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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lavrov called the first cause for rapprochement with Turkey

Russia and Turkey have almost no disagreements about which groups in Syria should be considered a terrorist. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov said following the meeting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu in Sochi, which was the first after a sharp deterioration in relations between the two countries in November 2015. According to Lavrov, the Russian and Turkish sides agreed to resume the activities of the bilateral working group on terrorism.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“By and large we have no disagreement about who should be considered terrorist groups – said the head of Russian diplomacy. In accordance with the resolutions of the UN security Council, terrorist groups are LIH and “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” (banned in Russia – “MK”), and a variety of their affiliated organizations smaller”.

Lavrov added that during the discussion of this international resolution, Moscow has offered to include “Ahrar al-sham and Jaish al-Islam, however, this proposal did not meet with unanimity in the security Council. According to him, after large-scale terrorist attack at Istanbul airport struggle between Turkey and Russia on terrorism “is of particular relevance”.

“The latest terrorist attack tragically coincided with the letter of Erdogan to Putin reminded the “MK” associate Professor of history of countries of the Middle East at IAAS MSU M. V. Lomonosov, Pavel Shlykov. – It shows how in the confrontation between the ISIS militants and Turkey, which was formally announced a year ago. This opposition was crafty enough and focused primarily on the issue of Kurdistan. Meanwhile, the ISIS militants strongly enough entrenched in Turkey. The situation finally came under control when the terrorist attacks begin to occur not against specific groups, but against ordinary citizens, regardless of their affiliation – religious, political, etc. It is very dangerous for Turkey. It requires new steps – unusual and maybe uncomfortable. Now comes the search for mechanisms, when Turkey will get rid of the terrorist threat inside the country. In this vein, needs allies and a new agenda. Most likely, about her in particular was a conversation between Lavrov and Cavusoglu. How will be able to synchronize, we cannot say. I’m not sure that the Russian intelligence services will trust the Turkish and the Turkish will uncover all cards before the Russian”.

Another Respondent “MK”, the expert believes that the complete smooth over disagreements between Moscow and Ankara on the Syrian question. “Of course, between Russia and Turkey remain divided against radical groups, but there is a compromise, a search of positions that would satisfy both parties in connection with the recent events – a message from Erdogan to Putin and a positive response – said “MK” senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov. – I do not think that Turkey will change its position, as well as Russia. Perhaps there will be some softening in Turkey’s position against the leadership of Syria, but I don’t think it will happen globally. The statement by our foreign Minister is more diplomatic steps than the real situation… to Talk about the coalition of Russia and Turkey, in my opinion, prematurely. It should be noted that this position of Russia is dictated by the fact that part of the business community in Russia is interested in restoring economic relations with Turkey. It provides sufficient pressure on the foreign policy of Russia. Another thing is that it is a question of national-state interests of Russia.”

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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