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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kiev nationalists are not allowed to carry the “Ukrainian Chapaev” Shchors

On the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko the members of OUN (organization of Ukrainian nationalists, is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation) has willfully tried to destroy the monument to Civil war hero, former commandant of Kyiv Mykola Shchors. Correspondent “MK” during the campaign I heard a lot of judgment about “de-communization” (under which a given work of art does not fall) and talked with the leader of the OUN, Mykola Kohanivsky.

photo: Oleg Bazac

From the file “MK” Opening on 30 April 1954 at the intersection of Simon Petlyura and the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko the monument to the outstanding commander was one of the most notable events of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Pereyaslav Rada. Sculptors Mikhail Lysenko, Nikolay upland and Vasiliy Boroday created the figure of the University with the direct participation… of the future President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. 20-year-old boy was then enrolled at the 2nd course of Kiev state University, his work “model” is perceived as something quite routine…

The initiative for the construction of the monument to Shchors belongs to Joseph Stalin. In 1936 the Father of the nation who issued the order. Due to the outbreak of the great Patriotic war the project had to be postponed. The first post-war version of the future monument was markedly different from the well known to the people of Kiev and guests of the capital: Nikolay Shchors was the “horseless”. Hiking the sculpture was going to be installed on Lev Tolstoy square. In 1949 architects Alexander Vlasov and Alexey Zavarov has put forward a new idea of the Communist party of the USSR decided to implement on the Boulevard Shevchenko.

After the victory of the so-called “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine began to gain momentum, the process of de-communization. Renamed towns, streets and squares, bearing the name of Nikolay Shchors. The Council, however, decided not to dismantle the beloved by many generations of Kiev monument, for he included in the state register of estate monuments of Ukraine.

photo: Oleg Bazac

June 27, Mykola Kohanivsky – the commander of the battalion OUN, participating in the so-called anti-terrorist operation on Donbass – via Facebook urged his supporters to celebrate the birthday of the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia) Roman Shukhevych the overthrow of another “Communist idol”. The destruction of the monument to Shchors for this reason it was proposed to carry out on June 30.

Call known nationalist he heard not only his followers.

– Look! Look! Svidomye gathered, a lot of them; probably to make people nothing more – talking the two girls, clinging to the Windows going on the Boulevard of the bus.

The monument will be to blame? Well, they do not give!

The fact that law enforcement officers along the Boulevard was at times more than “svidomo” (i.e. conscious), I noticed a few blocks up the street Petlyura.

The monument was in the ring of national guardsmen, stood next to riot police with helmets in hand. Due to the heat (in Kiev it was plus 34) they were allowed for a time to clothe fully.

Approaches to the monument were controlled by the police and on both sidewalks.

After going through several cordons, I quickly “calculated” Kohanivsky: he gave another interview to some TV channel.

photo: Oleg Bazac

– Yes, today we were not allowed to carry the “red commander”, who fought with the Ukrainian people’s Republic, – admitted “the chief nationalist.” – Ukrainians Shchors is like “Motorola” and “Givi” in the DNI. The shame of the nation. The occupation authorities headed Klitschko is in no hurry to dismantle the idol and therefore, the restoration of historical justice we take.

That is, there will be more attempts? – ask.

– Until 24 August (independence Day of Ukraine – ed.) there will be a few. We have more than one reception of the dismantling of monuments. Can come night. Might without warning start to destroy the day.

My attention switches to a lady with a megaphone stationed nearby. Dressed in Ukrainian national style activist loudly calls Kohanivsky “Kremlin provocateur”. They say that his action to anything good will not. Her get into an argument of the “moderate” townswoman interested in who “the activist against the illegal building” really is.

photo: Oleg Bazac

– Probably “mishandled”, ” dressed in a black uniform with signs similar to a swastika, a supporter of the nationalists. – There are many of them. Chiharu including.

After an expressive glance in my direction put the camera in the case. Do not remove do not remove…

Dressed in the same uniforms tall men in my presence speak on abstract themes. It is felt that the Ukrainian language is for them a foreign language.

Approach another group arguing.

– Moishe, how much you paid?! Don’t lie that rubbed “for free” – screams intelligent-looking man elderly Ukrainian headdress with a Trident.

– Ponahodil the Jews and teach us how to live, who is good and who is the enemy – echoes man in a dark shirt embroidery.

“Moshe” is a former graduate of mukhinka” – the Leningrad higher art-industrial school im. Vera Mukhina.

– In your opinion, the monument is not worth to get out of here? – I interested in the stranger.

– He doesn’t bother anyone – confidently answers. – I say: this is an outstanding work of monumental art. Only a complete lack of talent, the damn thing does not know anything about, can have such scandals. If the “Bandera” decides to repeat the action… well, I’ll have to bring like-minded people. I am, after all, the Soviet reserve officer, after the military Department year ottrubil “on the soldier’s position.”

photo: Oleg Bazac

TV people, gathered from everywhere, trying to “talk” each dressed in embroidered. Note to self: as soon as the interviewee starts to say the arguments in favor of monument – cameras off…

… A few hours later at the monument to Shchors see no more than two dozen police officers. Up close and personal, taking pictures of the inscriptions on the pedestal like “Cat of Ukraine” (the executioner), diligently somebody jammed.

– Will stand up to 22! – loudly says the Colonel on the right.

– Who we are for overtime pay? johnny meets someone from the police.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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