and try to push, to provoke a costly and futile arms race, to make sure that we divert energy and resources from solving the most important tasks of socio-economic development. This will not happen. But there will be also our weakness, we always will reliably be able to protect themselves and guarantee the security of the Russian Federation and its citizens”.

In addition, the President put the diplomats and challenges in the media space. “We live in the information age, and the aphorism “he Who owns the information, owns the world” certainly reflects the reality of today. Sometimes it seems that events do no not happening, if they are not the press,” joked the head of state and again we digress from the text of the speech. “I was once Jacques Chirac said, “it is Necessary to call the camera, and that’s kind of how we met really.” So actually, in practice, happens,” he admitted.

“We must vigorously confront the information monopolies of the Western media, including support by all available means, Russian media working abroad. And, of course, you can’t just ignore the lies against Russia and to prevent the falsification of history”, – said Putin.

Midwife “EU army”

On the sidelines of the meeting, the permanent representative of Russia in the headquarters of NATO Alexander Grushko later admitted that while he could not precisely calculate all the consequences of Brexit, however, and one can not yet, as the process will take considerable time and be complicated. In an interview with the newspaper LOOK the envoy, however, admitted that one of the side consequences will be the formation of a “European army”.

“There is a view of the UK as one of the largest economies and one of the countries with the most significant military capabilities will significantly weaken the political-military dimension of the European Union. This may play a role in the ambitions of the European Union to build an independent military capability, to become better adapted, in his opinion, to parry the many threats. According to this view: because the UK has for many years been an obstacle to the registration of such independent role of the European Union, this process can now be accelerated,” – said Grushko.

“There is another point of view: with the weakening of the EU will increase the role of other institutions, all of which are tightening European and Euro-Atlantic space. In fact, it is difficult to say definitely. I just recall that the so-called European army said a whole generation of European politicians. If to speak about the initiatives of the Juncker, is now being undertaken for the fifth, sixth or seventh attempt. Let’s see,” – said the Ambassador.

“We have to watch that. About this was discussed today at the meeting. This is quite an unexpected and fundamental shift in West European politics. The waves from a stone thrown by Prime Minister Cameron for a long time to disperse. Effects still all have not only to assess, but I think and feel,” he predicted Grushko.

“Compromise – Yes escape – no

Another participant of the meeting, the Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Kinsac, answering the question of the newspaper VIEW, suggested that Putin’s decision to restore relations with Turks will help in particular to resolve the Syrian crisis.

“Yesterday’s decision of the President, I would like to believe, will be of importance not only for the resuscitation of the bilateral relations and restore what we understandably declined, in particular from trade and economic cooperation. We need to restore the partnership with the Turks for this purpose, in the centre of this partnership should be counterterrorism. It is a threat to all, and to fight with him should be together,” said Kinshuk.

The Ambassador reminded that the preliminary results of the investigation on the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport confirmed that the organisers belonged to a banned terrorist group “Islamic state*”. “It makes sense to join forces and fight together. We called from the very beginning. It was repeatedly said that to operate effectively, all countries and all forces will be coordinated,” said the Russian diplomat.

Most of the meeting was behind closed doors, but several of the participants shared with the press their experiences. As recognized by the Ambassador in Italy Sergey Razov, he perceived the main thesis of the President’s speech aphoristic: “Compromise – Yes, retreat – no.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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